312-310 Visit the strongest dragon's house

 Alexander the Glaugrintz Dragon.

 He is the true and strongest dragon.

 It seems that the Glaugrinz Dragon is also known as the Crown Prince Dragon, which means that he is the most likely candidate for the next Dragon King.
 In terms of simple magical prowess, sometimes the young crown prince dragon even surpasses the old emperor dragon, and the relationship between the current Alexander-san and his father's dragon, Gaiser Dragon, was just like that.

 Such Alexander-san, however, had an unusual taste that no other dragon had.

 He seemed to love humans, or rather, humanity.

 Although it's hard to use the word human because there are various races in this world, such as human race, demon race, mermaid race, etc.

 Alexander-san is compassionate with all of them.

 He allows people to enter the dungeons that he rules and allows them to gather and hunt.

 Such a dungeon that Alexander is the master of is called the Holy White Maiden's Mountain, and it is known as the finest dungeon in the old human kingdom.

 It is said that the human tribes living in the human country revere Alexander like a god, and respect him with fear.

 The one who provided me with this information was Lytesseus from the former human country, who is studying abroad at our farm.

''Oh, you're such a great dragon...''
"I never thought I'd get to see High Dragon Alexander in person...? This land is amazing after all...?

 Litisseus-kun is trembling.
 That's how great the dragon named Alexander-san is.

I'm not happy with all the fawning over your brother Alexander. I'm a native of this land, I should be worshipped just as much as you are.

 My Viel is jealous of her unashamed popularity with the most powerful dragons.
 I want you to realize that her lack of respect is also related to her own daily conduct.

''......... .........Come to think of it, does your brother have his own dungeon too?
"It's in a section of the city that nigens used to call 'human country'. 'The Holy White Maiden's Mountain,' as they call it, is a favorite haunt of the ningen.

 Lycheeus, your explanation.

That's right! Because the only dungeon where the Lord is present and you can come and go freely is the dungeon ruled by Alexander-sama. In other dungeons, the Lord could attack you just by stepping in!

 That's the part where the Lord's degree comes out completely.

 Come to think of it, when I first met Veerle, he yelled at me when he found out that I hunted in his dungeon without permission.

''Alexander-sama says that he manages his dungeon so well that good materials and monsters come out consistently. The Lord Himself welcomes adventurers to enter the dungeon, so there is no risk, and that's the best dungeon that everyone agrees on!

 Being attacked by the Lord Himself is the most dreaded risk of a dungeon with the Lord.
 When you talk about the master of a dungeon, it's the dragon or the no-life king.

I have a dungeon nearby. Would you like to come over and take a look?

 Does Veerle have a rivalry with you?

Well, since you are here, let me have a look. I enjoy visiting other dungeons.
You have such a hobby?
I want to make my dungeon a better place to live by learning from them. I want to make my dungeons even better, so that all the nincompoops will have the courage to conquer them.

 How studious!

'Yes! Then I invite you to visit my dungeon! Enjoy the ingenuity that is encrusted in my realm!

 And so it was decided that we would go to the mountain dungeon of the Veerle with our guest Alexander.

 While staring at the back of his brother and sister, Ardhegg sighed.

'I envy you...! Your brother and sister both have their own dungeons...!
'So, you don't have one of those, Mr. Ardhaeg?
Only the most deserving of dragons can be the master of a dungeon. The only person who can be the master of a dungeon. I don't even have a dungeon of my own, and all of a sudden I'm a Geyser Dragon...?

 It seems that he still hasn't fully recovered from the lingering effects of the great selection he made the day before.

 I'm not sure what to say to that brother dragon.

It's not a good idea. If you become a Geyser Dragon, the Dragon Emperor's Castle will be your dungeon as it is, right?
Yeah, that's right!

 I went from being a hermit to a castle owner.
 I could feel how much my rank had improved.

    * * * *

 And they arrived.

'See that, brother! This is my dungeon!

 Me and my friends from the farm often visit the mountain dungeon in Viel to hunt monsters.
 And while we're at it, Okubo and Gobbler also accompany us as we prepare for the hunt.

Our dungeons are divided into four areas, each with its own unique color scheme: spring, summer, autumn and winter! You'll enjoy a completely different shade for each layer.

 Viel super proudly says.

It's unexpected. I want to incorporate it into my dungeon as well.
'I know, I know! You can copy me, brother, if you want!

 As Veerle was getting good at it, Alexander-san's interest went elsewhere.

''Hey Veerle, what's that?''

 The trees were pointed to as a regular line of trees.

 Since the mountain dungeon is a different space that relies on natural mountain ranges, the interior of the dungeon is usually overgrown with trees.
 However, since it is basically a natural place, the trees are irregular in their arrangement and variety.

 And yet, the tree garden that Alexander-san saw must have caught his attention because the exact same type of trees were arranged in a predetermined way.

'That's a dungeon orchard,'
"The dungeon orchard?

 I answer for Veerle.
 I'm the originator and manager of the orchard, for one thing.

It's a good idea to take advantage of the constant climate in the dungeon to grow fruit trees. The fruit that this tree produces is delicious. Would you like to try it?
Oh, oh....

 Mend the fruit that is ripe and close at hand, and squirm.
 Wipe the surface well and offer it to him.

 It may be a little too wild, but the person you're dealing with is a dragon. If you presented them with a pineapple as is, they would be able to take a bite out of it and there would be no problem.

 By the way, the fruit was an autumn area pear.

 Alexander-san took a bite out of the pear as it was........


 His eyes widened.

"This.........? I didn't think such a fruit existed in this world........? Is this a magical crop?
No, no, it's just a fruit that grows in my hometown.

 I didn't let him know that its home was in another world, as it would complicate the conversation.

''How wonderful...! You don't just use a dungeon as a place for materials to spring up, you grow them yourself...?
Hahaha, are you surprised, brother!

 Veerle says proudly.

Thus, my dungeon is a unique agricultural dungeon thanks to the joint efforts of myself and my master. It's no wonder your dungeon doesn't have an orchard inside!

 You talk about it as if it were your own achievement, but it was me and Okubo and the others who planted and nurtured the fruit trees, right?

''Well, it's hard to manage fruit trees, but lately the tree spirits have possessed me and I've been able to leave the management to them...''

 While I was talking about it, the spirits of various fruit trees noticed my presence and began to gather around.
 I guess they were just trying to put me in a good mood.

 Starting with Kaka-Oh, the spirit of cacao, Kakiemon, the spirit of persimmon, and Ringo, the spirit of apple. Armikan, the spirit of the tangerine. The lemon tree spirit, Mama Lemon. The vine spirit of grapes, Strong the Grape. The banana tree spirit Sonja Banana.

 Before I knew it, the spirits of the trees had become quite diverse.

"Hail to you, saint, hail to you!
'My berries are ripening very well today! We'd love for the saint to harvest it!

 And for some reason they all come up to me.
 They didn't even look at the original owner of the dungeon, Veerle.

''Hey! I'm the master of this dungeon, guys!

 I got bogged down in taking care of Junior, and the dungeon reconquest process was slowing down again.

 The flow of boasting to my brother dragon ended up being an uncool way to end up.

 However, our visitor, Alexander-san, didn't seem to be bothered by Veerle's one-man show of affection.

''Ningen.......no, I'm a saint.
Can you do me a favor and help me refurbish my dungeon?