303-301   Mother God Collection

 I've decided to help a human race Dalkish demon Varina international married couple who are suffering from a lack of childbirth.
 I have no idea how exactly I should help them.

''Actually........there's something that's been bothering me.

 During the interview process, the couple expressed their concerns.

'As you may know, me and Varina are of different races. I am of the human race and Varina is of the demon race. There is no record of these two races getting married.
'And of course, the records show that a child was born during that time. So I was worried. What if a child is not born between a man and a woman of a different race? What if they were made that way to begin with...!

 The couple, especially his wife's side, Varina, was in tears, almost crushed with anxiety.

'It is impossible for us to figure out what is really going on. But I thought that the Almighty Sage would know, so here we are...!

 I see.
 ...I'm not all-powerful or all-knowing, to say the least.

 But I want to do all I can for the people who rely on me.
 Naturally, I can't answer their questions. I don't have the knowledge to do so.

 But I have an idea of someone who might be able to give me an answer.

    * * * *

...and you summoned me?

 I called the No Life King's teacher, and furthermore, the teacher used summoning magic to invoke a god.

 The god who came this time was Amphitrite, the Sea Mother Goddess.
 She is the goddess of the sea god tribe who rules the sea out of land, sea and air.

''Why is it me? It's the human race and the demon race that's bothering you, right? 'I won't snatch it from you, the protector of the mermaid race, will I?

 Yes, you are left.
 However, Amphitrite had a track record in the past of advising my wife Prathi, who was also struggling with fertility issues, and had successfully made it to junior birth.

 It's easy to hear from those past examples...!

''I'm glad as God that you asked for it, so I can answer you to the best of my knowledge, but...''

 I knew we could count on you, God!

"The bottom line is that you can't have children between people of different species.

 I'm going too far once and for all!

 Varina, who is standing in line with me and listening, has rape in her eyes.

The human race, the demon race and the mermaid race are completely different creatures to begin with. The gods that gave birth to them are different. Their souls are different. That's why they don't get mixed up even if their two parents cross each other.
'Wait! And then...?

 An intruder came from another direction.
 ''Oh, it's a group of young foreign students.

Do you mean that not only humans and demons can't have children between us mermaids and other races?

 The affirmation of the goddess Amphitrite caused the young people to be upset.
 A whirlwind of romance is now raging among them.

 Many girls must be thrilled with the sweet vision of a future where they will marry him....
 God's proclamation shatters such visions of the future.

"Can't you do something about it, God!
'If I can't have children, I will never be allowed to get married!
''We'll offer you a sacrifice, please, ah!''

 With the girls clinging to the goddess, it was no longer just a matter for Dalkish & Varina and his wife.

 In the future, in the era when the three races should be harmonizing, international marriage should be greatly encouraged, but if this is not the case, it will not be a good start.

 This is a situation I want to do something about.


 The goddess also began to worry about the difficulty.

'As for the root of the problem. The root of the problem is the same as what happened to the saint and Prati-chan the other day. It was only because of my blessing to Prati that we were able to solve the problem that time, but...''
'So, blessings from Mr. Amphitrite to whomever you wish...?
'Aren't there too many to do that? If you overuse the blessing too much, the scarcity value will drop, and most importantly, the mermaid race is the only one for whom the blessing of Atashi, the Mother God of the Sea, is effective.''

 So it's not a solution for the human race x demon race couple.
 Dalkish-san and Varina-san, who came to me for advice at the beginning, couldn't be saved.

''........I think we'll need a drastic solution to this.
God? What can I do?

 Goddess Amphitrite, you look like you have a secret plan.

You're right, the world has changed and conflict has ceased. You are right, the world has been changing and strife has ceased to exist, so we, the gods, should change our colors to match the changes. However, it's impossible for me to do that alone.

 What do you mean?

It's going to change the entire world. A single god, who only has jurisdiction over the sea area, can't possibly cover the entire world. We need to reach a consensus with the god that governs the reproduction of earth and heaven. ...My saint.


If you want to contribute to the world, do your best. Prepare a place where the sea, the earth and the Mother Goddess of Heaven can meet!

    * * * *

 Then I set up the place as Goddess Amphitrite said.

''........Should I summon the Mother God of Heaven, Earth and Sea and the Three Realms here?''
"I've heard that's what it is...

 As the day has changed, the goddess Amphitrite has returned to the divine world once.
 I will summon her again today.

 I'm going to ask the teacher again.
 I'm sorry for using you every time.

''And this time, even the location has changed...!

 We're not at our usual farm now.
 It's far away from there, in the old human country, in the territory ruled by Mr. Dalkish.

 I can transfer magic to the transfer point I've set up in Okubo Castle, so it's easy to move.
 Why are we moving like this...?

'You could have summoned him at the farm otherwise...?
''Goddess Amphitrite requested it very strongly. This summoning is not to be done at the farm.

 Hmmm, they even said they would not respond to the summons if they could not drink it.
 Why such a strong request.

''This time, we're not only summoning the gods of the earth and the sea, we're also summoning the goddesses of the gods of the earth and the sea, so isn't that the connection?''

 To do so, I've even had the teacher who summons me move from his dungeon.......
 All the galleries around me are paying attention with trepidation.

Why are there so many spectators...?
Excuse me, Your Holiness!

 It's Lord Dalkish who had this place set up.

It's an honor to be chosen as the stage to summon the Three Mother Gods of Heaven, Earth and Sea. But while he was busy preparing for this, information was leaked everywhere...! We can't afford not to report this to the Demon Occupation Office...!

 So, a lot of people came to see if we were lying or not, right?

 They're watching us from afar, but when they see you, the No-Life King, they're looking at you like, "It's worth it to come.

'Good afternoon, everyone. Tomakumore has returned to humanity for the first time in a thousand years!

 And a teacher who waves good-naturedly!
 It's been a while since I remembered my own name before I was born, and I'm feeling buoyant!

Then, let's get on with the ceremony. I'll summon the founder, Amphitrite, the Mother God of the Sea, and Demeter Sephone, the Mother God of the Earth.
'Huh? Only two gods.

 From what I've heard, aren't you going to summon the three gods of heaven, earth and sea?

"Actually, the order in which they are to be summoned is also strictly regulated. ''The two gods of the earth and sea are to be summoned first, and then the Heavenly Mother Goddess is to be summoned.

 What the hell...?


 In response to the teacher's summoning spell, he appears, distorting time and space.
 Two gods accompanied by a beauty that is not of this world.

''Demeter Sepone-chan, hi,''
"Good to see you! ....Oh my God, did you change your nail polish?'
"Ah! I know! My husband hasn't noticed me at all. It's no good if it's not between girls, is it?

 These goddesses are as light-hearted as ever.

 It's not just the Amphitrite goddess, but also the Demeter Sephone goddess, so I'm not upset.
 It's a good idea to have a good time.
 Some of them were blowing bubbles and falling down, while others were in tears and kneeling down to pray.

 Demeter Sephone, the earth mother goddess who joined us for the first time this time, says.

''I've heard about it. The Three Mothers of Heaven, Earth and Sea agree to change the setting so that all humanity can love one another without distinction between species. That's very nice. We'll be glad to help you!''
"Aaah! I knew Demeter Sepone-chan would say that!''

 The goddess hugged the goddess.

'But then it's her that's the problem.
'Yes, that's right. The Immortal King hasn't summoned him yet as ordered. Impressive.

 Both the Mother of Earth and the Mother of Sea have a cautious look on their faces.

''If she bends the knee, it's all over. We have to be careful........''
''Well, let's have a long talk about it, including the saint.

 Who are the goddesses to be wary of?

 It is the third Mother God.
 Of the heavens and the earth and the sea, she controls the heavens.

 The Heavenly Mother God Hera.

 She is also the wife of Zeus, the king of the heavenly gods.