307-305 Birth celebration rush

 It's been three months since my son Junior was born.

 In the meantime, everyone has been congratulating us incessantly.

 The birth of a new life.
 We were in a festive mood every day, as if there was nothing better to celebrate than the birth of a new baby.

 Not to mention all the people who lived in our farm and all the guests from outside the farm.

 One time, for example, the Demon King came to visit us.

''I'm sorry.''

 I got down on my knees as soon as she came.

"What? Why?!

 I'm baffled because I have no idea how the Demon King can bow to me.

I'd like to apologize for being late in giving your son a baby shower and not being able to give it to him after all! How unworthy of me!

 So there you go.

 It's not uncommon for people to give each other gifts to celebrate the birth of a baby.
 We also sent lots of baby gifts from the farm when Majo's family gave birth to Gotia and Marine.

 On the other hand, the fact that our own Prati has given birth to Junior seems like the perfect opportunity to return the gifts.

''I didn't know what kind of gift to give to the Saint's Lord's beloved son...! To be frank, every potential gift candidate is rejected because whatever you give is inferior to what was originally here...!
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...!

 For example, let's say I'm giving baby clothes to our junior.

 However, we have a world-class seamstress on our farm, Batty, who is one of the best in the world.
 She designs and creates top-brand clothing.
 The materials are also first class, made only on our farm. She rarely uses legendary materials such as vajra silk, but even everyday materials such as ordinary silk and cotton are said to have tremendous value if they are presented outside.

 What could be better than homemade baby clothes made of such materials and creators?
 .... they couldn't do it.

 It's the same situation for other items, and they dismissed it as a gift.

 I don't know what to give as a gift.
 I didn't know I was troubling the Demon King like that!

'Ki, don't worry about it. Anything is nice if it's heartfelt! Isn't it between me and the Demon King!
''........No, I can't continue to indulge in the saintly lord's generosity like that. I've prepared this place to at least do my best to express my heartfelt feelings!

 So that's the way you put it... a gift!

 Yes, sir!
 We will do our best to please that baby shower, whatever it is!

We'll sing a song!
It is my pleasure to sing you a song of congratulations from my demon tribe, Lord Junior! That's my gift to you!

 Seriously, I only purified my feelings and bumped into them.

 While Mr. Demon King coughed and adjusted his throat, Okubo and Gobukichi came out with their instruments.

''You guys are going to play?!''

 The orcs and goblins of the band played.
 A song by Demon King Zedan.

It's called "Ohayo Baby Bonjour".

Hi, baby bonjour.

 Wow, what a beautiful voice.
 His low voice resonated in my stomach.
 He sang like a pro.

 The expression on my son's face was cloudy as he listened to it in the front of the room with his mother, Prati, holding him.

I'm not going to be able to get away with it," he said, "but I wish they'd be quiet.
 You can't ask a zero-year old to be considerate of you.

 Maou-sama sang the chorus to the end.
 The stage was so good that it was almost a standing ovation.

I don't know if they liked it or not! Did they like it?

 But I wondered if it was too hard for a zero-year-old to understand that exactly.

'Oh! I see that Herr Junior is pleased! Thank God! The feeling was palpable!

 I looked over at him, and saw an indescribable grimace on Junior's face as he wanted to take a nap right away.
 The zero year old boy had already learned to take care of himself.

 As expected of my son, I felt helpless at the same time.

    * * * *

 As such, many of the gifts given as birth gifts from the outside were intangible, showing the maximum amount of emotion.

 The Prince of Arowana gave me a sumo wrestling match to pray for good health for junior.

 Of course it was nice to see those events.
 What could be more gratifying than to know that everyone was there to celebrate his birth and wish him well?
 No, no!

 And so Junior is a happy man, and I thought his newborn period was going to pass him by, but....
 And then the big baby gift arrived.

    * * * *

"We've got a baby shower for you.
'What? The doctor?

 There was a reason why I was suspicious of the visit of the No Life King teacher.

 The doctor was supposed to have already finished giving Junior's baby gift.

 Quite early on, on the very day he was born, the teacher had cast a protective spell on Junior to help him grow up healthy.

 And yet you came to present him with a stack of gifts.....
 No way, teacher, after a thousand years of undead history, he finally asked, ''Have you given me a baby gift yet?'' "You've already given it to me"?

"No, no, no, I know you've already given me mine. No, no, no, no, I know you've already given me mine.

 What do you mean, then?

"These are the people who want to give Junior a gift, you know. Bye.

 When the teacher waves his wand, space is distorted and a dimensional hole is opened.
 It's a familiar sight by now, but this means also........

''God Descending!''

 Hades, god of the earth, and Poseidos, god of the sea.

 In addition to them, all the household gods were rushing in, the first time since the last time the gods had gathered together!

"Bless the son of a saint, it is I who gives his blessing.
No, it's me!

 The God of Earth and Sea?
 What the hell is going on here?

"Congratulations on the birth of your successor, saint. Today, Mother Goddess of the Earth's husband, Hades, has come to congratulate you in person.
I'm telling you, that's my role! Don't barge in on me like that!

 Why are you being so rude?

 I don't want my child to see that we have a cursory relationship, or even a divine relationship.
 Because it's bad for education!

'What, saint. I thought that since a new life has been born to you, I should congratulate you on the birth of a new life. The Immortal King has ordered you down.
I'm sorry to hear that, but...!

 I didn't expect the celebration to come directly from God.
 It's too big to be true, but now that you're here, we should give you a good reception.

'That's why I told you it's me who gives blessings to the saint's son! The gods of the earth, go home!''

 But beside the God of Hades, the sea god Poseidos is persistently kneeling beside him.
 So why are they so hostile?
 It's a celebration, so why don't we all celebrate in harmony?

"....the gods have laid down rules for this, my saint.

 The teacher, who couldn't bear to look at me, added: 'God has some rules for dealing with people.

''God has a number of rules that must be followed in dealing with people. One of them...!''

 --God does not give man more.


 I've heard it all before.
 Before everything, God gave people so much power and blessings that the balance of the world was about to be thrown out of balance, so let's just give them one, right?

"By that rule, the gods only give your son one celebration. The gods are at odds with each other over that right.

 Okay, I get it.
 The gods' situation with my kid Junior.

 I honestly wish you wouldn't do that.

 If a war of the gods breaks out because of my son, it'll be too risqué!

''Let's be stern here and strictly judge which blessing Junior deserves!

 God Competition.
 The Gift Fair for Junior has begun!