289-287 Love Food

 Thus, I got acquainted with the tree spirits in the dungeon orchard.
 The dispute between the mushroom and the bamboo shoots was settled, so I think it's safe to say it's settled for now.

 So I decided to take on a new challenge.
 I decided to take on a new challenge.
 Because of the mushroom bamboo fiasco, I became acquainted with not only them, but also Kakao, the spirit of the cacao tree.

 So we decided to try our hand at making chocolate, which is made from cacao.

 Let's try our hand at making chocolate, which is made from cacao.

"I am honored to be of help to you, saint.

 King Kaka had come to my mansion on the farm.
 I thought it was a tree spirit so it would be fixed in one place, but surprisingly it can move anywhere.

You see, cocoa nuts are also called cocoa pods.

 That's the man himself (?). This is why he knows so much about cocoa.

A hard shell like a palm, with many cacao seeds inside.

 And King Kaka, the cocoa tree spirit, had the appearance of a cocoa pod with an eye and nose on it.
 And floating around in a fuyu.
 It seems that by housing its soul in the fruit, it can separate itself from the tree and act remotely.

 The cacao pods, which are like the Kaka king himself, opened up by themselves and cacao beans poured out of the pods.

"Please make chocolate with these.
Oh, wow...?

 It's nice to be hassle free, but...?

In order to make chocolate from cocoa beans, the beans must first be roasted.
"Then we'll grind it up into a powder...
"Add the sugar and mix in the warmth of the mixture.
'When it's properly melted, put it in a mold and chill it again to finish!

 How can you be so direct?

 Look at you, King Kaka!
 You're such a good judge of character!

 Usually it would take me a few tries to make a new dish, but this time there was none!
 It's the smoothest thing ever!

 The best cooking method is still the ingredients themselves (?) The best way to find out is to ask them?

All right, fellas.

 And Platy's already there!
 He popped the finished chocolate chip into his mouth without asking!

"Bitter! It's another candy that's never been made before!

 I'm glad to hear that you liked it.
 But you have to be careful with the amount, I heard caffeine isn't allowed during pregnancy.

It's systematically similar to cake and ice cream, but with a bitter taste mixed in, it's very mature! ....Huh? Speaking of which, I haven't seen Veerle here. If there was any sign of something this tasty, would they be here soon?
He's still in the mountain dungeon now, so...!

 He was shocked that he wasn't treated as a master by anyone living in the mountains.
 He's going to re-focus on regaining control of the mountain dungeons so that he can make up for the amount of time he's spent on the farm so far.
 Currently, a storm of purges by breakhearted dragons would be raging in the mountains.

''Well, let's just keep that guy's portion in the fridge.

 The ability to preserve it is what makes chocolate so much better than other pastries.

"Saints, it's time to separate the cocoa butter from the cocoa powder!
"Oh, oh...?

 Thanks to King Kaka's presence, everything progresses quickly and efficiently.

 The powder made from crushed cacao beans is said to be called cacao mass, and by separating the fat content in the cacao mass, the fat content separated is said to be cocoa butter and the remaining residue is said to be separated into cocoa powder.

Is this the cocoa powder...?

 Is that the source of the cocoa?
 Can chocolate and cocoa be made from the same ingredients!

 If so, I'd like to have some cocoa as soon as possible!
 Get some milk from Panu's place and warm it up.

 When it's hot, I pour in the right amount of cocoa powder!

Cocoa is ready!

 The taste is soothing.

 A calming taste, not like tea or coffee, but a calming drink!

What do we do with the leftover cocoa butter?
You can use the new cocoa beans to make chocolate that tastes creamier and smoother.

 In fact, when the King of Kaka is beside me, everything goes very quickly.

 This is how the chocolate and cocoa arrived at our farm.

 It's going to be paradise all the more.

I mean...
"Ow! Hi!

 I was suddenly called out from behind, startling both me and Prathi.

 When I turned around, Eringier was there.
 It's the girl who is one of the young demon tribe and is currently studying at our farm, Eringier.

''Don't talk to me all of a sudden. You startled me so much that I thought my heart skipped a beat!
You startled me too, I thought I was going to pop out of my stomach!

 And Prati.
 Don't do that. Don't give birth to a baby on impact.

'I'm sorry, but I was wondering what's in there...!

 And Erringia points to the chocolate that is unlike any other.


 Yeah, well, Erin Gear is a girl, too.
 It's no wonder her sweetness sensor reacts.

''I'll pack it up and hand it out to everyone after dinner, so just be patient until then, okay?
No, that's not what I'm talking about!

 Isn't it?
 Then what?

'Well I'd like to ask you to do a very special favor for me! The food. Food...!

    * * *

'What? A gift for me?

 What did Elingia do with the chocolate, she raised it to Lytheseus.
 'To my lover, Litisseus.

'Ka, ka, don't get me wrong! I just happen to have learned to cook with the saint and made too much, so I'm just sharing it with you!

 And Eringier, with a tempestuous tsundere tone, presents a gift.

 .........I'm witnessing a horrible scene right now.

 If you look at it frankly, it's just gift giving and receiving.

 But the giver = woman.
 The giver=man.
 The gift = chocolate.

 The conclusion to be drawn from this scheme is...!


 No, wait.
 This is a different world.

 What was common knowledge in the previous world is not necessarily common knowledge here.
 In particular, the confectionery company's conspiracy custom of giving chocolates to lovers on February 14 every year can't be rooted in this world across time and space.

 So what does that mean?

 Is it possible that Eringier, without any prior knowledge, intuitively or otherwise, discerned that 'chocolate is a gift from a woman to the man she loves'?

''A terrifying guy........?

 At this moment, I felt for the first time that Eringier was a terrifying gem.

''Hey, it's not that I don't like it, you don't have to take it! People have their own likes and dislikes, and forcing people to eat food they don't like doesn't make me happy!
''Anything Erringia-san gives me is delicious! Thank you!
''Oh, I love it too!

 The tsundere's haunted skin is quickly removed.

You're a homemade food, Erringia? I'm looking forward to it - what the hell is it? ........what is it?

 Litisseus, opening the gift package, is first puzzled.

 That's right.
 It's rare for someone to see chocolate for the first time in their life and be able to say with certainty that it's food.

'What's the matter with you? Does it still look bad?
'No, it's not! I'll take it!

 But the power of love propelled the brave Litheceus.
 I ate the unidentifiable black food with my eyes closed!

 Crisp! (chewing sound).


 And a look of pure brilliance.


 Eringier looks radiant.

Yeah! That's surprisingly sweet for an all-black color! It's so nutritious! Even if I'm exhausted, I could take a bite of this and move around all day more!
'Of course! You bet!
'I can't believe I made these amazing things by hand! You're a real Eringian.


''As expected of Eringia-san, you don't make them from cocoa beans, do you?

 King Kaka, who is peeking out alongside me, says.

''As expected, that would be hard to do, and you'd have to be as clever as Saint-sama to fail.
Well, what about homemade?
'The chocolate, once perfected by the saint, was melted in hot water and poured into a mold, which we call homemade.

 Seriously, this is making chocolate for Valentine's Day.

 But Erin Gia. She chose a heart shape for the newly poured mold, and that's half a good sense.
 Yes, the shape of the chocolate she sent to Litisseus was a hard shape!

''Then feel free to let me eat the rest of it too........''
Oh, wait.
Eat this.

 Saying that, Eringire, took the still remaining end of the chocolate in her own mouth and held it out to Litisseus.
 ''Mouth transfer?

''Too aggressive!
'Shh! Quiet, Saint, quiet! They'll know you're peeking at them!

 That's the nature of youth...?

I don't know what to do...?

 Lycheeus is also embarrassed and takes a bite out of the other end of the chocolate.

"That's what youthfulness is all about........!
''Saint-sama! Don't look any further! We're retreating!''

 Prompted by King Kaka, I left the two hotly blazing men behind.

 This is what youth is all about........?