297-295  Mermaid Palace

No, it's going to work!
Surprisingly good!

 Prince Arowana and the Demon King are all smiling broadly.

 That's me.

 These two champions are nothing short of spectacular.

''Just as I intended, we were able to arrest fifty of the tramps in the act. If we can get them to vomit dirt, it will be a fatal blow to more tramps.
"It is good that the mermaid nation is stable. The new age, united by our friendship, will be a healthy one.

 Demon King, for this reason, he made a blitz visit to the mermaid country at the same time as me.

 At first, when this familiar person came ashore, I was like, "Why are you here? I was surprised, but the effect was extraordinary.
"Isn't the demon race going to attack the mermaid kingdom? I was able to blow away the rambling fears of the

 Here's the explanation.

 In the Mermaid Kingdom, it seems that a group of rebels against the mermaid royalty has been smoldering.
 The fear that the mermaid kingdom and the demon kingdom might go to war was also fuelled by such groups.

 In order to increase the number of such people, Prince Arowana and his friends dared to create an opening.
 When they came out, they arrested them all at once.

 This was one of the meanings of Prince Arowana's training journey.

If we can hold the signing ceremony of the peace treaty tomorrow, the stability of the mermaid kingdom will be solidified. Even the insolent ones will not be able to move.

 I'm scared of royalty who think about that kind of thing every step of the way.
 It's a world I can't even imagine.

 My wife is part of the royal family, and she's sitting next to me modestly changing Junior's diaper.
 May this small life last forever.

 We had already reached the castle where the Mermaid King's family lived on a daily basis.

 The interior of the castle is a strange structure with a river running through it, and mermaids swim through it to get around.
 There is also a section called the shore, where mermaids swim to rest and relax.

 The capital of the mermaid country is generally structured like that, and there are canals all over the city.
 It's just like Venice.

 The canals even penetrate into the interior, and they are the passage of mermaids.

 It's amazing that such complicated and full facilities are inside one big fish.

 According to the story, the body of this giant fish is divided into several compartments, some of which are half-water and half-land, while others are completely filled with water.

 I guess the mermaids live in different areas according to their preferences.

 It's more and more perfect.

 It seems that such an unexplored region, the mermaid capital, is rare even for the strongest species of dragons.

"Ho! It's huge! I can't believe we're in the belly of a big fish!
Yes, Sister Veerle.
If it's this big, you think it's safe for me to come back to you?
That's very true, Sister Veerle.
Want to try it out?
Let's do it, Sister Veerle!

 Stop it.

 Veerle and Mr. Ardheg stop in a hurry as they try to return to dragon form.
 Even if there was no problem in terms of volume, if two dragons suddenly appeared, they would panic.
 Especially Ardhegg, who seemed like a sensible gentleman, but he's just a dragon.

 Also, there was a lot of activity at the royal palace as we were reunited with the other Prati siblings.

 I had only thought Prati's place was Prince Arowana, Prati and Angel, but it was sweet.
 There were still many, vastly more.

 Two brothers and four sisters.

 And, to my horror, I heard there were still plans to breed them.
 Mr. and Mrs. Mermaid King and his wife are so close, they have no place to stay!

 I was like.

'I can't lose, sir! We're going to breed even more from now on!

 Prathi, who had inherited the gene, was now ready to rival him.

''Mm! We're going to be a royal family with Astareth and Grashara, and we're going to have lots of kids too!

 Even the Demon King is inspired by this?

 Well, I don't oppose it because it's a good thing to have more children for the next generation.
 Rich country, strong army, rich country, strong army.

 And so it seemed that my stay in the mermaid kingdom was going to be peaceful, but...

    * * * *

Father, Mother, I need to speak to you.

 This is where Prince Arowana made his move.

 That's right, this visit was not only for Prati's homecoming, my wedding greetings, and to show my grandchildren's faces to the Mermaid King and his wife, but also for a more important reason.

 It was also the return of Prince Arowana, who had completed his training.

 Since he was the rightful successor to the Mermaid King, this was more important.

 But the prince was waiting for us to complete all of our requirements without a hitch, as if he was looking out for us.
 He's a really good guy.

'I'm sorry I'm late to greet you, Arowana, too. It's nice to see you after all these years, Mom.

 Both parents are happy to see their son back.

I can tell just by looking at him that he's gotten stronger, partly because of his training. It sounds like you had a very meaningful trip.
'Your mother is right. The difficulties of the land have taught me many things. It is essential for me to govern the country from now on...
Come to me...

 Without hearing a reply, the Mermaid Queen cradled her son, Prince Arowana, in her arms.
 Prince Arowana's face was buried in her still youthful, taut breasts.

"Mother, yeah! It's time to stop this kind of nonsense...?
It's all right. You can come back to the breast that held you as a baby once in a while.

 It's a really tough attack on a big man over 20 years old.
 No matter how much you grow up, you're still just a child in front of your mother!

'It seems like only yesterday that you were sucking on my tits so hard as you did this. That's really cute, my bladder...
Wait a minute.

 Mother's voice complaining to the Queen, full of happiness.


 It was Puffa, who had been in attendance as a companion on the Prince of Arowana's journey.
 He'd been strangely quiet up until now, and now the sharp knife-like nature of his possessions was exposed?

'Isn't that too indiscreet for the next mermaid king? The king is also called the father of the nation. Treating a father as if he were a child is a source of contempt for the people.

 The queen's expression was deathly cold!

 However, the coldness was only for a moment, and it quickly returned to a cheerful smile.
 It was so instantaneous that I thought I was alone in my illusion.

'You're right, you're right. You are right, Arowana, you are going to be the next in line of responsibility for your darling, and you should treat her accordingly.
... hahaha...
I'm glad you could warn me. You're a good girl. What's your name?
My name is Puffa. I'm the one who overreacted.

 Puffa is speaking respectfully.........?

 This kind of unique atmosphere made everyone nervous.
 Even our junior is gulping down a gulp of air.

''........So, father and mother, I'd like to continue our conversation.
'Oh, I know. You had something to say and I just broke my hip. What do you mean by that?
I think it's time for me to get myself together...

 At this assertion, the queen-sama's expression fades once again.

'As a matter of fact, many offers of marriage have come in. All of them are from ladies of mermaiddom. I'll select the most suitable mermaid lady for the next queen.

 Then he tries to produce a pile of something that looks like an arranged photo....

''No, Mother, I have already decided who should be my companion.

 Prince Arowana said, "This puffa is worthy to be my companion for life.

This Puffa is worthy to be my companion for life. I beg your permission, Father and Mother!

 Prince Arowana took Puffa by the shoulders and held her in his arms.

 At that moment, everyone noticed this time.
 The mermaid queen was emitting a mischievous qi that even the demon king was surprised to see.