300-298 Siren's voice

'Sie kammt es mit goldenem Kamme, Und singt ein Lied dabei; Das hat eine wundersame, Gewaltige Melodei.......'

 Queen Sheila begins to sing.
 Strangely enough, her voice echoed throughout the sea.

 It was so cleanly audible to my ears in the air, blocked by soap bubbles in the sea water.

What..., this song is not normal...?
'What are you doing, you stupid disciple! Guard it with Potions!

 Puffa, who was fighting against him, and Zos Saira, who had just intruded, were said to have been master and disciple in the past.

 Puffa reacted quickly on the advice of his old teacher.
 He cracked a test tube filled with magic potion and formed an ice shield in front of it.

 That ice shield shattered in an instant.
 Puffa, blown away by the impact.

"That was close...! If you had been a moment later, you would have been hit by a direct hit...!

 The connection between teacher and student came to life in a strange way.

'The old witch! What the hell is going on? What the hell is Mom doing to Puffa?
You're old! Lady Sheila is older than you are. And yet, because she keeps her existence a secret, she's the oldest of the six witches in this world!
'I don't care about that part! Commentary! That's why you're here!

 It's Prati's forcefulness.
 Zos Saira has no choice but to explain.

...the chanting spell is a technique of using the voice to control magic. A landlord's magic is conjured by spells, right? It's the closest thing to that.

 Indeed, Queen Sheila has been singing gobbledygook for a while now.

 All the while, Puffa is shocked and retreating as if she is being struck by something invisible.

"Just now, you said that this chanting magic is the original magic of the mermaid race, right?
Mermaids used to be able to control their magic with words, just like land people. They used words and music as well. But mermaids must have had a much better aptitude for magic than land men. The power of their chanting magic far surpassed that of any other, and nearly destroyed the world.

 Zos Saira, who is apparently doing his own research away from the mermaid kingdom, knows something that no one else knows.

The sea gods have taken a serious look at the mermaids and have taken the chanting magic away from them and sealed it away. It is said that the gods of the sea saw it as a pity that the mermaids had nothing, so they gave them apothecary magic and the giant fish, Zigol, instead. That was a long time ago.
If that's true, how is it that my mother could do ancient magic that should be extinct?
It's called retribution, isn't it? The details of how this happened are unknown to the straw man, but Sister Sheila was born with the most powerful and dangerous power of the mermaid race!

 Fortunately or unfortunately, according to Zos Saira, Queen Sheila was born with enormous talents, but she had a sense of humour, as if her powers were being swept away by her own.

 As a young girl, Zos Saira was beaten to a pulp on the spot and forced to become her prefect.
 Sheila Cannes, a young witch, was able to do such acts with ease because of her inherent power.

It was Sheila Cannes, the young witch, who could easily do such a thing by running amok with her power. She once tried to destroy the world by having Wara and Carp form a great magic formula. Of course, we were stopped in the middle, but...
Blocked? Who the f*ck is...?
He's right over there, you see.

 I followed Zos Saira's gaze, and there was a huge old man mermaid.

''Mermaid king...?''
It was that young man who persuaded your sister to stop. The world was about to collapse. And we were saved, because we couldn't stand up to her, but...

 Such an epic past story...?
 Mermaids have always been madly in love.

"Yes, sir.
The fat man gained the power to oppose Sister Sheila's recitation with his own words in exchange for a pledge. He got the power to counter Sister Sheila's chanting.

 His Majesty the Mermaid King is amazing.

"Since then I can only say 'yes', but that was enough to stop Sister Sheila from doing that," said the fearsome man. But now that she's using the chanting magic again, I don't know if the world is in danger again!

 Since Zos Saira was a party to the past, the way she was frightened was very real.

 While this is happening, the battle is still going on.
 But it is no longer a battle.
 Queen Saira's magical song was only laying waste to Pfa one way or another.

'Den Schiffer im Kleinen Schiffe Ergreift es mit wildem Weh; Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe, Er schaut nur hinauf in die Hoh'.......

 Queen Sheila's holy chanting magic seems to be always effective while she is singing, and Puffa is about to be scraped down by the swirling ocean currents.

''This oooh!''

 Puffa threw six test tubes at him at once, but the ocean currents bounced them off of him and showed no effect.

''Absolute zero potions...? Even Atai's most powerful potion doesn't work...?

 Even so, the fact that they were able to hold out until this point was proof that Puffa was an unparalleled powerhouse.
 Whether you are a mermaid, human race or demon race, an ordinary user would have finished in less than three seconds.

 But that, too, can no longer be sustained.

'Ich blaube, die Wellen verschlingen Am Ende Schiffer und Kahn; Und bas hat mit ihrem Singen Die Lore-Ley getan.......'

 On the verge of being swallowed by the torrent that the chanting creates....


 The slash of the hurricane tore through the ocean current.

"Ah, anta!

 Queen Sheila also stopped singing due to the suddenness of the situation.

What do you think you're doing, Arowana-chan?

 Yes, it was Prince Arowana who interrupted the game.

 I'm not sure when it happened, but he swung the half-moon blade I had made and slashed through the ocean current.
 It's a tremendous slash.
 I didn't know that it was capable of producing such power.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. You mustn't interfere with it.
'No, I will interrupt you. Because this is my fight, too.
The future of Puffa and I can be together depends on this battle. "The future of Puffa and I can't afford not to fight for this fight. I can't be accused of being a pimp who works only for his wife.

 Then he held up his contraption.

I respect your father more and more after hearing what Lord Zos Saira has to say. I can't help but learn from your directness to love. So I will turn the contradiction to your mother!
"If that's what you mean..." "I'll do it too, right?

 A dragon and an angel appeared to shelter the young couple.
 That's Mr. Ardhegg and Songgokphong!

"In our travels, we have always joined forces. Let us follow the same example this time.
That's the last boss, isn't it? Yeah!

 The friends who traveled with Prince Arowana are all together again........

 He's the only one in that party who can't act underwater, so he's normally drowning!
 Come on, Hakkai!
 You're with me!

"....you're with me!

 Princess Sheila stared at the group for a few moments, then quickly retreated.

''It's not fair, if they are so united, I'll have to retreat.
'Or does little Arowana want to sack her mom with so many friends? It's terrible, mommy, I'm so sad I'm going to cry...!
No, it's not...?

 Prince Arowana is upset when he is shown the gesture of crying.
 A man is vulnerable to his mother, no matter how old he is.

''.........Does this mean the game is over?''

 For a while, I wondered what would happen.
 Puffa and the others were able to defeat Queen Sheila, who was showing more strength than they had expected, by the secret technique of the bond between their friends.

''Yay! I won!
''I'm happier than I was when we defeated the Geyser Dragon!

 Outside of the puffers' jubilation, Queen Sheila quickly left by herself.
 She's coming to the audience zone where we are.

''Well I've seen a terrible travesty, Mom.

 Prathi with her unrelenting flippancy.
 This kind of thing is really Prati, but her mother, Princess Sheila, didn't respond.

If you're going to back down so easily, you shouldn't have opposed it from the start. What did you want to do by spilling secrets you don't want to share with us?

 The fact that she was a 'dark witch' was now also in the light of day.
 Queen Sheila began to speak as if she couldn't bear to keep her in there.

''Because..., because...!
'Because I didn't want you to be taken, Arowana!

 I shouted that and the rest of the time I hugged His Majesty the Mermaid King and cried out.
 Impossible to talk to her.

 To her, Prince Arowana is her son. He's the first boy born.
 What she thought would always be hers and hers alone would become another woman's. She wanted to disagree with him for no reason. You want to oppose it for no reason.

I'm sure I understand now.

 Prathi said as she took Junior in her arms.

If you start saying things like that........ ........I'll definitely kill that woman.
Don't do it, okay?

 A mother has a mother's, unnameable feelings for her son.
 It will be forever incomprehensible to a man.

 Now that the battle is over, it's time to rescue Hakkai.
 He was struggling in a hurry a moment ago, and now he's not twitching anymore!

    * * *

 Hakkai managed to come up for air with artificial respiration.
 He returned to the capital of the mermaid kingdom and was in a happy mood again.
 The only newcomer in the middle of the day, Zos Saira, is being strangled by Queen Sheila.

'When did Zos become so chatty, Zos? Don't you think it's unclassy to go around touching on a woman's past?
'Ad nauseam! Wala-ha! I'm trying to speak for something that's hard for him to reveal! Because all you can do is take care of it, because if you really lose your temper, the world is going to disappear!

 Zos Saira was such a hard worker....
 I feel sorry for him. Next time you come to visit the farm, I'll give you a little more time alone with Okubo.

''But I'm surprised to learn that Arowana's girlfriend is a student of Zos.

 Princess Sheila says, not loosening her choke sleeper to its extreme on Zos Saira.

Sheila says, "Come on, tell me. Sheila says, "You can't wait to tell me. Being Zosu's apprentice is not like a niece to me.

 The equivalent of your sister is dying because she can't breathe, sir?

If it's a girl like that, I can safely leave my Arowana in your care. She's a bit too serious and inflexible, but I'd be happy to oblige.

 It was decided easily.
 I wondered what all the fuss was about so far.

'You did it, Puffa! Now we are blessed to be husband and wife!
'Let's have the ceremony now! And the kids! I'm not going to spread the delay with Plati!

 They were in the mood for a wedding ceremony.
 I thought to myself, "This is going to be a celebration with no time to breathe.

Oh my, we can't get married yet!

 The couple's excitement stopped at the words from the Queen.

'What do you mean, Mother? Your mother would have approved of us, wouldn't she?
'Atashi approved of you guys getting along, but not until you're married. I mean, even if Attah and Darling approved of it, the world wouldn't approve of it, would it?

 Prince Arowana will become the Mermaid King in the future, so of course he will need society's approval for his marriage.

'You see, a girl who is called a witch usually comes with a bill of goods and is highly publicized, right? I know because I was a witch myself, you know?
I had to go through a lot of hardship before I got married to my darling. Puffa-chan, you have to work hard to become a woman worthy of being a mermaid queen, don't you?

 He was too righteous to make a sound.

 Puffa was originally a prisoner, so he couldn't marry the king without thinking about it more and more.

You're at Prati's husband's farm, right? That's where our young kids should be studying, so why don't you teach them a class?
'I see! If you can win the hearts of the people by teaching a promising girl mermaid, you'll be in a better position to marry your brother! Mom, nice idea!

 It was almost certain that Puffa's life on the farm would continue, as he rode to Prati.
 The road to marriage between Prince Arowana and Puffa is still a long way off.