299-297 Freezing cold vs dark

"Whaaaaaaahhhh? My mom's a dark witch? My mom? Um!?

 Prati was the one who was most shocked by the facts that were told to her.
 It's my mother, and you didn't know?

 And stop shouting too loudly, Junior cries.

'Speaking of 'dark witches', the only six witches are unidentified! Various theories were fought over, including the 'dugong theory,' 'refraction of light theory,' 'experimental creatures developed by royalty,' 'plasma theory,' 'conspiratorial fabrication theory,' and 'anomalous weather theory,' a mystery within a mystery suspected of being real!

 It was such a mystery to me.

That's my mother?
Well, what a surprise.
Brother! Dad! You guys knew about this important fact........?

 Accused by their daughter and sister, the men of the Mermaid King's family shuddered awkwardly....

'These guys!'

 Prati indignant.

'Wait, wait, sister. I wasn't hiding it from you out of spite. It's all for your mother's sake!
"Your mother hates the fact that she is the Dark Witch, and she doesn't want anyone to know about it. That's why she doesn't want anyone to know or talk about it. It was an accident that I found out. I was so shocked at the time that I locked myself in my room for two nights!

 The prince is full of excuses.
 Is being a witch really such a bad thing in the past for the queen?
 So why are you willingly revealing yourself to us now?

"Is that how opposed you are to my marriage with Puffa...?
Why? As expected, I didn't expect to be rejected with all my might to that extent...?

 Leaving Prince Arowana's confusion behind, the situation proceeded to accelerate.

''Alright, I understand. If defeating your mother-in-law is a condition of your marriage, then I'll shark your heart out and do my best to break it down and let you in.
'You're not ready to call me mother yet, are you? Everything will be won in the game and then you'll show that you're qualified to be my wife?

 The mood for a duel was growing among the parties involved.
 What on earth will happen to this mother-in-law problem?

    * * * *

 Even if we were to duel, there were many problems in the castle, so we decided to move to a different location.
 What a battle on the open sea, out of the body of a giant fish, the capital of mermaids.
 This would not only keep the people around us out of harm's way, but it would also protect the secrecy of the battle without the eyes of the rest of the world reaching us.

 We were allowed to watch the battle as a concerned party.

 The people on the ground, including me and the demon king, were to watch the game under the sea, wrapped in soap bubbles.

 Two beautiful mermaids with their lower bodies changed back to fish were staring at each other at the bottom of the sea where the sunlight did not reach.

''Hmm, I don't get it........!

 Prathi, the spectator and Shabbos keeper, is standing beside me.
 He's been tilting his head incessantly since a while ago.

 What is the matter with you?

I still can't accept the fact that my mother is a dark witch. She was originally a mysterious 'dark witch', but I didn't expect her to be my mom...?
Well, it's hard to accept a family member's hidden side, isn't it?

 But since Princess Prati is also the "Crown Witch", it's not that unlikely.
 Mother and daughter are both witches.
 Isn't it possible?

I don't think that's what I'm talking about. As I said, my mum doesn't know anything about pharmacy magic.
A witch is a title given to the most viciously skilled potions users. But even as a child, I had never seen my mother handle a potion. Not even wielding a test tube...

 This is why I never dreamed of my mother being a witch.
 It's not because she is a family member, but because she is an outstanding witch herself, that the decision she made was completely betrayed.

 Is that what's baffling to Prati?

 Such outside analysis aside, tensions between the parties involved are rising.

''If it's contingent on winning, we'll do our best to crush it...!
'You don't have to be a lousy honorary speaker, do you? You should use language appropriate to your crass upbringing.
"..........? If that's the case, I won't hold back in any way, Obasan!

 The first move.
 Puffa throws out a test tube filled with potions.

 The contents would be her specialty, freezing potion.
 Originally, the ocean was her home, the mermaid.
 Her battles at home were much more fluid and speedy than the ones on earth.


 The potion-filled test tube cracks open on its own, leaking its contents before it can reach the queen's enemy.
 It mixes with the seawater to form large chunks of ice and lumps that drift around them.

 Isn't that an attack?
 Why is that nonsensical...?

That's Puffa's signature order.

 Prince Arowana, who was also joining the line of spectators, said.

''Oh, and place several ice blocks as obstacles, so that the enemy's escape route is blocked and the cold air emitted by the ice slows them down. In this way, they block their opponents' escape routes and the cold air emitted by the ice slows them down. Puffa's method of combat is very methodical, despite its appearance...!

 Prince Arowana has traveled with us, so he knows what Puffa is thinking.
 He's a kindred spirit and mature couple.

That's already blocked the way out for Mom. Even if there was some kind of trump card, all of them would be crushed. It's a good thing that Puffa, despite his appearance, is a solid fighter.

 It seems that the jamming situation has already been completed.

 Puffa, who intends to order but also intends to fold up all at once, threw a test tube with magic potion at the queen.
 It flies through the seawater.

''If it hits, you win!

 It would be the main offensive potion.
 To avoid it, you can't move because the ice blocks around you are in the way. There was no way for the princess to surpass it.

 It was that time.
 We were not the participants in the game, but rather spectators, when an unexpected intruder came in our direction.

 Someone jumped in at great speed!
 Into the audience zone where we are!
 Look out! You thought your soap would explode on impact!

 What the hell was just jumping out of the sky? People?

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's really Sheila's sister is fighting. Why ehhhhh?

 It was a person, or rather a mermaid.
 It's not just a matter of time before you get your hands on it.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 It is said that she is the oldest of the six witches, so why is she here?

"Ahoy! Our research center's measuring equipment emitted a strange underwater gain, so why don't you come and see! My premonition came true! And there's a bad premonition!

 What the hell? What's going on here?
 Don't play dumb with me, and tell me what you have to say if you have useful information. Or is it a blatant death flag!

Zos Saira. Do you know who my mother is?

 Says Prati.

'You're a generation or two ahead of the other witches, and you know a lot more than most. What's the hurry? What's the secret of a mom who can't use medicinal magic and is called a witch?
The Witch of the Crown, the Nushira is here too. Isn't Okubo with you today?
The mermaid's characteristic color-blur will have to wait!

 Anyway, we have the perfect commentator and the story gets deeper.

''Sister Sheila is not incapable of using pharmacy magic. She doesn't use it.
To be precise, we don't need to resort to such degrading practices as potions.

 Bagong! And.
 A crushing sound occurred that echoed well in the water.

'Too much noise will wake Junior up!

 I looked and saw that all the ice blocks surrounding Queen Sheila had shattered.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

''! !

 Puffa also had a look of confusion on her face, not knowing what had happened.

The puffa's position has been breached? And all in an instant?

 It was probably the queen's doing.
 But no one knew what exactly he had done.

 Except for a few people.

"That's the magic that Sister Sheila uses...!

 Zos Saira jumps in and says with a shiver.

The magic that once existed in the ancient times of the mermaid race, buried in history and vanished.... The medicinal magic is nothing more than a diluted and degraded version of it. The true magic of the mermaid race, feared and sealed by even the gods....

 The name is.........

Sacred Chanting Magic...!