308-306 Gift Fair

 It has begun.

 A contest between the gods, a gift for my son.
 I will be the host and judge of the contest.

 First of all, let's hear the enthusiasm of the participants.

"I'm going to kill them all.
"Bow down before me.

 These were comments from both Hades, the god of the underworld, and Poseidon, the god of the sea.

''Mostly, Hades. Don't you think it's strange?'
"The saint's wife is a mermaid, is she not? In other words, the son of the saint is also the son of his wife's mermaid. Half of the blood that flows through him is that of a mermaid.'
'Isn't this mermaid's guardian the sea god Poseidon? Then it's my job to give her a gift. Outsiders should stay out of the way.

 It's like a skirmish has been going on since before the start.

'Kukukukuk........! 'Shallow is the God of the Sea'
"What did you say?
"Whatever the birthplace, the child was born in the domain of God on earth, Our Lady of the Earth. Whoever lives on the ground is my child! "Therefore, the gods of the earth have the right to give us gifts in spades!

 So much for the preliminaries, it's time to get to the real game...!

 I'm taking a break from working today to keep you company...!

"Very well! Then I will present to you from this gift prepared by the dark god Hades!
"Elixir of Life

 Wait a minute.
 You're overreacting.
 The gift is too extravagant, I don't like it.

'No! Don't give your newborn son what the High King, who has everything in such a world, would pursue in the end!

 Too much of a blessing was not a good thing.
 No, it was an issue before that!

''Moderation, please! Moderation in gifts!
"Kakkka! I guess I didn't think it through, Hades!

 Poseidos, the sea god, turns a victorious smile on his shot down opponent.

"You don't have a clue what it's like to be a human child! Sometimes what God takes for granted can be too much for a man to hold! Behold my best choice for that feeling!

 Then please announce it.
 The gift from Poseidos, the sea god, is...!

The Dominion of the Seven Seas.

 We're screwed!
"What? What went wrong? Don't look at me like that, Kaijin!

 What are you giving a zero-year-old boy?

 And the sea is not to be controlled! The sea is free! A free man unbounded by anything is the king of the sea!

"Yes...! No....!
"As expected, the judgement of a saint is very strict. Ordinary people would have gladly jumped at either of these gifts...!

 The ones who are willing to jump on the bandwagon are probably the ones you would rather not give.
 Hades' choice, or Poseidon's choice.
 Please don't give them away casually for the sake of the world's peace, okay?

 Now, the two main gods are thus disqualified.
 But there is no end to the challengers.
 There are many other gods who have been sent down today.

"Oh, I knew it was a bad idea, the masters.
"Men are hard-headed. Choosing gifts is a woman's domain!

 The next two gods to appear were Demeter Sephone, Mother Earth Goddess, and Amphitrite, Mother Sea Goddess.
 They are goddesses that I just met the other day.

 That's right, the teacher has summoned a lot of gods this time.
 I wondered if there were ten to twenty gods.
 And all of them want to give our Junior a gift?

 And they're all vying for the one and only right to do so!

"I will win this battle for sure!
"Bless the son of a saint with my own hand!
And I'll have plenty of treats to show for it!

 I've just had a glimpse of a plan.
 Ah, so that's why they're all here.

"Come on, you hurried little dwarves. This is our curtain now. The mother gods of this world.

 Demeter Sepone and Amphitrite.
 What kind of gifts do the goddesses carry out?

 As they said, I still have the impression that women have better taste in gifts than men, so we can expect to score higher than the husband gods.

'Well, I've given it some thought. I'll see what I can do to make them happy.
'I think it's important to put yourself in the other person's shoes for this kind of thing.

 That said, our junior is three months old.
 At best, I think he still has nothing to hope for but boobs?

"Anyway, the baby's a boy, right?
'Then you know what you want. And you will want it.

 And they announced.
 A must-have...!

"'You are destined to be irresistible to all the women in the world!
"Stop it!

 You're turning my Junior into a harem character?

"Huh? Is this one bad?'
''Come to think of it, you're the son of a saint. You don't need to be given that kind of fate to be irresistible on your own, right?''

 Don't talk to me like that!
 Don't make it sound like I'm irresistible to you as a parent. I'm not!
 No? It's not there!

'I guess your mother didn't make it either!
Now it's time for us to get to work!

 Following the Lord God and the Lord God's wife, the Military Gods in the position of being his children are now up.
 This time, those Military God's attack on them all at once aaaaah!

''What I give to the saint's son is the ability to obtain a thousand prey in a single hunt!
'I can't take it home and I can't eat it! Rejected!
'I'll make sure you come back to life even if you die up to seven times!
"That's the backwards compatibility of the immortal! Rejected!
"Let us drink the water of the fountain from which all knowledge has been dissolved!
'There's going to be some kind of price to pay, so I reject it!
"You will not be killed by man or beast!
'It rather smells like a death flag! Rejected!
"You can be a man and experience a woman's life!
"Don't let my son have his own weird s*xuality! Rejected!
"You're a pain in the ass! Frankly, the most powerful military force in the world!
Frankly dismissed!

    * * *

 All the gods' suggestions were no thanks in the end.
 Because everything they're offering is way over the top.

 I don't want my child to become a hero. I don't want him to be a hero, I want him to grow up calm and safe for the rest of his life.
 I also want him to grow up strong, even if he's just a pupil.

 And all the gifts the gods give me are so out of proportion to my own size and exaggerated.
 You'd make my son the High King, the Emperor, or the destroyer of worlds!

Well, just calm down, Master.

 My wife Prathi is coming out of her house.
 No, you'll be angry at us for our children!

"I'm so happy that everyone is celebrating my child.
Celebrations can't be shown by gifts alone. The gods go to great lengths to celebrate our bladder like this. I couldn't be happier.

 Is this...?

Yeah, right!
'Yes, the most important thing is to celebrate! We forgot something important!'
'It doesn't matter who's the best! Because everyone is the ONLY one!''

 The gods said something convenient and went in for a run.

 But it's scary.
 It was Prathi who made that escape route for them.

 Mother is strong, but isn't Prati, who has given birth to a child, much stronger than she was before?

'I'll hold off on the gift! First of all, let's all celebrate the birth of this child!
"Viva baby!

 The gods surrounded my child and began to chant Hail Mary.
 What is this needlessly divine scenery?

 Coincidentally, it was also the timing of nap time, and although Junior was not happy about being disturbed from his sleep by the noise, he could see that the air was somehow praising him, and zero year old boy responded with a wry smile.

 Thus, everything came full circle........or did it?

    * * *

 I digress.
 We received congratulations from all quarters like this, but there was one guy who hadn't made it yet.
 This dragon dotes on Junior so much that I thought it would be strange not to give him anything, so I asked him about it in an unprompted manner.

'There's no need to raise it, is there?'

 'Because I'm going to protect Junior all the time,' replied Veerle.

'Because I'm going to protect Junior all the time. That's the best present I can give you.

 I have a feeling that this guy is the most dangerous.