305-303 The astonishment of the spectator

 My name is Saskani.
 I am of the human race.

 I was born and raised in the old human country of decent wealth, but then I heard a strange rumor.

 A god will come down to the land of man.

 When he first heard this, he thought, "What's that? I thought.
 I thought that thanks to the occupation by the demon race, the idea of the end of life had spread, but I heard that was not the case.
 It's not about God putting an end to the unholy world or anything like that, I heard.

 Then what is it?

 I heard that a feudal lord asked for permission to summon the gods, and the story leaked out and spread around.

 Which lord? What's the point of spreading such a myth? At first I was indignant, but as I looked into it with interest, I found an unexpected name.

 Lord Dalkish-sama of the Walkian Frontier Territory.

 You think that person is the one who started it?
 Dalkish-sama was one of the most capable lords of the old human country, despite his young age, and he would never talk about anything crazy.

 If this Darquish-sama said so, does he really mean that a god will descend?

 I had a feeling that it was serious.
 As I looked into it more closely, I found out that the date of the god's coming down was fast approaching.

 In order to find out if it was true or not, I had to go to the site.

 If the god really did descend and I missed it, I would be forever in the dark!

 Fortunately, my son has taken over the family business and I'm living in retirement, so I'm not busy.
 I've decided to take my grandson, who is starting to take an interest in many things, out to see things and even worship.

 What? Son, are you coming too?
 No, we can't. Huh?

"I don't want to be in business for a chance to see God"?

 No, I think you're right, but...
 Wife? You too?
 I mean, are you going to close all the stores in the neighborhood for the day and go see God?

 It's no use.
 I guess we should all go.

 Do you wanna meet God?

    * * *

 And so we arrived at the venue.

 A surprisingly large crowd.
 Are you saying that all of these are all here for the same purpose?

 That's how big the existence of a god is, after all.

 A strange group of people were stationed over there.

''Now God will descend and destroy the evil demon race! And then he was drumming away.

 Is it a remnant of the cult?
 They must think that God is an unconditional ally to those people.

 No matter.
 What's more important than them is the God who appears.

 In the hall, several people gathered together with Lord Dalkish-sama were discussing something.

 We onlookers, however, are blocked by the lord's soldiers and cannot approach from a certain distance.

 I knew the rumors were true after all, I thought the moment I came.
 God can come to this place today.

 ........Why do I think that?

 Now let me present the convincing evidence.
 Among the people gathered in the hall and discussing it intimately with the Lords........

 The No-Life King was there.

 Of course I didn't recognize him at first.
 Even though I was middle-class, I was an extremely common person, and there was no way I could possibly have witnessed a No-Life King, so there was no way I could match them!

 But some of the onlookers said, "Huh? Isn't he the No Life King? If a querulous voice sounded like this, you would have to believe it.

 And even more so when you find out that the person who spoke up was a famous, A-class adventurer, Lord Mata Hassan.

 That's the No Life King?
 The forbidden great mage who threw away his humanity in exchange for eternal life in the midst of the world's two greatest disasters?
 The king of the undead?
 It's said that at least five villages will be destroyed in the area where that thing was seen, the worst of the worst!

 You'll live long enough to see such a super monster with your own eyes!
 Although, after seeing such a super monster with my own eyes, today might be the day I die!

 I thought, but the no-life king in question, noticing our crowd, turned to me.

 The No-Life King makes eye contact?

 Some of the onlookers were even seriously scared and tried to run away, but surprisingly, the No Life King waved his hand towards us.

''Ladies and gentlemen, hello. Tomakmore has returned to the human country after a thousand years!''

 The No-Life King says hello to me in a friendly manner!
 He's surprisingly nice!
 He seems so friendly and approachable!
 And he just called himself Master Tomakmore? Is that the legendary anti-clan righteousness?

 .........well, I'm sorry to preface this, but the bottom line is.
 I feel like the No Life King is the ultimate monster in the room, so even God would come out of it!

 Surely God will descend!

 Everyone was so convinced.
 Some of them had already just seen the No Life King and said, ''It was worth coming...! Some of us were happy to see them, though.

 An ordinary-looking young man from the side of the hall said to me, "Well, doctor," he said.

Then, sir, I'll take care of it.

 The No-Life King has responded to your request!
 How is it possible to make the Immortal King listen to a nondescript young man?
 For a nondescript guy?


 The No-Life King's spell (?) And with that, the space begins to distort.
 And then it appears.........

"Demeter Sepone, hi,
"Good to see you! ....Oh my God, did you change your nail polish?'

 He really is God!
 He's divine! It's glorious!

 Huh? But wait... no?
 The two gods that appeared are the gods of the earth and the sea, not the gods of heaven worshipped by our human race.

 Oh, look, the remnants of the cult that was beating the drums are disappointed!
 However, our hope is not cut off....

''Then I will summon the Heavenly Mother God Hera next.

 The tension that was about to drop as the No-Life King said it suddenly showed signs of recovery.

 The summoning ritual is performed again, and our human race's guardian god appears! God in the sky! She is the wife of that king Zeus, that is, she is also the number two.
 Our most familiar heavenly goddess appears, and our tension as spectators is at last....

''All women except me should die out equally.


    * * * *

 The meeting between Hera, the God of heaven, and the other gods was a terrible thing.
 Heavenly God's lack of compassion for the people on earth. Not an ounce of it.
 The mercifulness of the gods of the sea and the gods of the earth and the gods of the sea in relation to it was compared and the cruelty of the gods stood out even more.

 Until then, "God in heaven is the Lord of the world! The remnants of the cult, who had been making a lot of noise, were also disheartened and despairing, "I'm going to quit the congregation..." and "I'm going to... too...".

 The meeting of the gods was unbearable to listen to, but Noraf King-sama, who seemed to have finished his work by summoning the gods instead, came up to us and we touched each other.

'Is that teacher? Are you okay with the miasma by approaching a civilian?
The only thing that matters is that the miasma is not the same as it was yesterday. The miasma is a temporary phenomenon that eliminates the miasma.
'Oh! Great!
"I've named the spell 'Fa Breeze'

 As much as God was disappointed, the popularity for this kind, no-life king exploded.

 Everyone lined up to shake each other's hands.
 I shook hands with Mr. No-Living too. It was very touching.

 Some of them were young mothers who brought their newborn babies with them....

'I was going to ask God to bless the birth of this baby...'
"It's a girl, isn't it? Then it would be better not to show it to the god Hera, who will curse you and say, "May you grow up to be an ugly skank that Zeus doesn't care about.

 We all nodded in agreement.

    * * * *

 Thus, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to worship a god ended up being very disappointing, but thanks to Lady No Life King, we managed to pick up the pieces.

 I was really disappointed when Hera said 'I want to eat more cake' and the other goddesses pushed her out of the house.
 When we get home, we'll clean out the altar in the house and replace it with one that worships the god of the earth.
 I'll tell my son to put the god of the earth and sea god altar in his shop, I'm sure it will sell.

 By the way.
 We didn't know why the god was called on this day until the end, but apparently it was to ask him to marry and have children among the three races of the world.

 That turned out to be the case when the wife of the demon race that Dalkish-sama had married was pregnant.
 Whatever the case, congratulations.