311-309 New Emperor is born

'Don't wait a minute, brother!

 Perhaps because it was too outlandish a suggestion, Ardheg's tone is funny with agitation.

''Oh! I'm too big for a Geyser Dragon! I still think that in terms of rank and power, you're the one who deserves it.
My brother. I hate trouble.

 Crown Prince Dragon's image of Ming-kun instantly squeezed out.

I want to concentrate on my own dungeon management and only care about the health of the ningen who enter my dungeon. I don't have the time to become a Geyser Dragon and manage the fights of other dragons.
'I beg your pardon! I don't have the strength to subdue all of them! It was only because of the help of my friends that I was able to defeat my father, and there are many dragons stronger than me, including my brother!

 Dragons are more humble and auspicious than I thought.
 Is it just that these two are unique?

"....! Yes! At this time, why don't you leave the Geyser Dragon to Sister Veerle!

 At this point, a stray bullet was fired at Veerle.

It's not only that, but it's also a great deal more powerful than I am. Wouldn't it be better to leave it to Sister Veerle at this point to get it all sorted out?

 Was Veerle really that powerful?
 From the first time I met you, you were hesitant to attack your teacher, and I didn't have a very strong image of you.
 Of course, he's one of the strongest when he's a dragon, but I didn't think he was that strong among dragons.

 Is that how strong you are?

 Now, suddenly the story is turned off and Veerle is.....

''Sis, yeah!''

 She firmly refused.

Are you sure about that, Veerle? Didn't you want to be a geyser dragon?

 That's why you were trying to take the holy sword away from your teacher.
 Now it seems like a long time ago and it makes me nostalgic, though.

'Sweet master! "Don't be naive, master, every living being changes with time. So do dragons. And I, too, have changed with the passage of time, and my hopes have changed!

 What does Veerle want now?

Protecting Junior!
Hey, hey, hey!
'A lifetime! I will protect Junior for the rest of his life! I will destroy anyone who tries to harm Junior, even if they are God! It is my pleasure to protect such a lovely Junior!

 My son has won the position of Emperor Dragon.

 I'll ask Veerle to let the child go when the time is right, but the current situation will remain as it is.

'So Ardheg, you will be the Geyser Dragon after all.

 Mr. Ardhegg is left on his own after being told off by his sister.

"You defeated your father. There is no clearer requirement than this. Give up and become an emperor!

 A champion is not something you want to be, but something that is pushed aside.
 I felt like I was witnessing a good example of this.

'No, no, wait...! I guess I'm too good for that kind of work, huh?
I know you can do it.
I can't. You must be as good as your brother Alexander, or at least Veerle's sister...?
I know you can do it.
You can do it.
Sister Veerle? No, but...?
You can do it.
You can do it.
But you're gonna...?
You can do it.
I told you you could do it, and you are persistent.

 I saw a terrible folding.

 Thus it was decided that Mr. Ardhaeg would serve as the new Geyser Dragon.

I'll be a part of the accession process. If they find out I'm behind them, they won't be so quick to do anything wrong.
So why don't you just do it yourself...?
It's not a question of who does it. It doesn't matter who does it. It matters what you do.

 Now that the conversation is over, the matter is settled for now.

 All that's left is for Ardheg, the new Geyser Dragon, to take charge of the dragons and bring peace to the world, and I'm glad he's done.
 We'll go over the specifics later........

''Well, how about we have dinner at our house to celebrate Mr. Ardhegg's appointment?

 It's not like I'm going to be standing outside talking forever.

 I was only meant to be a mere bystander too, so it was time to make my presence known.

No, it's a ningen. We've already caused you trouble by barging in on you and you can't interrupt us any more...?

 Alexander-san is showing a restraint that isn't typical of dragons, which makes me feel even better.

'Don't say so, please accept my entreaties.
So I'll take you up on your offer...? Speaking of which, Veerle, are you living under a ningen? Do you live under a ningen? You're being quite drastic again, aren't you?

 As we walked together to the main house, I asked Mr. Alexander Veerle.

''Even I, who pride myself on being one of the most prolific dragon fans, haven't gotten along that well.
"Fufufufu...! That's because Master is awesome. Your brother will soon realize this too!

 Veerle, don't waste your time raising the bar.
 It seemed that we had to make a feast out of our arms here for one thing.
 It was also a celebration of Mr. Ardhaeg's inauguration.

    * * * *

 It was a little late for lunch, but we decided to serve the braised pork cubes that we had prepared last night.
 To be precise, though, it's braised horned wild boar meat.
 I also cooked an egg of Yoshamo, which I boiled together with the pork, and the broth soaked into the pork.

 I got some pickles from the brewery and added miso soup to the rice ball.

 Alexander-san, the strongest dragon, popped the dish, which should be unfamiliar to him, into his mouth without fear.


 For example, he reacted the way a reasonably high-ranking character would in a gourmet manga.

'No, I get offerings from the nigens from time to time, but I've never heard of this kind of deliciousness! This is one of the five strangest pieces of monster meat, square boa meat! I've heated it up to make it easier to eat...!

 I started analyzing it in a really gourmet cartoonish way.

''You didn't pass the fire directly through it...? This was heated up with hot water! And it's not just water, it's probably water that's been mixed in some way. It's been mixed and flavored. It's soaked into the meat.

 The strongest dragon that can tell you your answer.
 It's amazing.
Because he doesn't know the concept of "simmer" or "seasoning", he doesn't use such vocabulary and his tone of voice is rather indirect, but that's why he's amazing.

 But that's why it's so great, because he knows exactly how to cook something he doesn't know.

'Yes, yes, yes! My master is great! You must have admired brother Alexander!

 For some reason, Veerle was boasting about it as if it were his own.

 And Veerle," he said, "you're a daily eater in our home. And then Veerle, you eat at home. You eat twice as much as Mr. Alexander and Mr. Ardhaeg.

"What produces this kind of food. That's unusual. Speaking of which!

 I noticed something.

When I heard about the dragon that intervened in the war between humans and demons, wasn't that you, Veerle?
Oh, brother, did you know that?
"You still don't know much about the affairs of the dragon world, but you never cease to gather information about the Ningen world, brother.

 I miss it.
 It happened.

 The incident where Veerle hit the battlefield in the form of a dragon and said, 'I am the servant of a saint, and anyone who messes with my master will be burned to death.

You're telling me you're a ningen, a saint?
You're very clever, aren't you, dragon?
I didn't expect to meet you here. 'I never thought I'd meet you here...' 'There are rumours about you in the land of the humans now, Mr. Potter. That there is a farm inhabited by an all-powerful man named Saint!
Oh, no, you don't mean that.
How could it be here?

 You're really perceptive, aren't you, Alexander?

 And since you react so well, it makes me happy to feel like I'm being cheered up too.
 It's probably partly because they are the strongest dragons in the world, but....

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a look at it.