292-290 Birth and return

 Yes, it's me.

 I was born.

 My baby is born from Platy's tummy.

Woo hoo! Yay! Yes! Yay-way! Dude! Woooooooooooo!

 I ran around the farm so much in joy that I ran three laps around the farm, and was eventually seized by a group of worried Orcobos.

 It was my boy.
 A boy.

 Prathi did really well.
 She became a mother and I became a father.

 I know I'm on a new level.
 And I love my boy.

 Anyway, while we're celebrating the birth, I have to give the newborn a name.


 I've thought about it a lot.

"Saint Kidan, Jr.

 It turned out to be a pretty simple name.

 Well, I don't use this name very often myself, so I thought it would be okay to just give it to her.

 For the time being, though, he'll be called Junior.
 One day, when that day comes, he will be the Saint Kidan.

My Lord...! Congratulations!
Congratulations to you...!

 Okubo and Gov. Gov. Kichi also rushed to us in tears.

'We will protect you with all our might as a shield and maternity clothes for your sergeant!
Thank you, thank you...!

 I was more than happy to celebrate the birth of my son with them.

 I feel like the farm has been refreshed by the large influx of young foreign students and the birth of my son Junior.

 I should say that the average age of the students has gone down.

 In the midst of the excitement of such celebrations, the farm was hit with another good news.

 Prince Arowana has returned from his training trip.

    * * * *

Uh, I'm tired.

 Prince Arowana instantly returns to the farm through Puffa's transition magic.

 How long has it been since I've been here?
 I hadn't seen him for a year, at least from my point of view.

 Prince Arowana, who had spent a year traveling around the world, had definitely become more robust.
 His facial expression and the energy he radiated were far different than before his departure.

Welcome home, Prince Arowana...!
Saints, it's been a while...

 A powerful handshake was formed.
 Even the strength transmitted from that, I could see the prince's growth.

 The other members of the journey as well.

 Hakkai, the orc who had been sent to accompany him on the journey, was surrounded by his monster friends, who he hadn't seen again in a long time.
 ........What is it?
 The returned Hakkai seemed to have a different impression compared to the other orcs...?
 Huh? Was he a mutant, too?
 Flamingo oak?
 What's that?

 Meanwhile, Songgokphon, who had come to the farm once before, had also been reunited with his kindred Holkosfon.
 And sparks were flying.

''The trip is over, and I'm done with my trip, so why don't I just nuzzle you with Teme?
Alright. Today I'm going to engrave the wonder of natto on you...!

 Why are you in a confrontational mood?

 And one more person.....
 There was one more person........a gentleman with a very burly impression.

 I've never seen that man before.
 Who is he?

Yes....! I'll introduce you to the Saint's Hall...!

 Prince Arowana notices and brings me and the gentleman together.

'This is Lord Ardhaeg, who has joined us on our journey.

 You almost bit your tongue.

 A dragon!
 Another dragon has appeared?

 Mr. Ardhegg stared at me intently....

''Um.........what is it.......?
No, I don't know.

 What's really going on?

Mr. Arowana! I don't know if this man is a hero or a king! Even with my own eyes! I have a feeling that it's neither of those things, or even that it's there! What the hell is going on?
Hmmm, that's the charm of the Hall of Saints.

 What the hell is this really about?

 While I was puzzled, Mr. Ardhegg wandered off that way with a shifting busyness typical of dragons....

'Oh! Sister Veerle, isn't it? I was told you would be here! I really didn't expect to see you!
Hmm? Who are you?
Do you remember him? Your brother dragon, Ardhegg the Grinz Dragon!
"...? ...Oh, I remember now! Are you a Dalper?
No, sir! It's Ardhaeg!
'Yes, sir! Now I remember, didn't I, Seadr?
It's Ardhegg!

 It was Veerle who couldn't remember a human face.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.

 .........what is it?
 ...Do you feel like she's changed the most?

 When Puffa returned after his trip, the sharp knife-like outlaw feeling he had in the beginning had long since disappeared, and he seemed calmer.

 On the contrary, he was rather enveloped in a mature charm that made me wonder if he was a different person even though he looked the same.

''........Um, is this.......?''

 I was confused by Puffa's too much of a leopard, and I had to cling to Prince Arowana.
 What in the world was going on?

Yes, actually...

 Prince Arowana said in an embarrassed tone.

'I have decided to marry you.
Oh, what. Congratulations.
Not much of a surprise.

 No, because...
 Prince Arowana and Puffa falling in love right on schedule, so there's no room for surprises.

 Congratulations are in order, though.

"Oh, and that makes Puffa look so much more attractive...

 Was that scented, muffled s*xiness the scent of a married woman?
 You're still in the engagement stage, but you're a hasty fellow.

 Prince Arowana continued in an embarrassed tone of voice, "We will settle down as we continue our journey together.

We will continue to travel together, and I think we should settle down. The more we travel together, the more I am convinced that there is no other woman who will support me as well as Puffa.
'When I return to the mermaid kingdom, I'm going to head that way to my father and mother and ask them for permission to marry.

 It's very strange.
 Even though I'm married and blessed with children, I still hate other people in my life.

 Anyway, the celebrations just keep coming up.

 Prathi and I are expecting a child, and Prince Arowana and Puffa are getting married.
 The celebrations are going to continue for a while.

"This might be a good time to do it.
Oh, Platy.

 Prathi, now a mother, showed up with Junior in her arms.
 Is Junior taking a nap now? You're so cute when you're sleeping.

'I was just hoping to see my mom and dad one time too. Just to show them Junior's face.
'Oh, that's great!'

 The king of the mermaid kingdom would love to see his grandson's face.

I think it's a good time for your brother to return to the mermaid kingdom, if he's going to return to his hometown with you. I'm sure Mom and Dad will be happy to see you all together after you've been away for a while.

 I very much agree with that.
 I'll be at the farm in the meantime, waiting for Platy and Junior to get home?
 I'm dying of loneliness?

Of course you'll follow me, won't you?
"You're going to mermaid country with me.