316-314 Secret of the dragon

All of the dragons...?

 The statement is so disturbing that those present stop breathing.

 Perhaps satisfied with that reaction, the child with an evil expression willingly speaks.

In the first place, do you guys even know what a dragon is?
Dragons are the most powerful race on earth!

 Veerle answered immediately, but the former Geyser Dragon only returned a guffaw in response.

'Why are you being given the strongest power on earth? That's what it means. All living beings in the world were created by the gods. The creatures of the earth are created by the gods of the earth, the creatures of the sea are created by the gods of the sea, and the creatures of the sky are created by the gods of the sky.

 So which god created the dragons?
 Heaven, earth and sea, not any god.........

'All the Elephant Mother God Gaia. The Creator God who created this world itself is our parent.........

 Dragons are transcendent beings who are not bound by any laws.
 A glimpse of their secret is revealed in the book, "The Mother Goddess of All Phenomena, who created the world itself and later created the Goddess of Heaven, the God of Earth, and the God of the Sea, respectively, and entrusted them with the colors of the world.

The Mother Goddess of All Elephants, who created the world itself, later created the Goddess of Heaven, the God of Earth, and the God of the Sea and entrusted them with the colors of the world, respectively. But among the gods, there were those who arrogantly abused the living of the earth.

 It is said that the creator of the world was so worried about the situation that he appointed a guardian to prevent the child from doing whatever he wanted.

These were our dragons! Dragons were born to watch over the gods, restraining them from going too far and correcting their arrogance. It was in this role that he was born.

 The story of the former Geyser Dragon surprises not only us humans, but also our own dragons.

It's the reason we are allowed to be powerful enough to compete with the gods. We were created with a mission, and we are not allowed to prosper as we please.
That's not what you think...?

 Does this connect to the first story?
 It is said that all dragons will disappear whenever a new dragon king is chosen.

When a new Geyser Dragon is chosen, all the dragons that were alive before will be erased to become one. The Geyser Dragons will then create duplicates of themselves to make up the numbers. In order to create an army to rival the gods. That is the life of a dragon.
Why would you do that?
To remember what we were given.

 As long as a living thing continues to live, its way of being will be transformed.
 It changes in response to the environment of the moment, forgetting the significance and even the destiny it should have had in the beginning.
 Sometimes we call it growth or evolution.
 Even an individual can change over a lifetime as if they were something else, but as a race, there is no way to stop the change as time goes on.

 If dragons are left to the passage of time alone, their evolutionary transformation as a race will cause them to forget their original mission.
The mission to 'Watch and Punish the Gods'.

''To keep them from forgetting that, we will periodically press the reset button...?

 Each time a new Geyser Dragon arose, it would destroy the species once and start anew from scratch, so it would never forget the mission it was given in the first place.
 Dragons can forever be faithful executors of the orders given to them by the Ancestor God.

You can't get away from the fact that you're a tool of the gods, even if you think you're the strongest on earth. They cannot stray from that way of being...!

 The child, a former dragon king, looked like a tired old man.

"And yet, I resisted my fate. I was going to reign as the Emperor Dragon forever...!
'So that was that succession battle...?

 Alexander, the eldest dragon, asks.

Yes. That's why I removed you as my successor because I didn't like your favoritism. I just wanted to stay on the throne forever.

 Then, using the absent successor's chair as bait, he made the children, who were also duplicates of himself, fight each other, taking away their power and absorbing it through the gap.

'Come to think of it, that succession battle was just a prelude to the total annihilation caused by the replacement. In the end, only one dragon remains, and the end is still the same...

 The former Geyser Dragon laughed sarcastically as he said this.

But I was going to be that last dragon myself. In the end, Alexander, I would have defeated you as well and taken your power. I was supposed to regain my youth as well and become an eternal emperor dragon, but that ambition was shattered by Ardheg.

 Abandoned by the Dragon Ball, he couldn't do anything about it.
 He can only quietly accept his destruction....

''But! Then let's at least know the fate of your perdition and disappear with a sneer at you who scramble inelegantly! Come on, change the color of your eyes and compete for the "Dragon Ball"! Only the one who wins this will survive! The strongest of all dragons struggles to survive as they are hunted by the fear of destruction! I can't believe there's such a hilarious event!

 Al Cole, the former Geyser Dragon, who is no longer a member of the team, was already laughing high and low in complete desperation.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

''Sensei, sir.''

 Since it was a coronation, I had the teacher in attendance.
 It's better to celebrate with everyone.

 I asked such a teacher to summon a god with another familiar summoning magic.

 Gaia, the Mother God of All Elephants.

 The root god who should be called the creator of all gods.
 I asked such an all-important god to help me.

''Can you make sure that the dragons don't perish even if they are replaced?''

 The laws of the world have changed.
 The dragons were now freed from the harsh fate of being wiped out, leaving a chosen one to be annihilated each generation.


 The former Dragon Emperor was shocked at how easily the problem was resolved.

"No! That easy? If it's so easy to survive, then what have I been through all this time?

 It's true, isn't it?

"The dragon may not change, but the world will, won't it?

 The summoned God of Gaia............................although she was the mother of all.
 I'm not going to just finish my business and leave, so I'm going to make a comment.

I'm not going to be able to get it.
Come in.

 The God of Creation sensitively finds and pinches the feast he has prepared for the coronation.
 He speaks while pinching it.

'I created you to keep an eye on my son's daughter, the idiot in my lineage. But those idiots have gotten wise with the passage of time. I didn't think we needed to keep an eye on anyone other than that a**h*le Zeus.
I understand.

 The God of Hades and the God of Poseidon, who comes here to visit often, are generally good people, too.
 ...good gods?

The Zeus in question was recently imprisoned by his own children. I don't think that will be a problem. You are now free to live as you wish.

 It was the former Geyser Dragon who was astonished and upset.
 The other dragon faces didn't seem to be particularly boiling over....

"I don't want you to live your life the way you want to...?
We've already had enough freedom in our lives. What more freedom do you want?
'Wouldn't it be better for your sister to live more tied up?

 Oh, I see.
 It's true that these guys were free from the start.

''That's just how it is. I'm sure the gods' yancha ceased to exist long ago. The dragons were free to do what they wanted too. This change is merely a full-fledged deletion of what was already a dead letter.''

 Creator, take it easy.

'Live freely, dragons! Live freely, my dragons, and you too will live in this world. Act as you please and leave the meaning of your life behind.

 That's a lot of excitement for no reason.

''Well, since all that hassle has gone away, we can get on with it!

 The main point?
 What was it?

'Have you forgotten your master! Today is the coronation of Ardhaeg to become a Geyser Dragon! This is all you need, right?

 Veerle, snatching the red treasure ball from the former Geyser Dragon, he didn't hesitate to point it at Ardhaeg-san.......

''Eat it!

 I crashed into him.
The fist holding the dragon ball sinks into Mr. Ardhegg's pigeon tail.


 That's like, "Gugueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? I say.
 There was no 'dragon ball' in Veerle's hand as he pulled it out, and it was clear where he was left behind.

''Ardheg! Geyser Dragon Inauguration!

 Generous applause flew from the surroundings.

''I was thinking of erasing the 'dragon ball' from the dragon along with the unnecessary mission. It's a good idea to have a chief to unite the tribe. I'll leave it for you to use as you wish.

 The Creator God was generous in saying.

 Thus, a new emperor dragon was born in this world, and a new era had come for dragons as well as humanity.
 ......... is that right?