315-313 Visit to Emperor Ryu

"He's a Geyser Dragon...?

 It's the dragon that rules over all dragons.
 The title of the highest-ranking dragon.

 There was originally only one dragon that claimed that title.

 But after that dragon was defeated, there was a plan to have Ardhegg-san become the new Geyser Dragon.

 That's when this child, who also calls himself a Geyser Dragon, appeared...?

'Father, are you alive?

 Mr. Alexander said.

'I heard you were defeated by Ardheg. I didn't feel any of your vibrations at all, so I assumed that you had disappeared...?
'My shallow son,'

 The child looks at him with contempt.

I, the King of Dragons, am not going to disappear so easily. As you can see, I am very much alive and well.
But you didn't lose that easily, did you?

 The child's face twists into a gaudy expression as Veerle points out.

'Annoying! Mostly because these people are cheating! He's taking things like angels and other mythical relics! And those mermaids use the blessings of the sea gods!

 He lays out an unseemly excuse.

 So, I'm not sure I'm right...?
 This child is the dragon emperor Gaiser Dragon who was defeated by Prince Arowana and his party?
 Veerle, Mr. Ardhaeg, and Mr. Alexander's father.

"Hmm, I am Al Gaul of the Geyser Dragon.

 The child said his name again.
 Geyser Dragon is a title, a title of sorts, and Al Ghul is his personal name.

"Indeed, I was almost defeated by the vile sack of Ardheg and his friends over there...!
What a sore loser.

 Don't tell me.

My body shattered and disappeared once. It took me a long time to reconstitute my body and revive it...!
I'd say your father is very good at resurrecting people, but...

 Moreover, even though I said it took a long time, it hasn't even been a year since the match.
 Even if the most powerful position belongs to young Alexander-san, should I say that the power of the dragon that still has the title of emperor as its own is as good as it can be?

''But father, haven't you lost most of your power due to your defeat? Now you are so weak that you can hardly be called a dragon.
You're right, my son, you do see through it. That's right, I'm not a Geyser Dragon anymore. If you are defeated even once, the title of emperor is revoked. That's just the way the system works.

 Geyser Dragon (ex?) in his young child form. said evasively.

'Eei! d*mn you, Ardhegg! I was trying to take power away from these foolish children and get it on par with the most obtrusive Alexander! I didn't expect to get my feet wet by a little fish like that!
That father........he's here in person, so don't be too direct.......?

 As expected, it was hard for Ardheg to be treated as a small fry.

I've been defeated and the power of the Geyser Dragon was taken away, and I've used up most of my dragon power to revive it. The current me wants to stick my vengeance fangs into these hateful people, but...!

 The child's eyes glare sharply at Mr. Ardhegg.


 Mr. Ardhaeg isn't the only one. To his companions, Prince Arowana and the rest of the party.

"I don't have the power. You can't even challenge them with a vengeance right here and now.

 In an instant, Gaither Dragon in child's form changes its body and transforms into its dragon form.
 It's not just a matter of time before you get your hands on it.

It's not a good idea. O-gya! Hongyaahhh!

 However, the only thing fierce about it was the atmosphere he was creating.
 In reality, they are just small and cute.

 Mr. Geyser Dragon's dragon form was like a small, colossal plush toy.

''Look at it! I have lost my strength and I can only manifest such a diminutive form!''

 It was no longer just a stuffed dragon.
 It was so cute that the girls living on the farm naturally gathered around it.

''How cute is this? Cute. Cute. Cute. Kaaaawaii~! Pet him." "Stroke him." "Fluffy." "Cute and sweet." "Cute and sweet! "I'm gonna sleep with her tonight~!

 Very popular.
 That's how cute the little dragon is.

''Ughhhhhh? Stop it! How dare you show your disrespect to this great dragon emperor! How dare you! Huh? But do you want to sleep with me?

 He manages to survive, squirming like a dog that wandered into an elementary school.
 He returns to his human form again.

Did you see that...? You think I'm going to be miserable now that I'm a loser?
The reception has been pretty good.

 Maybe that's why the human form is also a child form?

Are you forced to use energy-saving mode in child form because you don't have enough power?
'I don't know what you're talking about, but when you're in ningen form, this is what you were originally doing.


'Isn't it natural to choose the youngest, most resilient form? It's funny that Alexander would go out of his way to choose an old and decrepit form.

 He said and glared at the father of all the dragons, the eldest dragon in the form of a clean old man.

You don't understand ningen, father. Youth is important, but just as important is the dignity we gain as we age.
You are a ningen-favorite, and you have lost your way of thinking. Do you still not realize that it is because of that that you are no longer his successor?

 I saw that the inside of the Emperor Dragon and the Crown Prince Dragon was bad........
 But looking from the side, the child of the father and son glaring at each other is the father, and the old man is the son.......!
 That's confusing.

"I understand that your father is so weak that he is no longer able to harm me or Ardhögg. I understand that your father is weakened and no longer able to harm me or Ardhög, but that makes it even more difficult to understand. What is your father doing here?

 That's true.
 This father dragon does not seem to have a good relationship with other dragons, and the only thing that comes to mind is to come and fight with them.
 But if he is so weak that he can't even fight, then what is he really doing here?


 Mr. Geyser Dragon," he sniffed, looking somewhat unamused.

"I hear you're trying to replace me with Ardheg as the new Gaither Dragon.
Yes, he has beaten you directly. I think he deserves to take the throne for you.
But you don't know how to become a Geyser Dragon, do you?

 Our own Geyser Dragon cuts in on the problem that Veerle had also pointed out earlier.

'You think your father would know?
Of course, I'm the one and only Emperor Dragon, Geyser Dragon.

 As he said it, the Geyser Dragon in his child form held out his hand.
 There was a ball in his hand.
 A transparent, crystal-clear treasure ball. Its color was red like a ruby.
 A red as thick as boiling fresh blood.
 Moreover, behind the transparent jade, there was something flickering like a flame.

''This is.........?''
''It's called a 'dragon ball. The dragon that takes this into its body can become a Geyser Dragon.

 You mean this red jewel is the regalia that guarantees the dragon's kingship?

"For hundreds of years, this 'Dragon Ball' was inside my body. But it has emerged. In the wake of the recent defeat.

 In a battle with Prince Arowana Ippou?

I told you. Defeat will not be tolerated by the Geyser Dragon. Any losing dragon that falls from the victor's throne will be immediately abandoned by the 'dragon ball'.

 Various conflicts swirled in the eyes of the Geyser Dragon as he stared at the red jewel.

That's why I won't have the Dragon Ball back in me again. It's just a matter of keeping it in my possession. You're going to be able to find out the best way to get the best out of it. That is the last duty of a dragon chosen to be the Dragon Ball.
Is that why your father came here?
That's right. If you wish to become a new Geyser Dragon, take the Dragon Ball in your hand. If you wish to become the new Geyser Dragon, take the Dragon Ball into your own body, be it Ardhögg, who defeated me, or you, Alexander? Veerle, you can't really give up your ambitions either, can you?

 As if to fuel the desires of his sons and daughters, the Emperor Dragon (Yuan) in his child's form showed off his red treasure jade.

''Come and take it away from each other! Whoever gets this ball is the next Geyser Dragon!
No, I don't want it.
'Why don't we just slap it into Ardheg as originally planned, that ball. That'll fix everything, right?

 Neither Alexander-san nor Veerle seemed to be moved at all.
 Seeing this, Geyser Dragon (formerly) looked a bit boring........

''You selfless people. ........But can you still keep a cool face after hearing this?

 A wicked smile appeared on the dragon's altered child, an evil smile that would never come to mind if it were a human child.

'When the 'dragon ball' is taken in and a new Geyser Dragon is born, all other dragons will disappear. Their power will be sucked out of them and they will wither away.