293-291 Departure

 Thus, I took advantage of Prathi's homecoming and went to the mermaid country.
 To greet my parents.

 Normally, the greeting is done when you get married, so it's way too late to do it after the birth of our first child.
 But no matter how late it is, it's better than nothing.

 That's why I'm going.

 I'm going to the mermaid country where the mermaids live.

"Then take care of it.

 While I visited the mermaid country, I left the farm in command of Okubo and Gov. Kichi.
 They are now the best of the old guard.
 They know the farm inside and out, so I felt comfortable leaving them in charge.

''My lord.......will it really be okay......?''

 Gobukichi asks worriedly.

"Hey, don't worry. You guys can run a farm with no problem.
No, we're not worried about our side. We're worried about your side...!


"I hear there is some political turmoil in the mermaid kingdom, to a lesser extent. If any harm comes to you, your wife, or your sergeant...!
Yes, please wear more guards!

 It got to Okubo.

'I'll be fine. I'm going to say hello to Prati's parents. What's the risk?
But just in case...!
If anything goes wrong, you'll be fine. I've got him.

 I pointed to Veerle.
 That guy will also accompany me on this visit to the mermaid country.

''Fuhihihi, cute, cute.......''

 Veerle was neck and neck with her newborn child, Junior.
 He must have liked her so much because she was so cute.

 He didn't want to be separated from the boy, so he abandoned his efforts to regain control of the mountain dungeon halfway through the trip, and he was determined to join in this excursion.

 He probably wouldn't leave Junior for a moment during his visit to the Mermaid Country.

'Nothing could be more reassuring with a dragon by your side. Junior can rest easy now. We can protect ourselves.
What...! It's true, but...!
Gobbler and Okubo, you take care of the farm.
Yes, sir.

 The personnel of the group visiting the mermaid kingdom were me, Prathi and Junior, who were the main group.
 And Veerle, who came along on his own.

 Of course, Prince Arowana will be there too.
 I heard that Prince Arowana's party would be joining us for the entire trip.

 They want to make a triumphant return home with all of their friends.

 The means of transportation is by boat.

 It's time for the Helkirke, a luxury cruise ship made of mana metal that I had built in the past.

''I started out building it as a fishing boat, but...!

 Let's not dwell on what has passed.
 I'd rather show Platy's parents a luxurious ship decorated with the finest dwarven decorations in the world.

 We boarded the ship along with a minimal amount of orc goblins for steering........

''Set sail!''

 We set sail for the sea.
 Our destination was the capital of the mermaid kingdom.
 There, Prati's parents, my mother-in-law, the Mermaid King, who is Junior's grandfather and grandma, and the Queen are waiting for us.

    * * * *

"While I've been on the road, you've made some more amazing things...!

 Prince Arowana looks down at his ship and says, "I'm sure you are.

Of course you are.

 I can't help but feel pleased when people compliment me on what I made myself.
 For the decoration, I borrowed the help of the dwarves.

The ship has no sails and moves under its own power. Moreover, the exterior is made of mana metal, and no one else in the world owns such a thing except the Lord Saint. I have been to many places, but I have never found a place as astonishing as the Holy Father's farm.
It's not worth it.

 You're praising me too much, brother-in-law.

 Elsewhere on the deck, Son Gokh von and Mr. Ardhegg were playing with something like Kumite, or something like that.
 I don't want them to do it seriously. If the angels and dragons get serious, the ship will shatter and sink.


 I uttered a fundamental question.

'Are we going to be able to go on a boat and get to mermaid country?

 Normally when Prince Arowana, Hendler, and the other mermaids came and went between the farm and mermaid country, they swam in the form of mermaids.

 From that scene, I vaguely wondered, 'Isn't mermaid country in the sea?' I was the one who was thinking about it.

 I've never heard it clearly to my face.

 But then, wouldn't a magical steamboat going all the way over the sea be able to reach the mermaid kingdom forever?

Hmmm, no need to worry. We are well on our way to mermaid country.
'If you've come this far, I have to ask you, frankly, where is the mermaid country?

 Under the sea?
 You mean the ocean floor?

That's what you'll find out when you get to this point, isn't it? We should be in sight by now.

 The Helkilke, a magical steamship, is zunting through the ocean.
 The operation is left to the orc goblins who boarded the ship as sailors, but it seems that they have a firm grasp on the route to be taken by Prince Arowana's instructions.

''Saint-sama! Our target island is in sight!
An island?

 We're going to reach the island?
 Maybe the island is mermaid country.

The mermaid country is in the water?
No, no.

 I was stunned when Prince Arowana denied it.

It's a land gateway to the mermaid kingdom, so to speak. It's an island owned by mermaid royalty. It's called Paradise Island.

 Paradise Island.

 We landed on this island for now.

    * * * *

This island is....

 At first glance, I could honestly feel that the island is beautiful.
 Even viewed from a distance, the contrast between the white rock surface and the greenery covering it is easy on the eyes.

 When we entered the harbor, we found that the island has man-made facilities that could be called a harbor, and it is also a well-organized town.
 As the Herkilke came ashore, people who looked like soldiers rushed to line up on the dock.

'Prince Arowana! Welcome home!
'Princess Platy! Welcome home!

 A sharp, loud voice calls out.
 With that, the other soldiers stomp their feet with a zap.

''Everyone, salute!
""Welcome back!"

 Another great welcome.

It's so ostentatious. This is why I usually don't want to use this island.
Prince Arowana, what is this island...?
"It's a kind of maritime negotiation facility that the mermaid kingdom uses when it has negotiations with land powers such as the demon kingdom of humanity, so to speak.

 Marine negotiation facility?

"A landman couldn't get to the bottom of the sea, could he? For security reasons, the mermaid kingdom did not want land people to enter the capital. Therefore, they built a facility for receiving land-based diplomatic missions not in the sea, but above.

 That's this island?

This is where the envoys from the demon kingdoms and the human kingdoms who came to propose marriage to Prati were also received. This is why the guards and welcome party is so overwhelming.

 That one.........
 The soldiers are still forming a bifurcated formation and showing their welcome.

''It's the Mermaid Nation's Kingsguard,''

 If you have legs, does that mean you've taken the drug that makes you an earthling?
 He must have been professionally trained to welcome guests from the ground.

'Prince Arowana!'
"'Future mermaid king!'
'We've been waiting for you to return! Princess Platy!
"'Brilliant in mermaid country!
"Your talents are the crown jewel of mermaid country! I am happy to see that beauty again!
""Happily ever after!"

 They must have practiced it.
 Against the Mermaid Nation's Kingsguard, who continued to make a huge noise that pierced his ears........

 Prathi threw a magic potion at them.


 It exploded.

"Prati? What are you doing?
Shut up! The baby just barely fell asleep! Anyone who disturbs my child's restful sleep will be killed!

 Yes, if you scream around that loudly, you're going to disturb Junior's nap.
 Mmmm guilty.

 Prati herself was grumpy because Junior's night crying had been so bad the past few days that she hadn't been able to sleep much.
 Still, he was relentless in throwing the explosive potion into the air.

 I thought I understood why she was called a witch in her hometown.