294-292 Ultimate Trial Home Greeting

 The island, called Paradise Island, had not only beautiful nature but also buildings.
 A number of large mansions of an elegant style....

''Guesthouses to receive emissaries from other countries, or mansions for stays...''

 Prince Arowana explains to me as we walk together.

He says, "I have had these mansions prepared in first class so that they will not be underestimated. I've had these mansions ready for you, lest we be insulted, and I've had dwarven craftsmen come from all over the continent to build them. They built everything.

 As we walked, we arrived at the farthest building.
 It was the largest and most luxurious building on the island.

'It's a royal residence,'

 There were two people standing in front of the house, a man and a woman, in total.
 They looked like a reasonably old, mature couple.

 You don't think that was...?

Dad! Mom!

 Prati, holding Junior, said.
 After all, that couple is the Mermaid King and his wife who rule the mermaid kingdom.

 Prati, holding Junior in her arms, went into the arms of the older couple, their wife.

“Oh, my dear Prati? You're a spoiled little girl who's become a mother, aren't you?

 'Oh,' said the mature lady.

'Our mother, the Mermaid Queen Sheila.

 Prince Arowana explained to me.

 Prince Arowana and Prathi's mother must be quite old, but she was so young and beautiful that it was hard to believe it.
 She was in her twenties at the most, and alongside Prathi, they looked more like sisters in their midst than mothers and daughters.

 But even so, there was an air of age-appropriate grace about her, as if she was a more ladylike princess than Prati.

 And the other one........


 You're sure the man over there is the Mermaid King, the father of Platy and his friends, right?
 His appearance and appearance are appropriate for his age, and he has the sturdy, muscular build of a champion.

"It's the Mermaid King Nagus...!

 With that, Prince Arowana steps out to meet his father.

"Father, the unworthy Arowana, I have returned from my journey.

 Bang! And......
 Your father, the Mermaid King, hit Prince Arowana?



 But Prince Arowana catches his father's iron fist head-on, as if he's going to hit him with a hammer!
 A wild impact. There is a crack in the ground at his feet, but the prince himself doesn't retreat even a single step!

You've caught His Majesty's Orca Punch, King Nargus...?
Prince Arowana, you've really grown up on your training journey...?

 The soldiers, stewards and maids around you are amazed and groaning.

Are you pleased with my growth? Then we'll take it from here...!

 BAGOGON! And..........

 This time Prince Arowana hits back at his father!
 A tightly clenched fist hits the Mermaid King's chest plate!


 The tremendous impact became a pressure of air and flew in all directions.
 Perhaps unable to withstand the force of the punches, the Mermaid King staggered back a step or two.

''........For the first time, you were able to move your father with my fist.

 The father and son hugged each other tightly.
 It was as if they were biting into the joy of being reunited.

 By the way, why does that father only say "mosu" before?


 Me and the rest of my companions were stunned by the overly bold development....


 And then an even more exciting development occurred.

 What a surprise, Prati threw an explosive potion at her father and brother, Prince Arowana, King of Nagas.

'So don't bother! Junior will wake up!

 So the explosion you cause is more of a roar.

'Oh my goodness, Prathi-chan, you're totally a mother. You care more about your own child than anything else...!
"Look, mommy, look, this is my baby! It's your mom's first grandchild, right? Isn't it pretty in a circle?
Oh, so I'm a grandmother now? Oh my God, I wish I could still be active.
What do you mean by "active"?
I'm still in love. I still want to breed and multiply your children.

 It's thick.
 The Mermaid King's family is strong.

 You know, I'm one of them now, since we got Plati as a wife, but...
 I don't know if I can keep up with them...

Oh, yes!

 Prathi came back over here to play.

'Dad! Mom! This is my husband!

 We're finally going to be introduced.

Oh dear.

 The time has finally come.
 The once-in-a-generation (that's right, not once in a lifetime) event of greeting your parents is about to begin!

    * * *

I'm sorry.

 He began by getting down on his knees.

'I am sorry that I proceeded to marry your daughter without your permission, and I am sorry that I was so late in greeting you.
"Mister, you don't have to apologize that hard........

 No, I apologize.
 There's no harm in apologizing too much.

 The place had already changed to the inside of the mansion, and the Mermaid King family was all sitting on the long sofa.

It's okay, we heard that our daughter came to see you. I'd rather thank you so much for giving us such a jajah horse.
''At that time, the situation was complicated because of the absurd demands from the demon race and the human race, so we can't help but be slammed with the situation. I'm grateful for the marriage proposal itself, but it's going to be difficult for my daughter to marry into another country's royal family...''

 The queen is talking about the commotion that led to Prati's departure from the country.
 I've heard that both sides of the Demon Kingdom and the Human Kingdom heard of Prati's genius and wanted her to be their bride.

We wanted our daughter to have a happy marriage, so we are happy that she has chosen to marry you.
'Fortunately, I can see that you take care of Prati through many people, and this is how you even showed me your grandchildren's faces. It would be a beehive of beehives for the Sea God to want more than this.
She's a silly girl, but...
Please take care of him for a long time...
Good luck.

 It's very annoying.

 But I was relieved to see that the greeting to the parents went smoothly.

Now that we're done with the greetings, let's give them a real welcome. I'd like to give Prathi-chan's husband the whole country's hospitality, so please come to the home country of the mermaid country like this, please.

 The home country of mermaids?

 As I recall, this place, where we are now, is a guest house for dealing with emissaries from other countries.
 The home country of the mermaid country where the mermaids live is also said to be separate.

''Great, Master!''

 Prati spluttered happily.

'No one other than the mermaid race has set foot in the home country yet! I wonder if your husband will be the first in history!
What? You'll let us in, won't you?

 Veerle said, half anxiously, half frustrated....

'Of course. My daughter and her son-in-law's friends are also important guests. Both of them are welcome in our home country.

 A delighted Veerle.

 And we were to proceed to the bottom of the sea, to the capital of the mermaid nation.