318-316 Dragon House Uproar


 The coronation of Mr. Ardhegg's Geyser Dragon has been successfully completed, and the scene has shifted to a harmonious dinner party.
 Everyone is having a lively conversation while tasting the many homemade dishes from our farm that we prepared in advance.

"Huh.........we really have become a Geyser Dragon.......! What are we going to do...?
Rest assured, Herr Ardhegg! We're with you, sir!

 Today's guest of honor, Mr. Ardhegg, is having a chat with his traveling companion, Prince Arowana.

'....Haha, the food here is so good. It's so good I don't even want to leave.

 And Gaia, the Mother Goddess of All Elephants, who created the whole universe, was still around.
 She joined the dinner and devoured the food as her appetite took her.

It's especially tasty when it's not like this dry meat. The more you chew, the more flavorful it becomes...?
It's dried squid. Would you like to put some of these chili mayonnaise on it to make it even better?

 Besides making the all-important Creator God chuckle sulme-chuckle.

 For example, over there, Veerle and Prati.........

"Junior! Meat! Meat! Meat, meat~... delicious~?
'Gah! Stop it, meat is too heavy for baby food!

 They were making a lot of noise....
 And over there, Alexander the Glaugrintz Dragon and Al Gaul, now a full-fledged "former" Geyser Dragon....

''Woo-hee? There's onions in this...?
You don't have to like it, father.

 I knew they were having an exchange where they didn't know which was the child and which was the parent.
 They were originally acrimonious, but it would be good if they had a chance to make up.

 Furthermore, that Bacchus came up to Mr. Alexander's side.

'Hi, Prince of Dragons.
'A rare demigod, isn't it? I thought he was the guy that showed up everywhere, but I didn't know he'd show up here.

 They sound like they know each other.

"This is the occasion for celebration. How would you like to taste my new brew?
You're the one who makes the drinks. By all means, serve it up.
Yay, yay!
...it's good. What kind of drink is it?
It's a drink I took from a dragon. Well, that's a relief. I didn't want to let anyone else drink it, so I had to stock up. I didn't think it would be a problem for you guys to drink, so you just keep on consuming them.

 Just like that, it's going to be all peaceful around........


 Alexander-san suddenly roared out.
 ''What's the matter?
 If you get too serious, this is going to get really serious...?

No, I was just wondering if this is enough to cook...?

 That's ridiculous.
 There's no such thing as a shortage, though.

 Even in its current state, there's enough to go around for all the attendees.

But when I think about the number of guests that will be coming...?

 You don't know what you're talking about!

"I've sent out invitations to my fellow dragons to come if they wish. It's good to have everyone here to celebrate.

 Why would he do that kind of thing without a word of advice!
 I thought he had an outstanding personality, but after all, Alexander-san is only a dragon, and every single thing he does is rough.

''What? Wait a minute? Which means that the farm is about to be swarmed by an avalanche of dragons...?

 What kind of catastrophe is that...?

Oh, speak of the devil...
'What? .........aha!

 A group of dragons coming from the sky over there!

 Flapping its wings and slashing through the sky, it is approaching at breakneck speed towards us.
 It stops above our heads and stays in the air.

'You are a coward and a coward for presuming to be a Geyser Dragon! Where is Ardheg?

 said one of the dozen or so dragons in the room.

"Your foul play is unforgivable! Bloody Mary, the dragon Glaugrinzel, the most powerful of all dragons, the one who would truly be a Geyser Dragon, has come to take you down! "Come on, sister!

 As if to receive an introduction, yet another dragon stepped forward.
 This was a dragon that I could tell at first glance was completely different from the others, its scales were all black.

 Most dragons in this world are gold or silver, but this is the first time I've seen a black dragon.

 That's why they looked so strong.

''Oh, Marie is here.''

 Then a young child looks up at the sky.
 But this child is not what it looks like.
 He is the oldest dragon that has lived for the longest period of time and has been transformed.
 He looks like a child, but has an adult brain. That's this Al-Gor-san.

You're the only one who can't speak English. Juice! To me, juice is the greatest drink of all!

 After all, you may be a child inside, too.

Um..., but for now, explain that dragon...!
Bloody Mary is the second duplicate I've created. You mean my daughter.
Second? Then what's the first one?
Alexander, of course.

 Isn't it?

''As a Grinzel dragon, she's the top of the line. That's why her abilities are also very high. She was said to be the last and best remaining candidate in the succession battle.''
'So what if I suddenly find out that Mr. Ardhaeg has become a Geyser Dragon?
He must be furious. What did Alexander have in mind when he sent out the invitation...? It could be considered a provocation, but there's still a slight possibility of pure good intentions...!

 Alexander-san, you have a hint of naturalness to you, don't you?
 I've been getting to know you for the past few days, too.


 The pitch-black dragon that suddenly visited me first alighted on its own and rapidly compressed its body.
 That is the law of humanization used by the dragon.

 The Bloody Mary who was transformed from a dragon into a human form was a beautiful sister with a lot of s*x appeal that was bursting at the seams.

'You're here? Ardhegg or something?

 She is dressed in an abyssal black dress, just as she was at the time of the dragon, and it's so tight that it shows off her body line.
 She's also very muscular, showing off her proportions.

 Is this s*xy adult girl one of the strongest dragons?


 They weren't the strongest at all.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with it.

It's not a good idea to have a good time.
The actuality of this is that it's not the same as the original.
It's really you, brother Alexander, who's here? ''Why is he here?
I'm going to run for it! I'm going to run for it!

 They're all terrified.

You don't have any sense of decorum. You don't have the manners to visit someone's home and yet you're unleashing all that hostility. Do you guys think you're here for war?

 Maybe it is.

'Isn't today a day to celebrate the decision of a new Geyser Dragon? I invited you to celebrate it with us, but if you are so rude, how can you feel sorry for the saintly lord who gave us the place?

 No, it's okay.
 It's okay, just don't put my name to this too big a situation!

Brother Alexander. I'm surprised you were behind all of this, it's making the situation even more intrusive.
'You were the mastermind behind this, weren't you, in avenging your father's death? By using an unknown dragon called Ardheg, etc. ...Is it a grudge that you were removed from the list of potential successors? Why do you have a puppet on the throne and stubbornly stay out in the open?

 Marie and the like had completely misunderstood.
 Well, I can understand why you would want to misunderstand.

''But the imperial succession of the Geyser Dragon should be legitimate. We can't allow you to break the law. Therefore, this Bloody Mary of the Glaugrinzel Dragon is the true Geyser Dragon!
'Yes, yes, yes!'
"Marie is worthy of being the Dragon King!" the flying dragons ranted.

 ' the flying dragons ranted.
 ........that's right.
 I'm sure you're not the only one.

They are still pathetic after all this time...!

 Mr. Alexander shook his head, saying, "Do it.

'You can only decide by force, no matter what. Then, on behalf of the emperor-elect Ardhegg, I, Alexander, will show you the true force of force.

 A pure white supremacy emanated from the body of the wise old man, who was called the strongest dragon.
 It seemed that just because this dragon got serious, it was all over...!

Wait, brother.

 There was someone to stop him.

'I'll take care of it here, Master Veerle of the Grinzel Dragon!