302-300 Different World Fertility Plan

 It's me, back at the farm for many reasons.

 Prathi's homecoming and my meet and greet with my parents ended without a hitch.
 It was a success.

 The Mermaid King and his wife sent us off, saying "Please come visit us again anytime.
 Prince Arowana, of course, would remain in the mermaid kingdom. He is now going to start making preparations for his succession to the throne.

 The Demon King was in the air for the second half of our visit. He resigned at the same time we did. He's going to return to the Demon City to sign a formal peace treaty with the Mermaid Kingdom.

 First, Hakkai, the traveling companion who accompanied Prince Arowana on his training, returned to the farm and returned to work on the farm with the other orcs.

 Ardheg, the dragon, is said to be continuing his journey around the world.
"I will watch over my heroes and my king in spite of the trials and tribulations! He said as he was leaving, but I didn't know what he was talking about.

 The angel Songgok Phone went with him.
 I really don't know why, but 'I'm a free spirit' was a throwaway line.

 I heard that both of them will come to the farm or mermaid country to play when they're in the mood, so I guess we'll just leave it at that for now.

 And finally, she's wonderfully in love with Prince Arowana...

    * * * *

Let the lesson begin!
Ms. Puffa, you can't just throw us out there.

 She continues to live in our farm.

 She thought she was going to get engaged to Prince Arowana and move into the royal family of mermaids, but her criminal record as a witch has left her with a bad reputation.
 In order to solve this problem, Puffa needs to make a name for herself and her past, and she takes on the role of teacher as part of the solution.

 Currently, there are many female mermaid students studying abroad at the farm under the name of Mermaid Witch Academy Farm Branch School.
 The theory was that if they were trained to become excellent Potions teachers, their contributions would be recognized and their marriage to Prince Arowana would go smoothly.

''You guys! You're on your own as soon as you can, and you can be a part of it. I don't want to ruin your life as a married woman, Atai!
That's just the opposite of what you want, isn't it?

 And that's not all.
 The farm is currently implementing a plan for young people to study abroad, so besides the mermaids, there are also foreign students from the demon tribe staying here to learn various things.
 In that sense, it's the perfect environment for lecturer Puffa to gain a high reputation, so please work hard for the new stage.


''.........Hey, saint.......''
You know, it's been bothering me a little bit about my students...
That's true.

 Puffa was curious about it, and I was curious about it too.
 A change in the situation that had been bothering everyone had begun to leave the foreign students.

 That is.....
 It was a couples' festival.

Valkina-san, I didn't understand a part of today's lesson, so let's review it together.
Mr. Stark! Would you like to take the dungeon training tomorrow with me! I'm too scared to do it alone!
Homemade chocolate! Eat it if you like!
'You don't have a fiancee or something? He's not here, is he? Yes!
"Do you like the big tits or the little ones?
''This is a popular fortune-telling among the demon race, and if the skull is crushed, the two of you will have the best chemistry!
'Don't get me wrong! I love you at all, you know!

 A whirlwind of intense pink is blowing among the youth.

"The color of love is all over the place...

 How did that happen?

Of course that's what happens when you mix teenage boys and girls together.
Yes. Youth.
''Young is amazing...?

 If a young man and woman are in the same place, there is no reason why love can't happen.
 This seems to be a common principle in all worlds.

 The first thing that triggered this is the formation of a couple between Lycheeus and Eringian, and that seems to have been the catalyst for the formation of interracial couples one after another among the international students.

''But, well, isn't this also a good thing to achieve our goal?

 Puffa analyzes the current situation.

'What do you mean?'
The purpose of studying abroad is to have the three races interact with each other and deepen their friendship. If these students become a bunch of colorblind people and get married internationally, the distance between the countries will be shortened even if they don't want to.

 It's not the friendship I had in mind, but I guess it's another form of bonding.

 It's a bit carnal in nature, but if the children who learn from this school get married in the future and have children between them, the next generation of half-breeds will be very active in the future, and that will also help the era of peace.

I can't believe you are showing us how much you disgust me. I can't wait to get married, I want to get married too...

 Puffa expresses his resentment.
 But you're practically engaged, and your opponent, Prince Arowana, is taking time out of his official duties to come to the farm without missing a day of work.

 A storm of love is brewing on the farm.
 Tsk, I envy you rear-enders.

 However, it is the most natural thing in the world for all living things to find a mate and raise their young.
 So, basically, I've been keeping a low profile on the love affair, but then something happened that I can't help but feel connected to it.

 From now on, I'd like to talk about that event for a while.

    * * * *

 It all started when Okubo approached me for advice.

"Mr. Dalkish consulted me?
Yes, sir.

 However, he was only a mediator, not Oakbo's own troubles.

 The source of the consultation was Dalkish-san.

 He is a lord in the old human country.
 He is a young but capable lord, a sensible and sensible man who loves his people.

 The reason why they met was because the land they chose for the castle they wanted to build happened to be in the territory ruled by Mr. Dalkish.

 The Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle that was built there has now been turned into a tourist resource as a specialty of the territory.
 It seems that the Oakbos, as the creators of the castle, also occasionally visit the castle to maintain it, and they also stop by to say hello to the lord, Mr. Dalkish.

''I've heard that Mr. Dalkish-dono has been having some troubles lately......and from what I've heard in detail, it's a problem that we can't handle, but I believe that my lord has a good idea......!

 I owe Mr. Dalkish a debt of gratitude, too.
 And he gave me tacit approval to build Okubo Castle, which was built in his territory without permission.

 I would like to repay him for his generosity, and I would like to be of service to him in any way I can.

Well, shall we invite you to the farm so that you can consult with Mr. Darquish? It would not be polite to ask again.
Yes, sir.

 That's why we decided to invite Mr. Dalkish to the farm.

    * * * *

 Mr. Dalkish, who came to the farm, had a companion.
 His wife, Varina.

 Their familiarity with each other is somewhat complicated and cannot be discussed without reference to the Human-Magic War that had just recently ended.
 The former human country, which had lost the war, was occupied, and the Demon King's army dispatched an observer to the lord's side.

 The person who came to the lord Dalkish's side with that role was Varina.

 They had a delicate relationship with each other in the past, but after many events, they came to love each other and got married.

 An international marriage of a demon human race. Probably the first of its kind.

 They are the forerunner of the whirlwind of romance that has swept through our farm, so to speak, and we hope to see more couples like them in the future.

 In a way, they are the older generation of our teenage couples.

 What kind of advice would such two people be asking for?

''Um........first of all, congratulations on the birth of your heir, Saint-sama.

 Mr. Dalkish told me as soon as we confronted him.
 Did you hear about Junior from around Okubo?

Thank you for your time. But today's requirement is to hear your advice, so I'll keep the greetings short and simple...
'No, as a matter of fact, our consultation has something to do with that...!

 Is this about Junior?

'Me and Varina have been together for a reasonable amount of time now. We seem to be a good match for each other as a couple, and we're doing well every day.
He cares so much for me, and with each passing day I feel more and more like 'I'm glad we're married.'

 What a romance.

'But there's only one problem with our marriage. And I'd say it's a pretty important issue...!
The baby is still...!

 Well, Mr. Dalkish and Varina got married last winter. It's not surprising that they reported a pregnancy at the right time.

'My husband is a lord. He needs an heir to whom he entrusts his estate. My husband is a lord and he needs an heir to whom he can entrust his fiefdom, and it is my important mission as the wife of a lord to give him a successor!
'But it's been over six months since the wedding. Well...., although we have been trying to encourage it, there is still no gift beneath us...

 He said he's starting to get impatient by now.

 That's right.
 In a feudal society, the continuation of the bloodline is an important issue. Sometimes people are separated from each other because they can't have children.

 In those circumstances, the two of them must be in serious trouble.
 It's possible to take it lightly, saying it's only a few months, but it doesn't mean that there aren't people who want to make a stink about this unusual international marriage between two human and demon clans.

 In order not to split the relationship between the two people you love with a trivial initiation, if there is anything I can do, I should do it without hesitation.

 Is there anything I can do? To give a child to two people?