309-307 Dragon coming ha

 A dragon has come to our farm.

 No, a dragon attack is no longer a big deal.
 I don't know how many times this has been repeated, including by Veerle.

I'm not sure if it's just because I'm used to dragons that I've gotten used to them that I've lost my senses.

 But the new dragons that appeared still blew my mind and the entire farm's population away.
 That's how different it was from the others.

 First of all, it was different in size.

 I'm used to seeing the dragons I've encountered so far, such as Veerle and Ardhaeg's dragon form, many times, but they were different.
 They were about one size larger than that.
 Especially if it's a dragon, the size of the wings that normally grow are different.
 Its body size itself is also one size larger, but as for its wings, they are nearly three times larger.
 So when it spread out its wings and flew, it seemed to cover the sky and looked much larger than other dragons.

 Furthermore, the color of its scales shone pure white, which should be a peculiarity of the dragon.
 The color of the scales of the dragons I've seen so far were silver if it was Veerle, or gold if it was Mr. Ardheg, or something like that.
 This dragon was as white as the shining virgin snow of the steeply falling universal snow.

 And most of all, the supremacy that the dragon exuded, if you can call it that.
 Even a layman like me can understand this.
 This is the kind of energy that a champion should radiate.


 The dominance was so fierce that even the farm dwellers who should be used to such a thing were lost in thought.
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''This..., this can't be........''

 I stood there, stunned, looking up at the strong dragon in the sky.
 As soon as I took one look at that dragon, I was sure of it.

''There's no doubt about it...! That's the Geyser Dragon!

 The most powerful dragon known as the Dragon Emperor!

 It's been talked about a few times before and I only know the name, but that's why it came to me.
 He is the creator of all the Viel and all the other dragons, and the one who rules over all the dragons.

 He's even stronger than the dragons originally considered the strongest, which means that he's on a level that can't be helped.

 So why did he ride into the farm alive?
 Did we do something wrong?

 In fact, we've done things without even knowing it.

 Get ready to get down on our knees!

 While I was thinking about this, the Geyser Dragon (?) It circled in the air and didn't seem to make a move.

 But finally, it landed on the outskirts of the farm, a long way from where we were.
 Why did it bother to land so far away from us?

 I dashed to the landing spot too.
 When I finally caught up with it, the divine strong dragon's form was enveloped in light and shrunk into a zunken shape.

 Then it took on human form.....

I'm sorry to bother you at work.

 The humanization of dragons was something he was used to.
 That Emperor Dragon (?) was transformed into a man, a figure that was truly worthy of the dignity of a champion.

 He was an old man with a rich beard.

 He may be an old man, but that doesn't mean he looked old and decrepit at all, his spine standing tall and his whole body full of energy, exuding the same strength as a young man.
 His beard, which stretches from his chin to his navel, is white, as if he wanted to give the impression that he was an old man. However, the hair was silvery, as if it was too fine.
 His hair and beard were rich in quantity.

 He dared to feign old age, as if to preserve his dignity and friendliness.
 Someone with substandard youth and strength.

 It seemed that way to me.

I want you to let down your guard. "I did not come here with a conflict.
Oh, hi.

 The Emperor Dragon (?) Surprisingly friendly.

 However, they are the strongest of the strongest. The only way to do that is to disarm them because there's no way to counteract them, even if they came with a fighting attitude.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. I knew I should have asked for help first, but since there was no way to get a message to us, I had no choice but to pay a visit to the place like I was barging in.

 Did I make you apologize for my rudeness in any way?
 Are you the most polite man in the world, this mighty dragon?

No, no, don't worry about it...
I had a chance to look at it from the sky, and it is a beautiful field. Not only is it vast, but I could see the freshness of the crops at a glance, even from a distance. They must have taken great care in growing these crops.
No, no!

 And it's a compliment!
 I get so excited when people praise our fields!

"I didn't want to trample your precious field, so I've just landed here. Is it all right?
'No problem! It's just a vacant lot!

 I wondered what it was like to come all the way down to the outskirts of the farm and worry about something like that!
 That's great, Geyser Dragon (?). (laughs)
 You are more of a gentleman than I imagined.

 I wish I could make Vire learn from him.

"I am Alexander of Graugrintzdragon.

 What's a completely different name than you imagined?
 I was even sure of it.

'I got a hint of a dragon from here. Would you be willing to intercede if you could?

    * * *

 There's no particular reason to say no, so I decided to deal with it.
 Speaking of dragons in our home, I'm pretty sure it's Veerle.

''Oh! Brother Alexander, isn't that you! It's been a while!

 As soon as they meet, Veerle greets the visiting dragon in a friendly manner.
 So they are acquaintances after all.

 And then Veerle says to Alexander-san and the others........

''Why the cursing out of nowhere!''

 The cursing came right after the greeting. And it's one of the best.

I had an important mission to watch Junior take a nap. Anyone who stands in the way of that will die.
"Are you getting a little too junior-fundamentalist for your own good?

 Ever since our son was born, Veerle has been like this.
 Veerle is the one who caters to Junior more than Prathi and me, his biological parents.
 It's nice to know that you like my son, but has that been too much lately? A few times I was worried about it.

'Well, Prathi's going to look after Junior...! More importantly, could you introduce me to this dragon?
"I have no choice, now that my master has ordered me to do so. This is my brother, Alexander.
"Calling my brother a son-of-a-b*tc*?

 And I only thought this dragon was a Geyser Dragon, but I'm a fiercely mistaken man!
I'm sure of it.
 How embarrassing to have done that!

'My brother is a Glaugrintz dragon. He's the first candidate for the next Geyser Dragon.

 I'm sure you're not the only one.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to find out what's going on. You can say that the strongest dragon on earth now is Brother Alexander.
Don't lift it up too much. I'm just another dragon, living in peace. And my father has taken away my rightful place as his successor.

 Huh? Why?

My father and I didn't see eye to eye...
"You're an eccentric dragon who's always favoring Ningen. Father always insulted your brother all the time.

 Veerle adds an explanation.
 That father guy is the dragon emperor, Geyser Dragon, right?

He said, "But I do not regret it. My father looks down on them as a stupid and weak race. I think they are the strongest of them all, and they are capable of great things.

 My goodness.

"It's true that Ningens are weak. The abilities of each of us individually are limited. However, a Ningen is able to overcome any challenge by working together with many others. Even if they are not able to do so, they can build up their experience and belief in the problems they have faced, and pass it on to the next generation. And one day we will break through. That is the ability of a Ningen that a dragon does not have!
You always talk fast when you're talking about nigens.

 Veerle summed it up in one word.

''So your brother is now nestled in a dungeon within the ningens' sphere of influence to welcome the ningens?
Well, I wanted to support my fellow Ningen. My dungeon is now open to all adventurers to come in and gather as they please.

 He's an extremely kind dragon to mankind.

''Father was making fun of your brother's love for Ningxian, but since he's already better than you, he can't say anything bad about it. That's why he revoked his brother's qualification as his successor out of spite.
"Emperor Dragon, that's just too small.
'So the battle for succession by the other dragons began... Come to think of it, what's wrong with you, brother? Now you're out. Are you trying to re-tangle yourself in the race for succession?

 Veerle asked his eldest brother, who hadn't been outside in a while.

No, I am not interested in the position of emperor now. But I see that something has happened that even I cannot overlook.

 Mr. Alexander said with dignity.

'They knocked your father down, didn't they? Veerle, do you know anything about that?