319-317 Viru Musou


 Why are you coming out here?
 Leave it to Mr. Alexander to burn it all to ashes or else it will all be fine, right?

"...I was not happy about it.
"These days it's mainly dragons, and yet I'm the one who's out of sight! I'm the most important dragon on this farm, and yet!

 I don't know about that.

I want to be part of the show! And Junior respects me!
Junior isn't old enough to remember what's going on!

 Prathi's advice fell on deaf ears.

'So let me have the floor, brother Alexander! I'm going to use my power to solve this problem in a spectacular way!
Very well.

 The eldest brother readily admitted, "It's true that I want to see your power to serve the saint.

It's true that I'd like to see what you are capable of in the service of the Holy Father. Bloody Mary is a good match for you.

 Yeah, are you sure?
 It's true that Veerle has always been the strongest, but that's because he was the strongest because of his race of dragons.
 It's a good thing that you're not the only one with a strong race of dragons, but also the second strongest among them, isn't it a burden to take on Marie-san...?

''I'm not so sure about that........?

 It was Prati who said, "I don't know about that.
 He walks out next to me with Junior in his arms.

"Remember, sir. "Remember, sir," says Praty, "the people who live on this farm are getting more and more powerful like idiots. Even Veerle, the oldest person to have lived here, would have to follow that example.
"She's so powerful to begin with that I didn't see a relative change, but I think that's exactly what she's going to find out now. Veerle's time here on the farm has paid off.

 The fruits of Veerle's time on the farm.
 The only thing I remember is that he ate and slept every day!

 But those days of slumbering have given Veerle a new strength?

Veerle, you've heard that name before, haven't you?

 The Lady in Black, Bloody Mary, said.

You are one of the most talented of your father's children after me and brother Alexander. I didn't know you were with him. But... but...

 Is Veerle really that powerful to begin with?

But the idea of challenging me, the most powerful dragon in the world, is pretty silly, isn't it?
"Isn't the greatest of them all, Brother Alexander? You are the second, second dragon!

 Marie's expression is twisted, perhaps she was right.

It's a good idea. It's a very good idea to have a good time. I am the strongest person who will eventually become a gaiser dragon!

 The black-robed beauty's form returned to a jet-black dragon.
 Along with that, Veerle also transformed into dragon form.

 And in the blink of an eye, it flies high into the sky.


 But could they go a bit more fluffy, the gusts of wind making the dust stand up.

 The two dragons, confronting each other, glare at each other in the sky.

''My poor little sister who is so dumb and pathetic. Even though we are the same Grinzel Dragon, there is an unbridgeable difference between us and me, who bears the name 'Glau'.'

 Marie, in her dragon form, said.

'Realize the difference and disappear with regret. After you, I have to do something about brother Alexander and take care of that crucial Ardhegg. I can't be bothered with every little thing!

 Jet-black dragon qi rises from the black dragon's body. Fiercely.
 Those black dragon qi condensed and crystallized and materialized into several bullets.

''My dragon profound technique, Darkness Meetia! Eat a round of condensed dark dragon qi fire!''

 The black air bullets that are launched at the same time as the declaration.
 A single shot is enough to blow up an island, and countless others with the power to attack Veerle at the same time.
 No matter how much of a Veerle you are, it is unlikely that you will be able to get away unharmed from this, or even survive.

 Even the strongest species of dragons can be killed.
 That's the battle between dragons.

 Once again, I shuddered at how amazing it was, but something even more amazing happened.


 Veerle has erased that terrific black barrage of bullets.
 It's a very simple matter.

I'm not going to be able to say that it's a good idea. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what to expect.
"Ridiculous! How could a dragon other than your brother be able to deal with this technique?

 As if it was too shocking that the special move was disabled, the black dragon backed away in the air.

You're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them. You thought I was weaker than you forever? That's not true.''
What did you say?
I've grown up, all right? I've lived on this farm, and I've gotten stronger from all the food I've eaten. And if anyone has made me stronger, it's Junior!

 Why would my kid do something like that?

Junior has taught me about love. It's love that makes me strong. And now that I have love, I am the most powerful dragon in the world.

 He's starting to sound like some assassin's fist lore expert?

"Look at me! I've got love, and I'm going to give you my greatest power.

 A fierce dragon qi erupts around the dragon form Veerle.
 It far surpasses even that of the second-ranked dragon, Bloody Mary.

'My love combined with my dragon qi is a hundred times stronger than my original dragon qi! Let go of me! My Dragon Profession: "Love, Love, Juteum"!

 The ray of light emitted from the viel was far larger and more terrific than Marie's black bullets.
 Although it was only a single ray, it was such a burly ray of light that it seemed as if it would split the sky, and even a giant dragon could easily swallow it.......


 Marie acted as fast as she could to evade the attack.
 By throwing away the pride of being the strongest person in the world and running away at once, she managed to avoid the rays of light.

 Veerle managed to strike fear into the second-ranked dragon.

 It was just as Prathi had said.
 That guy from Veerle was also influenced by the farm in his own way by the strongest person.
 Isn't it good to grow up, no matter who you are, in whatever form you are?
 Viel is great. Great Viel.

"Oh, shit, he got away? This time I won't miss, the chase, "Love, Love, Amore!

 And Viel didn't know that he was going to relent.
 And Veerle didn't know that he would relent.
 Almost continuously firing.

 Once the evasive action was finished, the moment was piled on top of the donkey, so it was even more dodgy.

"Gyaaahhhh! I'm going to die.

 Oh, this was the moment when everyone was convinced that she had already died.
 It was the moment when everyone was convinced that they were going to die.

"You're going to die! "'Death..., huh?

 Another dragon jumps in and catches a huge flash of light.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more information on this topic.


 The second strongest dragon in all of the dragons was able to catch an attack so powerful that a direct hit would have resulted in death?

 Is that really the strongest dragon, Alexander-san?
 No, it's not!
 Alexander is standing next to me in human form, looking up at the same scene.

 Then who is it?

'Oh? Ardheg, isn't it?

 The dragon that caught the great flash of light was indeed Mr. Ardhaeg in dragon form.

"Veerle, sister! You're being too playful!'

 While dispelling the light particles that he had blocked off, Mr. Ardhegg said.

'Isn't it great that you're blocking my love attacks? Did becoming a Geyser Dragon increase your power?''

 Veerle, on the other hand, was comfortable with the fact that his best super special move had been broken.

"Dragons killing each other is a waste of time! Sister Veerle and Sister Marie, please be careful!
''Ah, ah...!''

 After nine deaths, Marie-san stared at the dashing rescuer in amazement.

''You're Ardheg...?
''How true. Sister, I know that a youngster like me is not happy about being appointed as the emperor's dragon, but please calm down...!

 You're just like Ming-kun, trying to control the situation. Are you starting to realize that you are an emperor dragon right away?

'Alright, let's see how much stronger Ardheg is now! "Love, love, aloha!
"Aaaah! This is a good thing.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what to do with it.
 It's also a great way to get a good idea of what you're looking for.