296-294 End of the coup

 I am Bilan Bilan.
 I am a person who is truly concerned about the future of the mermaid nation.

 The mermaid nation is now on the verge of an unprecedented crisis.

 The end of the war.

 The war between human and demon kingdoms that seemed to last forever. The war between the human nation and the demon nation was thought to last forever, but it is over.

 The demon kingdom has won.
 In other words, the demon kingdom.

 Having won the victory, the demons will seek a new enemy with the momentum of the sunrise in order to taste more victory.

 That's exactly what we mermaids are.
 It is self-evident that we are the only mermaids among the three strongest races, and we are the only ones who are not involved in the war.

 If a war breaks out, we mermaids will suffer a great deal.
 The worst thing that could happen is that we would end up following in the footsteps of the mermaid race and fall under the control of the demon race.

 That's why we must avoid a war with the demon kingdom at all costs.

 For that reason, we must make a desperate movement, but the foolish mermaid royalty is not willing to do anything.
 They only covet the peace we have.

 This is not the way to go.

 If those who are obligated to do so will not move, then it is I, who truly care for my country, who must stand and lead it!

 Therefore, I am the true hero of the land of misery!

    * * * *

 With like-minded friends gathered together, our Unguard Mermaid Squad has grown to a reasonable size.

 With this, we can take practical action.
 We can take action to save the mermaid kingdom from destruction.

 First and foremost, we must strengthen our relationship with the Demon Kingdom.
 We must build a friendship with the land lords and demonkind and make it impossible for them to attack us.

 I believe the most effective way to achieve this is through political marriage.
 If the Lord of the Demon Kingdom, the Demon King, gave the daughter of the mermaid royalty in marriage to the Demon King, the royal families of the Demon Kingdom and the Mermaid Kingdom would be related and the bond between them would increase.

 In fact, the story had been told before.
 The Mermaid King's eldest daughter, Princess Prati, received an offer of marriage from the Demon Kingdom, but in the end, it was never decided and the marriage has drifted away.

 If only Princess Plati had married then, she wouldn't have had to worry about it.
 The mermaid kingdom would have been safe.

 But it's a waste of time to regret the past.
 We must look to the future.

 It's not too late.
 All we have to do is make Princess Platy marry the Demon King.

 Then the demon kingdom and the mermaid kingdom will be friends and peace will last forever.

 His Majesty the Mermaid King Nargas has other princesses, but Princess Prati, the most beautiful and the most talented of them all, would be the best.
 The gift should be a luxury item.

 But now Princess Platy has left the mermaid kingdom after marrying a complete stranger.
 I have to bring Princess Platy back and make her marry into the Devil's Land.
 The mermaid group of the Unguard Mermaid Squad gathered all their strength to search for her, but they couldn't find her at all.

 In the meantime, they received some good news.

 Princess Platy herself has returned to the land of mermaids!

 This is a great opportunity!
 With our own hands, we will secure Princess Plati, and with our own hands, we will negotiate with the demon kingdom to make the marriage work!

 That's exactly what those of us who care about the mermaid nation should do!

    * * *

 That day.
 That day that Lord Prati was returning home.

 A mountainous crowd of spectators was crowded in front of the main gate to enter and exit the country to greet him.
 They all adored the royalty and had gathered to catch a glimpse of them.
 They were peaceful fools.
 In the midst of the crowd, our heroes of the Unguard Mermaid Gang were also there.

''All right, let's go over the procedure, shall we?

 I, as the leader of the squad, say to my comrades who are in charge of the squad.

'Princess Prati will soon be entering from the main gate. We will attack there and take the princess into custody.

 And then I will marry her off to the Devil's Land.

There will be fierce battles with the guards, but you must get out of their way and bring Princess Platy to them! Bear in mind that the fate of the mermaid nation rests on this one battle!
Um..., leader...

 One of the soldiers asked timidly.

'Are you sure? From what I've heard, Princess Prathi is married and has a child on the way. She is returning home to show that child to His Majesty the King, isn't she?
What about it?
''No, um, I already have a family, and it's a pity to separate them from it...?

 He's a soldier who cares about trivial things.
 That's why they're lowly.

"Look, Princess Prati is royalty.
Royalty must be sacrificed for the sake of the state.

 Protecting the country from danger and saving it from itself.
 That is the duty of royalty and the reason for their existence.

Marrying into a demon kingdom is one of those sacrifices. It is natural for a royal person to marry someone who is more beneficial to the nation than the one he or she desires.

 In fact, Princess Prati is selfish for not doing so.
 We can think of it as our way of correcting her selfishness.

We'd rather that Princess Prati should have no problems with her new bride. You can kill your ex-husband and child on the spot so that Princess Platy can marry a new bride with no problems. Then she will be able to marry into the Devil's Land without any worries.

 All right, here comes the princess.
 Don't get wet.
 When the main gates are open and the princess's presence is firmly confirmed, the mission is done.

 When this mission is successful, we will become the Mermaid Brigade and take control of politics in the mermaid kingdom!

 Main gate is open!
 Someone's coming in!
 Make sure you're okay! The princess would have flown right out.

 Isn't it?

 She's not a princess. She's a prince.

 Prince Arowana?

 He hasn't been out in public for years, why now?

'I'm home, ladies and gentlemen! Prince Arowana just returned from his training trip!

 A loud cheer went up from the surrounding welcoming spectators.
 We are hiding among these guys, but we can't be bothered with all the noise around us.

''I didn't expect you to come back to Prince Arowana at this time...?

 In a time of national crisis, he went on a warrior training trip without a care in the world. He has no ability to read the time.
 If such an ordinary person becomes the Mermaid King, it will also be a national disaster.

There is someone I would like to introduce to you all, even though we've just returned. A friend to my heart and an important man to my country!


"Demon Lord Zedan is here!

 Hmm? Huh?
 What is it, a line of demons standing side by side next to Prince Arowana, who seems to be very strong?
 And does that look familiar?
 Is that definitely the Lord of the Demon Kingdom, Demon King Zedan?

''During your training journey, you have already visited the Demon City and agreed to sign a peace agreement. And today, the Demon King's Palace has paid a visit to the Mermaid Kingdom accordingly!
Prince Arowana is a rare hero! It is the greatest happiness for both countries to govern the country alongside him!

 We, the Yuukoku Mermaid Gang, as the first negotiating partner, know the face of the Demon King from portraits and the like.
 So I can say with certainty.
 That's the Demon King.

 Prince Arowana, you've become best friends with the Demon King as part of your training journey?

 Our goal was to strengthen the relationship with the Demon Kingdom by bringing Princess Plati into the fold.
 Prince Arowana had already accomplished that?

 Then what is our position?

'There's someone I'd like to introduce you to further!
'The third friend who has taken up our friendship! The name is...!
''It's Lord Saint Kidan!''

 After Prince Arowana and the Demon King, a third man came out of the gate.
 This was a nondescript, hulking man, but...

 ........and next to him was Princess Prati with a baby in her arms!

''This saintly lord is the husband of my sister Prati, one of the Almighty of the world!
'It is only under the Lord Saint that peace between the mermaid kingdom and the demon kingdom will be achieved!

 The Demon King and Prince Arowana talk about it at a good tempo.
 I think they're in perfect synch.......!

What would you do if a group of people were to harm your saint? Demon Lord?

 To Prince Arowana's question, the demon king tame....


 I answered.

'I agree with you. The saint who took my sister Platy to wife is my brother-in-law. Anyone who tries to harm that entire family is an enemy of the entire mermaid nation!

 If this is..........
 Are you talking to us?

 You know what we're up to?

The Adversary Bilanvilan.

 I just got approached from behind!
 Who are you?

 You are Hendler of the Betas?
 And with a bunch of mermaid guards...?

It's long been revealed that you mermaids are planning an attack on the princess. Tie them up quietly.
You.... you're a debater...?
You see? You see, Prince Arowana has already taken care of all your worries. A new mermaid kingdom under Prince Arowana's rule will not need careless careless, thoughtless individuals who don't trust a great ruler!


"Therefore, we will eliminate them! Guards, catch every last one of them!

 Why are you arresting me? Why are you treating me like a criminal?
 Do I fear for the future of mermaid country? For the sake of my country...?

 Don't gag me!