313-311 Sightseeing sadness

 My name is Shabe!

 I'm an adventurer in human country! Way to go!
 I'm still in the bottom three, but one day I'm going to achieve great things and become a top-ranked adventurer!

 And for that, I'm going to find it!
 The Saint's farm!

 If you can find the hottest topic in the Adventurer's Guild right now, a mysterious utopia that no one has yet found, you've made your mark! Extra large!
 It would be even more than just saying you slayed a dragon or something!

 Wealth, honor, and dreams lie there!
 Let's go to the saint's farm!

    * * * *

 That's why I'm here today....

 I've come to the Holy White Maiden's Mountain, which is said to be the highest level dungeon in humanity.
What does that have to do with the Saint's Farm? Some might ask.


 ........not really.

 It can't be helped! It's not easy to find a saint's farm, you know!
 I've been looking for it for almost a year now, and I haven't found a single clue.

 So today, I decided to change my mind and stop by one of the best dungeons I happened to pass by on my journey.

The Holy White Maiden's Mountain is a mountain-type dungeon, and as its name suggests, it's a mountain-type dungeon.
 And most mountain dungeons have a dragon as the dungeon master.

 This mountain also has a dungeon master named Alexander the Glaugrintz Dragon.

 He's a very unusual dragon and loves mankind.
 That's why he opened his dungeon to the humans and allowed them to come and go as they please.

 Normally, dungeons with masters would require advanced adventurers to be prepared to die to enter, but the system is so popular that it guarantees your safety.
 Moreover, since the Lord manages the dungeons, the rate of appearance of rare materials and monsters is high. It's a dungeon where the rewards are well worth the risk.

 The owner of the dungeon welcomes you and guarantees your safety, so it's a low-risk, high-reward proposition.
 The guild of adventurers assigns dungeon grades of one to five stars, but this is a dungeon with six stars, which is more than enough to make it a top-notch dungeon.

 That's the Holy White Maiden's Mountain!

 This is the best dungeon that every adventurer wants to visit, and I'm finally stepping into it!
 I feel like I'm taking my first steps as a first-rate adventurer! Let's go!

The Holy White Maiden's Mountain has an Adventurer's Guild Branch at the foot of the mountain, where you need to ask permission to enter the dungeon.
 In addition, there are lodgings for adventurers entering the dungeon, as well as various shops to help them prepare for the dungeon.
 There are also taverns for rest and relaxation, and even a gambling den and a theater.

 It was so large that it could be called a city.

 It's the largest dungeon in the land of mankind, as expected of a dungeon in the land of mankind... and I entered the guild while feeling overwhelmed.

 Access to the dungeon is strictly limited by the Adventurer's Guild, and basically only adventurers who have been approved by the guild are allowed to enter the dungeon.

 I showed the adventurer's license I got in my hometown to prove I'm a member of the guild, and then I had to fill out an application form to enter the dungeon.
 Next, I have to fill out a dungeon entry form and write a pledge that I won't accuse the guild of anything that happens in the dungeon, even if it's my own fault.

 In addition, I have a certificate from the military police that states that I have not been involved in any crimes in the past few years, and I sign it, stating that I have looked over the profit chart of the dungeon acquisitions, which has different rates for different guild branches.

 In addition, I also responded to a simple questionnaire to determine if I would receive support from the guild for lodging and equipment during the dungeon challenge.......



 Why is the guild's dungeon entry procedure such a hassle?
 No, it's because you can't enter the dungeon unless you do it, but hey!

 Can't it be simpler?
 After the fall of the human nation, the demon nation took over, this is a good opportunity to reform!


 After finishing the procedure, I was finally able to enter the dungeon.
 To the highest dungeon in the land of mankind, the Holy White Maiden's Mountain.

 I'm really looking forward to it.
 Because they say it's arguably the best dungeon in human country, right?

 It's probably not as good as the one-star cave dungeons in my hometown.

 The scale and quality of the game is just as impressive.
 The monsters are strong and the level of the game is sure to rise dramatically as you fight to the death.
 There are lots of rare materials available and the rewards are probably gargantuan.

 Your dreams are about to unfold, this is a great dungeon!

 I wondered if I'd end up at the saint's farm, which I'm sure I'll be able to do in the future, and I tried to imagine what it would be like.
 When you arrive at the entrance of the dungeon with your dream in mind...!
 .... hmm?

 What's that fence at the entrance to the dungeon?
 And in front of the fence, there was a standing sign that read.

-- 'Dungeon 'Holy White Maiden's Mountain' is currently undergoing renovation and is closed to entry.

 What the hell?

 This is a very touristy place!

 I've come all the way from all the way over here and now that I've finally arrived at the site, they're saying 'You can't go in'?
You can't get in?

 Why didn't you make a big deal of it?
 Well, I guess I'll come back here. I could have figured that out before I even thought of it!

 Was it?

 Have you notified the various Adventure Guild branches in the old human country?
 I guess I just didn't notice it.
 That happens a lot too.

 But if you still can't get in, you didn't have to go through all that seven hassle, right?
 When I was booted out of the office, I didn't feel like giving up....

If you save the procedure, you can skip it the next time you come.

 The receptionist said softly, "I'm not going to be able to do that.
 I still didn't feel good about it, so I tried to pick up the receptionist, but she flatly refused.


 Mostly, the dungeon is being renovated....................what are they going to renovate and how?

 Aren't dungeons supposed to be natural?
 Can you refurbish something that came naturally?

 ...I guess I can do it.

 Because dragons are the main attraction.

 At the very least, I wonder what they're doing to refurbish it? I was going to take a peek inside to make sure I was in the right place, but I gave up because if I got caught, I'd get banned from the dungeon and at worst I'd be stripped of my adventurer's license, so I left quietly.

 Still, it would have been inappropriate to go back home with nothing at all, so I went to the gambling den in the inn town and gambled a lot and left.

    * * * *

 A few weeks after that happened, I was still looking for the saint's farm.

 As I was still searching for the farm of the saints, I heard a rumor about the "Holy White Maiden's Mountain" dungeon.
 It was about the 'Holy White Maiden's Mountain' dungeon.

Did you hear that? I heard that Master Alexander's dungeon has been relaunched with a new look?

 I heard from my fellow adventurers that Alexander's dungeon has been redesigned.
 Oh, does that mean the dungeon has been renovated?

I hear it's great! It seems that an orchard has been created in the dungeon!

 An orchard?
 I mean, you know, the fruit-producing one?

Yeah, that's amazing, but those berries are just so rare and precious that you can't find them anywhere else! They taste amazing! I heard that veteran adventurers are going to raid that fruit as their main target!

 A fellow adventurer says excitedly.

 .........I see.
 Was such a new specialty created by the renovation?

 Not content with the status quo, they are aiming for better development with improvements and reforms.

 I've got to learn a lesson from you, too!
 I'm going to make some improvements and reforms, and one day I'll be able to reach the farm of the saints.

 I don't have time to earn money from these one-star dungeons!

 d*mn it, I need to get rid of the frustration of not being able to get into the highest dungeon and slip into a gambling den for all the money I have!

 Moreover, I found out later that the best dungeon had finished its renovation and reopened the day after I left.

 What's the matter with you?

 Holy shit! I'm trying to turn this predicament around!
 We're going to find you an absolute saint's farm!