304-302 Heavenly Queen

 Once again.
 Sensei's summoning magic distorted space and split the heavens.

 The air, which was already tense due to the divine energy of the Earth Mother God and Sea Mother God, creaked even more.

 The one who appeared was a beautiful goddess who was no less beautiful than the first two gods.
 Sacred and seductive.
 However, compared to Demeter Sephone of the earth and Amphitrite of the sea, she was slightly more flamboyant.
 It is glittering and gaudy like a mirror that reflects the sunlight.

 The goddess who wore that kind of radiance was Hera, the Heavenly Mother Goddess.

 Among the three divine lineages, she belonged to Tenjin, who ruled over the heavenly realm, and was the wife of Zeus, the head of Tenjin Zeus.

 Heavenly Mother Goddess Hera.
 Earth Mother God Demeter Sephone.
 Amphitrite, Mother Goddess of the Sea.

 Each of the mother gods of the three realms are gathered together in one place.

 The first to speak, God Hera.

"All women except me should die out equally.

 From the first word, it was a full-on fastball.

'Then my beloved Zeus will continue to stare at me and only me.
Yeah, that's her.
"I'm relieved to see that you're still as refreshingly scruffy as ever.

 Goddess Amphitrite and Goddess Demeter Sephone nodded in agreement.

 No, you can't nod this!
 I'm being blunt and disturbing.

''Saint. This Hera, hey, she's a god who's famous for being jealous.''
'And yet Zeus, the husband god, is a super flirtatious person, so it's the worst combination. In the past, hundreds of humanity's women have fallen victim to the unreasonable combo of Zeus holding them in his arms and then being targeted by Hera's jealousy...!

 It sucks.

 But in order to achieve the goal, her cooperation is essential. Otherwise, I wouldn't have called for this kind of trouble.

 We have to somehow persuade her to make a world where any couple of humans, demons, mermaids, and fishes can get married and have children.

    * * * *


 I almost lost my temper several times during the process, but I explained the purpose of this event to Goddess Hera and asked for her cooperation, but she refused with one word.

''What? Why?!''
''The realm of humanity is being cleared of all barriers. ''Humans, demons and mermaids may have different ancestral deities, but they are all living in the same world.''
"Yes, we want couples in love to have babies of any species, regardless of race!
For that to happen, we three gods, who were entrusted with motherhood by the All Mother Goddess Gaia, have to agree to change the setting of the world. Your agreement is also essential.

 The goddesses work together to convince Hera to join them.
 But to no avail.

"I do not agree with your thinking.
"So what?
"The more children we have, the more humanity will be born in this world.
"It's not a good thing.
It's not good at all.

 What's wrong with that?

"As the number of humanity increases, so does the number of good-looking women..." "They and Master Zeus are going to have an affair again.
I don't give a shit!

 Can't this goddess see anything but her husband's God?
 I don't know why.

'Well, if you know that you're a machine that automatically kills your husband's unfaithful partner, you won't hate him...'

 It's going to spring up.
 You have too many problems, God in heaven.

'Well, well, well, Hera? Think about it...!''

 The goddess Amphitrite continued to tell her off.

This could be to your advantage," she said. If we lifted the ban on interspecies romance, we would increase the rate of marriage among humans, right? Doesn't that mean that by extension, there will be fewer women who will be poisoned by your bastard husband?
"Huh? Because after you get married, you can't fall in love with another man anymore. Isn't that obvious?'
'Ha, you're a ridiculous moron. I have something important to tell you.

 Hera assured him confidently.

'My Lady Zeus will make a move on anyone, whether they are unmarried or married.
"Yeah, yeah.
"Your husband is an a**h*le.

 Not only the Goddess Amphitrite and the Goddess Demeter Sephone, but also me and Mr. Dalkish, who were watching by the side.
 The surrounding galleries, everyone sighed with a sigh of dismay in equal measure.

 It was a very disappointing situation.

 The teacher had given up on the teacher early and started an event to interact with the gallery, giving blessings and becoming the godfather of the newborn baby.

''No, I'm really glad that evil god has been imprisoned already.
"You're trapped in a labyrinth built by Hephaistos, aren't you? Her work is a safe bet. Tell her she's not allowed out for the next 50,000 years.'
"You don't think so? Don't you feel sorry for poor Mr. Zeus, trapped in here? Help us in our campaign for freedom!

 I'm not going to let you do that.
 I'm not going to be able to do that.

"Don't get me wrong...! But I still love Zeus with all my heart! And I love Zeus with all my heart, even his flirtatious nature! But I don't want to be unfaithful to you, so I want to kill all the women in the world, don't you?

 I'm not going to let you.
 The phrase "love" has never sounded so empty before.

''........Geez! I can't do it anymore! "My head is aching when I'm talking to this guy!
I knew it, but convincing this psycho woman is going to be impossible...! It's the last resort in this situation!
I have no choice but to give it to you, please!

 The two goddesses waved me over.
 It was supposed to be that way, but.... I'm not going to be able to get it right.
 But how am I going to be able to persuade a goddess with a loose screw?

"Um, excuse me.

 Anyway, I spoke to the goddess Hera.

'What is it? "Will you not speak to me as a man of humanity?
You don't just hate women, you hate men too?
"Yes, because my husband's motto is 'Ugly men are not worthy of existence.'

 Evil God!
 No, I'll let it go now because I'm getting off topic.
 I'll just focus on the main issue of convincing the Hera Goddess that the problem is the main issue.

'You must be tired of talking. Would you like to take a break?
Are you taking a break?
'Yes, I have prepared some delicious treats for the Goddess. Why don't you eat it and relax?

 Then I took out the new pastry I had brought in from the farm in advance.

It's a chocolate cake.

 This new confectionery was created with the full cooperation of the cacao tree spirit, King Kaka, whom I recently got to know.
 I managed to fend off the pursuit of Veerle and Prati and brought it to this point.

''What is this? Black? Can you really eat it...?''

 He was wary of the chocolate cake's appearance, but still took the recommended food with no resistance, as if it was fundamentally well behaved.

 With a fork, I cut the cake into small pieces and elegantly bring it to my mouth.


 It was delicious.

"What's that? Delicious! It's delicious! The dough is fluffy in the mouth, and there's something that resembles cream with a mixture of intense sweetness and bitterness!
"Ah, you're nowhere to be found...!
''I didn't want Tenjin to know about the food there, so it was a last resort.

 The other two goddesses, their expressions were reluctant.
 But they too ate the chocolate cake and their expressions relaxed.

''It's a very good feeling because the candy is so delicious! I can grant you any wish now!'
'Then allow the human race to marry another race and have children.

 Too easily!

 Thus, the Three Mother Goddesses agreed, and the setting of the world changed.
 All races could now love each other without discrimination and produce offspring.
 The world was another step closer to reconciliation.

''Ha, good, good.''
''I feel like I've been put through a lot for all of this...!

 Goddess Amphitrite and Goddess Demeter Sephone, sighing with exhaustion.

'Hey, hey, where are these cakes made? I would like to bless the land and make it impossible to step in except for the heavenly gods for Zeus-sama?''
"Okay, okay, I'll see you when you're done.
"What? What's going on? Well, since you're here, why don't we talk more about it? Oh? Ah-rahhhh?''

 Goddess Hera.
 She was forcibly released from the present world by the two female deities and returned to the heavenly realm of God.

''We must not let the Tenjin people know about our farm!
''That's right, let's ask Hermes-chan to do her best to fool me!

 Although the objective was accomplished, the rest of us were left with an unexpressed sense of fatigue and emptiness.