298-296 Bride-in-law War

Please shut up, darling.

 The Mermaid King immediately said something, but was instantly chided by his wife and shunned.
 Perhaps that was 'permission! The word "moss" may mean "to be" or "to be".
 I don't want to have to use the word "moss" to describe all of his intentions, though.


 My Queen, I turn again.
 To Prince Arowana and her son, Puffa's son and his wife.

'Your mother loves you with all her heart. She wants your life to be happy all the way through.
Then give me permission to marry you.

 Prince Arowana pressed on.

'I know my place, too. I want to be married with the blessing of my beloved father and mother!

 He was very aggressive.
 I wonder if Prince Arowana has acquired such a pushy temperament through his training journey.
 I don't think he had it before.

 I think it will be an important factor in the process of policy making.

'By the way, you mentioned Puffa-san, right? Which way is the school coming out?
''... nowhere in particular. I taught myself medicinal magic mostly on my own.

 An auditory hallucination like the sound of crisping and cracking every time you step on thin ice echoes through the room.
 What's this tension!

That's not right. The queen is illiterate, it's a blot on the face of the state.
Isn't it obscure to assume that someone is uneducated simply because they haven't finished school? The potions that Atay makes are better than those educated elites, right?
You're a very confident girl, aren't you? It's rare to find a girl who doesn't know what's going on in the world who's as confident as you are.
I have seen the world with Prince Arowana. If you call Atai naive, then your son's journey was meaningless.

 Scissipip scissip...!

 Nothing is broken, but you can clearly hear the disintegration?

 The clash of wits between Queen Sheila and Puffa!
 Is that why the air is choking!

 Could this be one of the most terrifying things in the world?

 A war between mother-in-law and mother-in-law?

"Mother! Puffa! I mean, calm down, I mean...!
Mostly, mostly, mostly, mostly...!

 The Mermaid King father and son just cringed.
 It's no good being a man.

 But that doesn't mean I, with whom I have less of a relationship with, can't get in on it, and I don't have the guts.
 Who the hell is supposed to be the mediator?

Well........I guess I'll just have to take a trip....

 The one who came forward to say that........
 You are my wife, Prati.

 Queen Sheila's beloved daughter and Puffa's evil friend.
 In other words, the position she occupies in this situation is that of a little mother-in-law!

'The role of the little mother-in-law is to stand between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law and intercede for each! You mermaid princess Prati, I'll do my royal duty once in a while!

 I'm counting on you, my wife!
 You're going to help ease some of this tension!

Don't say a word about little Platy.
Platy, cleanse yourself.

 I was played by one word and slogged back.
 Little mother-in-law weak.

''No, I won't lose!''

 I was excited.

'I'm a mother now! My mother is strong! Giant Steps with Mother Power!

 Come on!

Mom! Listen to me!
So I won't talk to you until I get rid of this thing and then we can take our time...
I don't care!

 Queen Sheila pauses for a moment to adjust her stance to the spirit of her daughter's release.
 Great job, Prati!

'Actually, I agree with your brother's marriage to Puffa!

 First, state your position clearly.

'Because it sounds interesting!'

 The motives are scattered, though.

''Well Mom seems to be opposed to the marriage because of Puffa's lack of education. I don't see anything wrong with that. Because Puffa is the best potions master in all of mermaid country!

 He is one of the best magicians in his own right, and that's why he's so convincing.

'You know, mum, the six witches that are rumoured to be around?
What's that, the Mad Hexenbiest?
'You don't have to say it in full. .........Anyway, Puffa here is ranked as one of the Six Witches, along with Attah! That's not the most remarkable thing about her abilities!

 Being counted as one of the six witches is practically like being recognized as a top class potions user.

''I think that alone is a brand worthy of the Mermaid Queen!
But a witch probably also has the connotation of being a 'problem child'...?
Don't say a word about that!

 The queen also boldly tried to argue with him.

Prati, it's not all magic that is taught in school. It is also a place to learn etiquette, social etiquette and the art of living. It's also a place to learn etiquette, social skills and the art of living, which is more important than anything else for royalty.
But then again, I'm not even out of school.

 Says Prati, a full-fledged mermaid royalty.

"Last school dropout from Mermaid Witch Academy!

 You are proud to say that?

I have no problem being a royal, and people from other countries even offer to marry me, so it should be okay for Puffa to be queen, right?
"Platy...! I can't believe you're so protective of Atai...! You're really a good guy........!

 The party in question, Pfa, was in tears.
 Furthermore, the Mermaid King, the Mermaid Prince, father and son, who were just standing on the sidelines behind him, were so pathetic.

Because it would be more interesting to have an outlaw like you as a queen in the future because the country would be in turmoil.
You little mother-in-law?
I don't even know where my mom goes to school. I've never heard of it, and I don't see why a mom like that would have any business talking about her wife with her education.

 It seems that Prati's covering shot hit a pretty accurate point, and the queen-sama let out a sigh instead of a rebuttal.

''Well Prathi, you're right. My mom never went to school either.
I knew it. I knew it, Mum, you are a budding pharmacy wizard. I didn't think you had any learning experience.

 Prathi's reading was nothing short of frightening.
 This would destroy the queen's rationale of 'opposing Puffa because he doesn't have any education'.

''Well it can't be helped. Then let's not oppose her from that side.''
Why are you so stubborn about it?

 Why do you have to be so stubborn?

"Well, I'll tell you what. Mr. Puffa, you said you were one of the Six Mad Demonesses, right?
"Then I shall frankly test your qualifications as a witch to see if you are fit to be queen. In person.

 Both Puffa and Prathi twist their heads, wondering what they're going to say all of a sudden.
 And the men are completely airborne.

'You mean to test our abilities? You don't want to do that? Even if you let them fight a mock battle, that's exactly what Puffa's opponent would have to be, even if they're not the same witch. Even the head of Mermaid Witch Academia has a heavy burden.

 It sounds like a terrible thing to say, but that's how good Puffa is.

''Then it's easiest to see how good you are by hitting a witch with a witch, right?

 The queen's words were increasingly unintelligible.

 Does she mean she's going to make one of the six witches, Puffa, fight the other witches?
 But with whom?
 I don't think all the other five witches, including Prathi, would be on the side of stopping the marriage of Puffa and Prince Arowana, would they?

 .... or is it four, to be exact?
 Is there still one more unidentified person in the Six Witches?

It's me you have to fight.
It's a long time ago now. It's time to remember the time when Sheila Cannes was known as the Witch of the Dark (adobeer).

 The queen says the unexpected.

 The war of wives and daughters-in-law is now about to be thrust into a confrontation between the witches.