314-312 Dragon coronation

 That's how I've been renovating Alexander's dungeon.
 That's me.

 The other side is indeed the dungeon of the strongest dragon, and it's big and magnificent.
 We were overwhelmed when we visited.
 It felt more like an invitation to a palace than a dungeon, and those of us working on the renovation were nervous throughout.

 Thanks to this, we were able to plant an orchard in Alexander's dungeon, just like the one in the Veerle dungeon, and the dungeon orchard was completed.

 It will be a new landmark in the famous Mr. Alexander's dungeon, which is a famous tourist attraction, so it was worth the effort.

 Just like that, Alexander-san and I became friends and we got to know each other well for a few days.
 A few days after that, other preparations were underway.

 Mr. Ardhegg would officially become a Geyser Dragon.

 Preparations for the coronation ceremony to formally signify that were steadily underway.

    * * * *

 And done.
 Today, finally, Mr. Ardhegg will be officially installed as the new Geyser Dragon.

 It is a coronation ceremony.

'Uhiiin...! Does it have to be me...?

 Mr. Ardheg still couldn't accept the reality of the situation.

 A Geyser Dragon is an Emperor Dragon.
 The king of all dragons.

 In the dragon society, a fierce battle for the position of this Geyser Dragon had broken out over the succession of this Geyser Dragon.

 In the midst of all this, the original Geyser Dragon was defeated by a dragon and his friends.
 That was Mr. Ardheg.
 That's why everyone is pushing him to be worthy of being the new Geyser Dragon.

 It is a wonder that what we were all supposed to be taking away from each other is now being pushed on each other.

''It's too much of a burden for me...! But is it really Big Brother Alexander or Sister Veerle who's better?
We've been through this already, but don't push your luck, my dear.

 The new emperor dragon is being lectured by his sister.

 On the farm, Ardheg, today's leading man, has the familiar Veerle and Alexander, the true strongest dragon.
 They were all in human form with a TPO.

 The coronation of the new Geyser Dragon will be held here at the farm.


 I ask timidly.

"I mean, why would they hold the coronation of the Geyser Dragon at our farm?

 No, I'm not saying it's annoying or anything, but I feel like there's a more appropriate setting for a ceremony to elect a prosperous dragon king, don't you think?

 We helped with the preparations, but it ended up looking like a home party after all.

You see...? That's why we wanted to make it easy for people to come and celebrate Ardhek.

 Mr. Alexander, the most powerful dragon, replies.
 'As if to exude the nourishment of an older man.

'Celebrate ... people ...?'

 The question was soon answered.

'Lord Ardhaeg! Congratulations on your inauguration as Emperor Dragon!

 Prince Arowana has swum from the mermaid country.

 The friends who were once with him on his training journey are here again!

'I heard that! How dare you rise to power with an imperial dragon! I'm proud to share this journey with you, fellow countrymen!
"Dear Arowana...! You've taken the trouble to congratulate me...?

 Their hands are clasped tightly together, buzzing up and down.

 Prince Arowana isn't the only one.
 Puffa, Hakkai, Sunggokphong and the rest of their traveling companions have gathered to celebrate their companions' rise to prominence.
 The fact that most of the members originally lived on the farm was missed at this time.

''Everyone...! Thank you all. I feel like being a Geyser Dragon is too much of a burden and I honestly don't want to be one. It's truly nice to have everyone congratulate me...!

 I blurted out my shameful feelings in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

''But...! With this much support, I can't just walk away! Let's serve as the Geyser Dragon at all costs!
That's the spirit, Master Ardhegg!
"Master Arowana, I am working diligently to become the Mermaid King! "My friend, I will be the King of Dragons and stand on the same level as Lord Arowana!

 Do you think the Mermaid King and the Dragon King are on the same line?

 Oh well.
 Just make sure he's okay.

Well.....! Looks like your plan to get a lift from your people has worked.

 Watching from the side, Alexander-san nodded with satisfaction.

 What if this........this is a ploy that Alexander-san has concocted in order to make the person in question decide on a stomach?
 Does this mighty dragon have a plan?

 Well, now Mr. Ardhaeg has made up his mind at the last minute, and there is nothing to prevent him from finally becoming the new Geyser Dragon.

''Then let the coronation ceremony finally begin. To show that Ardheg is the next Dragon King.

 The dragon crown prince, who is several dozen levels stronger than that Mr. Ardheg, said.

 A new king will be officially chosen, but there are others stronger than that.
 What kind of transformation will this twisted situation bring to the dragon world?
 No, it's true to say that this was the situation from the beginning. And it seems that the Geyser Dragon itself, before Ardheg-san defeated it, was already no match for Alexander-san.

''But........it just occurred to me....

 My Viel says.
 She, too, had long ago lost her interest in the Gaither Dragon.

'How can I officially become a Gaither Dragon?'

 Not to mention me, even Mr. Ardhaeg and Mr. Alexander nodded their heads.

''Isn't it simply a case of the one who says his name.......?
'Then we wouldn't have to engage in all that grandiose succession planning, would we? You need something special to be the new Geyser Dragon, don't you?

 You're a Viel and you're giving me a straightforward opinion.
 Yes, you may be right.

 There's something about being a new Geyser Dragon that makes it necessary to be a new Geyser Dragon.
 No one here knows what that is.

 Isn't it bad that it's already coronation day?
 Why did you leave this question until now?

'No, I don't care about legitimacy anymore, so why don't you just call yourself...?
'What? Something creepy like that!

 He was surprisingly methodical in his ville.
 So what do we do now?
 Postpone the coronation until a proper method is found?
 You think that's even in your head.

"Kukku-kukku, you're in trouble, aren't you?
"Who's there?

 An unknown person appeared at the coronation.

 It was a child.

 A child of about ten years old. He was the first child I'd ever seen.

A child? Why are you here...?

 Our farm is located in a remote and unexplored area that cannot be reached in a hurry.
 It is not a half-hearted quest to get there.

 This is not a place a young child would wander into, if I'm mistaken!

Who the hell are you...?

 The harmonious mood of the coronation was suddenly filled with tension.

 The fact that he came to our farm on his own is proof that he is no ordinary person.
 The fact that he was not an ordinary man was made even more eerie by the fact that he had the appearance of a child.

"Don't you see that? That's not unreasonable, since your poor senses, with their Ningen-like temperament, can't see right through to my essence, the great one.
Are you...?

 Mr. Alexander and Veerle are all alarmed at the same time.

 The child's identity is revealed...?

Well, you're about to find out who I am, my children.

 The child said.

''I am the true King of Dragons, the Emperor Dragon, Al-Gor of the Geyser Dragon...!