290-288 Youth Days

 Mushroom making → encounter with Matan GO → mushroom bamboo shoot war → making chocolate with King Kaka.

 After such an uneventful series of events, it's over.

 Now let's turn the spotlight on the young students who came to the farm.
 They are the freshest group of students at the moment.

 In addition to the young demon tribe members who were gathered for the study abroad project, the Mermaid Witch Academy Farm Branch's mermaid students are the freshest group ever on the farm right now.

 While I was being swept up in the Mushroom Bamboo Cacao, they should have gotten used to life on the farm.

 I think they're starting to relax and show their personalities by now. Let's take a peek at their daily life, which is called "the day-to-day life".

    * * * *

 Let's start with the young demon race kids.

''Hey! You guys! Treat your clothes right!

 Batty was unusually upset.
 He seems to be shouting at the demon race students, who seem to be even more lax.

 What in the world have they done to deserve this?

'I told you to make sure you put your clothes in the basket when you take them off! Sort by quality! If you do the laundry in a way that doesn't fit, you'll damage it!

 Baty, our clothing manager, is a bit of a whiner when it comes to washing.

 Depending on the way he washed the clothes, the fabric would be damaged or discolored, or the best quality of the finished garment would be lost.
 This was unbearable for Bati, a craftsman.

 However, for a group of teenagers, such professionalism was beyond their comprehension.

But it's such a hassle to fold every single piece of clothing!
You can clean up your own mess. That's what you're here for, right?

 The other person seems to be a troubled child who still hasn't lost his cockiness.
 He also has a lick-and-ruffle attitude towards Batty.

You think it's okay to talk to us like that?
We are the youngest and most promising members of the Demon King's army. You know, the elite of the elite.
"A washerwoman can't be an equal partner...?

 The young people seem to think that Batty is just a domestic helper.
 It may be that they can't help but misunderstand her for sewing and washing clothes, but........

We will eventually rise to a high position. You can even become an assistant to the Four Heavenly Kings.
I wouldn't waste a second of my life trying to do that. I need a housekeeper like you to take care of all the extra work.

 This is terrible.
 I thought we needed to reap the rewards, so we just have to watch and not stop.

 Batty's hate is steadily rising at the naive behavior of these young people.

If your clothes are dirty, just throw them away. Washing your clothes every now and then is a poor idea.

 I heard something snap.

"Don't push your buttons, you little bastards!

 Batty lost his temper and in a split second he had the cocky youngsters spinning in the air several times.
 I've never seen Batty snap before, but I knew it was going to be triggered by something related to clothing.

'But I knew Batty was strong too.

 He is now fulfilling his dream of being a seamstress, but he used to be an assistant to the Four Heavenly Kings.
 It's no wonder that he belongs to the strongest rank of the Demon King's Army.

 It was such a simple thing to roll two or three half-hearted young men.

''Saint! Saints!

 I was caught peeking at them.
 He came over here, dragging the ragged young demons over here.

''These guys need a more fundamental education! Let me! I'll train these guys to be great adults!

 I'm sorry I took them for a fool.
 This is how the students were instructed by Bati in all aspects of life.
 I hoped that they would learn their manners in this way.

 I heard later that Bati was also a legendary figure in the Demon King's Army.
 When the young demon tribe heard his real name, they all trembled.

''Well, how did 'Demon Dog' Bati end up here...?
''In this farm, there isn't a single person you can underestimate...?

 Please treat everyone with respect, no matter who they are.

    * * * *

 There was also this story.
 A story about a No Life King teacher in class.

'This, this, you can't give out anything that isn't related to the class, okay?'

 The one who was warned was a human tribe student, who had something that looked like a portrait on his desk.

''Excuse me!
Whose portrait is this? You look very handsome, don't you?

 The man in the portrait was a young man, and, besides, there was considerable evidence of beautification.

'Ha, yes! That person is the one I admire the most! I thought if I studied while looking at you, I would be even more committed...?

 The human race girl who was being watched was so awed that she was about to disappear.

''Oh, the portrait of St. Tomacmore?

 A human boy next to me - a classmate, perhaps - looked at the portrait and said.

'Tomakmore? Who's that?

 As I was observing the class, I couldn't help but interject.

''He's a legendary figure in the Land of Man. He's hundreds of years old now.''

 So he was a historical figure.

 According to tradition, he was a high-ranking priest, but he questioned the selfish nature of the cult and continued to criticize it and was eventually excommunicated.
 His rebellious and honorable way of life was passed on to future generations and he became popular.

'It was what you might call underground popularity, though. The Order, which morally controlled the human nation, did not even acknowledge the existence of St. Tomacmore, who defied them.

 The human race boy, who seems to be a knowledgeable man, says with a knowing look on his face, "When the cult was prowling around, the things they said 'no' about will really cease to exist.

He said, "In the human country when the Order was propped up, what they said 'no' would really cease to exist. But among those who were dissatisfied with the Order, St. Tomacmore continued to exist in their hearts as a symbol...

 And now that the human nation has been destroyed by the demon race and the cult has been destroyed, St. Tomacmore has finally been publicly recognized for his existence.

 On the contrary, he is said to be rapidly gaining popularity as a hard-boned warrior who continued to rebel against the corrupt old power.

'....Well, he seems to have had a lot of backbone.
Sir! You've been around for a long time because you're undead, right? Maybe you've met St. Tomacmore, too!

 If so, how lovely. You can hear the stories of raw history.
 The faces of the young tribesmen shone with anticipation.

I'm sorry, but since I became immortal, I've spent most of my time in dungeons, so I don't know much about the history of the human race.
Yeah, that's a shame.
Is there any other anecdote about this Tomakmore character?

 Nevertheless, the kind teacher still tries to remember whatever the students expect from him.

''As for St. Thommacmore, the Order has taken the initiative to erase any mention of him before his death, so I can't tell you much about him...!
'Oh, but one thing only comes through clearly: the mysterious end!
The end?

 The end of St. Thommacmore's life.
 It was not an illness or accidental death, but a more bizarre way of dying, they say.

 At one point, St. Tomacmore was fascinated by a cursed sword.
 Consumed by the curse of the sword, the saint became mentally ill and disappeared somewhere with the sword in his arms.
 And he never came back.

'The Order was willing to go around and mention this episode as proof that St. Tomacmore wasn't a real priest to be consumed by the curse. On the contrary, there's a theory that the Order, which smoked St. Tomacmore, sent the cursed sword to get rid of him...

 The doctor and I looked at each other at the story.
 I felt some kind of fierce memory connection, and the teacher seemed to feel it too.

''........That's me, isn't it?''
" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "

 I thought so too.

 Sensei, your spirit was hijacked by the evil holy sword Dry Schwartz, and you came to the end of this earth and became an undead, right?

'Ah, ah, when you said that, it somehow brought back memories. 'Oh, I see, so my name is Tomakmore. I haven't remembered it in a thousand years.'

 Due to existing as an undead for too long, the teacher had forgotten even what he was when he was alive.
 Now, he regained a small amount of that memory.

"You're St. Tomacmore?
Anti-Christian righteousness! I never thought I'd meet the man himself!

 He was a teacher who was increasingly respected by his students - and especially by the human race.

 Incidentally, the St. Tomacmore depicted in the portrait at the beginning of this episode bears no resemblance to the teacher himself.
 Naturally, it's because he's in an undead state, but he's also a completely different person than he was before that, even before he was alive.
 I know this because I've seen him in the bath before, back in his living form.

 Well, I guess that's what most portraits of historical figures are like.