306-304 Persimmon Pea War

 That's me.
 Lately, I've been doing a lot of activities outside the farm, but this time it's inside the farm.

 A new companion that has sprung up in the dungeon orchard operated in the mountain dungeon of Viel.
 A tree spirit.
 They haunt the fruit trees that we grow, making them something like a 'tree with a will'.
 The trees themselves manage the growth of the fruit and inform us when there is something wrong with them.

 The tree spirits currently known to exist include Kaka-Oh, the spirit of Kaka, and Takenoko-Majin Take-Nokkorn.
 However, the number of fruit trees that have been transformed into tree spirits is steadily increasing, and today we met another tree that had been transformed into one.

''It's a persimmon tree spirit, Kakiemon!

 They are delicious.
 It's very sweet even if you eat it as it is, and you can also make it into dried persimmon or persimmon jam.
 It is very difficult to distinguish between sweet and tannish persimmons, so it is very helpful to have the tree spirit take care of them.

'Here's one for a sign of closeness!

 He said, "I was given two hands full of certain things to juggle.

'....What's this?
"These are persimmon seeds!
''Because...? Since I'm a persimmon tree spirit, it's only natural for me to bring out the persimmon seeds...?
''Yes, that's right.''

 I would have been convinced if this was a real persimmon seed.

 But this.
 A persimmon seed is a persimmon seed, but it's not the kind of persimmon seed it should be.

 You don't know what I mean?

 The point is, there are.
 There's one more thing called persimmon seeds.
 Persimmon seeds are the perfect snack for sake, the rice crackers.
 The name "Kaki no tane" comes from the similarity of the shape of the kneaded glutinous rice that is cut into small pieces, coated with soy sauce and baked.
 It is often served mixed with peanuts.


 Persimmon seeds over there! The vegetable side, the persimmon, just showed it!
 You're not funny!

It's not funny!
It's not weird, is it? What's wrong with me, the spirit of the persimmon tree, putting out persimmon seeds?''


 ...Oh well, whatever.
 This isn't the first time that the mysteriousness of these spirits of trees has been felt. I'm sure the spirits of trees will continue to cause mysterious things to happen in the future, so it would be exhausting for me to react to each and every one of them.
 I'm sure that this is what I'm trying to tell you, to just accept it.

 Fortunately, kaki no tane (the sweets) are tasty, so let's take them home and eat them as normal.
 If you think about it, most of the sweets are sweet things like cake, ice cream and chocolate, so it's really good to have salty snacks here.

 I took a piece of it and put it in my mouth.
 It's delicious.
 I like the salty and spicy taste of the soy sauce in the small pieces.
 I wonder if this spiciness is mixed with chili pepper.
 If so, it's even more delicious.

Eating like this makes me want a cup of tea...!

 I'd rather have a beer.
 I'd rather have a beer.

 Persimmon seeds are the kind of rice snacks that keep my beer going!

 Oh, shit! No!

 It was only supposed to be a mere tasting, but now I'm craving a beer!
 It's only the middle of the day and if I breathe out the smell of alcohol, Junior won't let me touch him for the rest of the day!

'Oh, what is it? What are you eating?

 As I was writhing in agony, someone else appeared again, lured by a hint of gastronomy.

 It was a lettuce rate.

 It's rare that the first thing that comes up isn't a prati or a viel.

'It's a gift, do you want to try it?'
Let's have it. It's delicious!

 Although she is a princess of the destroyed human country, Lettuce Rate has become accustomed to living on our farm.
 When she first arrived, she used to show her princess-like arrogance, but now she has become a hard worker and is totally at ease with me.

It tastes like soy sauce! It's tangy and spicy and chewy!
You have a pretty good idea, don't you?
I've got an idea on how to make this one taste great!

 Then, without asking me for permission, Lettuce Rate stirs something into the persimmon seed.
 It's white, and a myriad of small grains as small as persimmon seeds.


 Does this guy carry peanuts (boiled in salt) around with him on a daily basis?

'Oh! I knew it! I knew it! Persimmon seeds and peanuts each come with a different crunch, alternately! Every bite has a fresh texture! That's me! You're a genius for developing this kind of combination right away! 

 Indeed, I may be a genius.
 The idea of being in another world and arriving at Kakipi without being taught by anyone.
 You could be described as a genius.


What are you doing?

 Anger issued in my mind.
 Foolishness, such as mixing peanuts in persimmon seeds and other exquisite dishes, but sprinkling honey on the finest dishes!

'They taste better because they're pure persimmon seeds, don't they? If you put peanuts in it, you'll spoil the flavor. That's messy, right?
"What? What are you talking about, this is the harmony of more than two flavors! If you eat only persimmon seeds, your tongue will be paralyzed by the spiciness!
'Then I'll just drink the water! I'm sure a cup of tea or a drink would help reset the pungency, though! Why do I even bother eating peanuts!
"If you drink that water, the persimmon seeds will swell up in your stomach! You're going to fill up on food! It's peanuts to keep you from doing that, you should know that much!
'I know that's an offset in light of all the wasted stomach resources I'm going to devote to peanuts. Peanuts are so smothering and make your mouth dry that you end up having to drink water!
You've been drinking too much water!

 It has broken out.

 Yes, this is the kind of battle that goes on and on.

Is it possible to put peanuts in persimmon seeds?

 Some claim that peanuts are unnecessary, while others argue that the combination of peanuts in persimmon seeds is essential.

 The arguments of the two sides will never overlap and will continue to fight forever.

 Me and Lettuce Rate have entered into such a hundred-year war!

"...what a stupid fight you're having.

 After an hour of clashing with each other, the gallery looked at me in dismay.

 It was Prati with Junior in her arms, and Horcosfon.

 Prati would be the first to rush in when there was something tasty to eat, and Holkosfone would be the first to come looking for her because she was often involved with Lettuce Rate.

 And originally, Veerle would have joined this........

''Veerle would have devoured the new snacks and left while you guys were bothered by the stupid fight, right?
It's true, it's not!

 The persimmon seeds I got from Kakiemon had disappeared, as had all the peanuts.
 I'll have to go get them from Kakiemon again or make them out myself!

'Isn't good food good no matter what's in the mix? Why do we have to fight the claim?

 Prati has a good point.
 Normally I'm open to that peaceful opinion, but when it comes to persimmon seeds, I'm not going to back down!

'I'm not backing down either! Being denied peanuts is the same as being denied my entire existence!
When did you become such a Peanuts devotee?

 Prathi said in dismay.

'Let me explain that part to you.

 Holkosfone, who is good friends with Lettuce Rate, raised her hand.

Lettuce Rate is really into bean-based crops, starting with beans, and peanuts are another thing she's good at.

 So do you have salted boiled peanuts on you at all times?

I've often said that I'm now a woman who's devoted her life to growing beans, and I've been thinking about changing my name to Mamelate for the occasion.
So the name lettuce rate comes from lettuce?
I've also benefited greatly from Lettuce Rate's help in growing soybeans, which are ideal for making natto (fermented soybeans).

 I see.
 That's how passionate she is about beans. It's hard for her to forgive her for being denied peanuts.
 I can respect that passion, and I can greatly sympathize with the spirit in which peanuts would normally be celebrated.

But the only thing I can't give up is mixing them with persimmon seeds!
Me too! Definitely eat persimmon seeds with peanuts mixed in!

 The conflict will not stay. Till one of us two is defeated to death!

I know it's a stupid thing to say, but I'm afraid this conflict is going to have to be leveled.
Then let me help you.

 What's up with Holkosfone?
 What's he doing here?

"...the best way to bring the two sides of the conflict to an even keel is to bring in a third force.

 Holkosfone, you yourself are the third force in the Kaki Phi war?

"I'm announcing my participation in the war as a person who mixes natto with persimmon seeds!
"I'm here!

 So don't try to mix natto into anything!

 Holkosfone's violent march forced me and Lettuce Rate to surrender.

 The persimmon pea war was unavoidably truce.

 You know what's terrible about natto?
 It has the potential to be delicious no matter what you mix it with.

 I feel like persimmon pea and natto are a normal thing!