288-286  Mediator

 The battle between the mushroom and the bamboo shoots continues.

 As if to say that the battle is the history of man.
 No, these guys aren't people.
 But they're mycelium, on the other hand.

"Hahahahahahahaha! I've got God's food certification too! This proves that mushrooms are better than bamboo shoots!
"Don't be stupid! We're finally on equal terms, aren't we! Takenoko still has the upper hand!''

 They are fighting each other ugly.

 Why do the mushrooms and the bamboo shoots have to fight each other to this extent?

''Defeat you!''
"I want you down!
"I am the master of this mountain!
"I'm the master of this mountain dungeon!

 And Veerle was teasing me on the side.
 As expected, I'm feeling sorry for him, so I'll give him something tasty to eat later to cheer him up.

''This is indeed a problem........''

 I watched from the side and thought.

 What's the problem is that the seeds of conflict continue to exist on the farm.
 The dungeon orchard set up in the mountain dungeon of the Viel is like a branch of the farm.
 I don't want the entire farm to be in a state of confusion because of the conflict there.

What's going to happen...?

 I'm troubled by the fact that both mushrooms and bamboo shoots are delicious.

Should I just burn them both up? And then all the fighting will stop?

 Don't try to turn everything back to ashes just because you're sulking.

If you reduce them to ashes in the first place, you won't be able to eat any mushrooms or bamboo shoots, will you?
'I don't like that. What am I supposed to do then?

 Me and Veerle were all together, arms folded and troubled, when

 A light poured down from the sky.

''Ugh? What's going on!

 An obvious anomaly.
 It's not only me, but also the mushroom bamboo shoots that were squabbling with each other were caught by the light and looked up at the sky.

"'Oh, oh, oh, oh!
This light is?

 And he's very upset.

"He didn't appear to descend...?

 You sound like you know what you're talking about.

'Stop ... stop fighting ...'

 And from the sky, a voice that sounded like a realization came from the sky as well.

''Conflict will disturb the peace of the mountain. As a good person who lives in this mountain, I cannot overlook it any longer...''

 Who are the intruders? Who is the intruder?

"What if Matango is the incarnation of Mushroom and Takenokon is the incarnation of Takenoko...
"He is the spirit of cacao...
"He is the cocoa spirit, the king of kaka!

 It was cacao.

 Speaking of cacao.
 Isn't it the stuff you use to make chocolate?

What are you guys anyway?

 Finally, I couldn't hold back the question anymore and asked.

 I can still recognize the mushroom with one eye.
 It's a monster that has appeared before.

 But when the second bamboo shoots and then the third one, the cacao, came out, I couldn't understand it anymore.

 What are you guys?
 They're plant-based monsters after all!

"We are tree spirits...
Tree spirit?

 The cocoa guy who seems to be the calmest person in the room replies.

''It's a type of spirit that possesses trees. It can act at will while reflecting the nature of the tree it relies on....... The trees planted by the saint were all unusual and unprecedented. It was very exciting for us and gave us a sense of new possibilities....'

 Because I called it a 'dungeon orchard' and planted all the trees from the previous world........
 After all, tampering with nature can have unexpected effects.

 The same tree spirit possessed the bamboo shoots and the Bamboo Demon God, Takenokon, was born.
 And the one who was possessed by the cacao tree was the Kaka King...?

 So Matango is a mushroom monster to begin with.
 And he's not the only tree.

 Still, is it exactly the fate of the mushroom bamboo monster to fight with the Bamboo Nocoon?

'Matango, Takenokkorn. Stop disturbing the peace of the mountain. You must not bother the saints...'

 While the cocoa spirit calls out to him like a sensible person.

''Annoying! 'Outsiders, stay back!
"In the battle for the fate of mushrooms and bamboo, know that no one can interfere!

 You guys aren't human, though.

 How would the cocoa spirit, who had been rebuffed so harshly for calling out to him sensibly, respond...?

''Cacao butter wave!

 With some kind of special move, I pushed them both away.

''Don't fight........don't fight.......''

 You're the one who's solving everything by force, though.

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry.
'We'll get along. So please don't make me a fat smear of cocoa butter anymore...

 Both sides succumbed in the face of violence.
 It was the messenger of chocolate that put an end to the fight between the mushroom and the bamboo.

''It's all settled now.......''

 Now she wants to talk to me.
 Are you sure you're okay? You're not gonna give me cocoa butter wave all of a sudden?

We tree spirits are spiritual beings that rely on trees in the realm of existence. After we become one with the tree, we become a willing tree and spend our entire lives with it.

 Something extraordinary was flourishing in our dungeon orchard.

''There are already a lot of tree spirits living happily in this mountain. We would like to ask the saint to acknowledge our existence.
'What? Don't tell me there's another talking tree besides you and your bamboo?
"Yes, the spirit of the apple. Yes, there are apple tree spirits, tangerine tree spirits, loquat tree spirits, and many more.


"If you leave it to us, we can help you grow and harvest the fruit that your saint needs, and it will be good for you, right?
Or do you still cut down talking trees and the like because they're uncomfortable?

 I see.
 So that's why the tree spirits are persistently seeking my approval.

 They are afraid they will be exterminated.

''I'm afraid that the saint will always be able to harvest the delicious bamboo shoots. It's all because of me!''

 Takeshi Nokkorn, the Bamboo Demon God, complains.

''It's my power that keeps the bamboo shoots at their best! That's why you can harvest bamboo shoots at any time of the year, at any season, at any time of the day!

 What a surprise!
 Indeed, you can harvest the freshest bamboo shoots at any time of the day, which made me happy, but I thought it was strange.

 So it was thanks to the bamboo maverick.

'Coexistence and co-prosperity! I'd like to go in co-existence and co-prosperity!'
"I'm going to grow many delicious mushrooms too!

 He's making a desperate appeal to the mushrooms, too.

I'll admit it. I'll admit it, you'll have to take care of your own fruit.

 Mushroom bamboo shoots also shared in the joy.

'Also, if you can, do it with respect to the viel over here, too.
'I'm the master of this dungeon, whoa, whoa!'

 Veerle was indignant.
 Mushrooms, bamboo shoots and cacao all gave her a look at her at the same time.

''It's nice to meet you. ''Lord of the dungeon, sir.''

 It would be good if this made Veerle more self-satisfied.

 Thus, the dungeon orchards became more convenient with the tree spirits possessing each fruit tree managing their growth.
 ........Can you say that?