320-318 Dragon Breeding Circumstances

The "Dragon Ball" is the proof of the Geyser Dragon.
 The dragon that takes it into his body calls himself the Emperor Dragon and rules over all dragons.

 It seems that it was a great thing after all, and after obtaining the 'dragon ball', Ardhaeg-san stepped up to become one of the strongest dragons at once.

''........The original Ardheg was supposed to be about the 20th to 30th strongest among all dragons......!

 Even Alexander-san, who was watching, couldn't help but be surprised.

''Kukkuk...! That is the fearfulness of the Dragon Ball. It's a marvelous treasure that can turn any scrap dragon into the most powerful dragon...!

 Next to him was Mr. Al-Gor in his child's form, smiling contentedly.

 Mr. Ardhegg, who prevented Veerle's love attack to his heart's content, came back to earth and humanized himself.

'It was tough...! Sister Veerle, you were totally unrelenting...!

 Thank you so much.

"Master, master, master! What do you think? Wasn't I awesome? Isn't that worthy of Junior's guardian dragon?

 Veerle also returns to his human form and runs up underneath me.
 I'm going to...
 It's true that Veerle, who had awakened to love, was ridiculously strong, but........

'The impact of Mr. Ardheg at the end was so strong that it was vexing.

 Veerle who goes "gavin".
 But you're the strongest to begin with, so there's no need to pile on top of each other to show off your strength now.

But now, I'm sure Bloody Mary will agree.

 That problematic Marie also came down with me back to her human form.
 As expected, her initial fierceness has been erased and she is as mature as a borrowed cat.

'Marie, the strong rule all, that's the law of dragons.

 Mr. Alexander says, like his eldest brother.

'If Ardheg hadn't saved you, you would have been obliterated by the Veal. You'll have to accept this result and abandon your futile ambitions.

 It was a horrible thought, and Marie was wilting.
 You can see how weak she is by the fact that she is pinching a part of Mr. Ardhegg's clothing as he comes down with her.

'Um, Sister Marie? Is it time to let me go...?

 But she still showed no signs of leaving.
 Feeling some kind of vibes.......?

Argh! What's going on?

 Beside him, Veerle was an incomplete wind.
 Overwhelmed by the number two dragon and still full of excess power?

'Yes! Lots of your sister Marie's cronies were there! We're going to wipe them all out and get scuffed up!

 But now the sky is clear and blue all around.
 Not a single shadow of a bird, let alone a dragon, can be seen.

''........Huh? Where did they go?
Your dragon's energy scared the shit out of him. All of them.

 Alexander said.

These are the same people who originally wanted to win the battle for the succession behind the back of the powerful Marie. If they run into an opponent they can't win, they will run.
It's a common misconception for the strongest species of dragons. If I'd just absorbed their power, we wouldn't have lost to those ardhesgs.

 Al-Gor, as a former Geyser Dragon, is also bitter at the shameful dragons.
 No, I think he's also mother-in-law enough to try to become strong by taking power from humans....

"Father, what will happen to our dragons from now on?
I don't know. Normally, dragons would kill each other until they were the last of their kind, and then the remaining ones would create numerous duplicates of themselves and kill each other again, and on and on...

 But that fate was abruptly cut off by something.
 Mainly through the work of me and the teacher.
 I'm sorry.

I have no idea what kind of life the dragon will have in its place.
I don't know if it will make any difference. Dragons are free creatures by nature. When they are freed from their fate, they will live freely again.

 Not only Veerle, but Alexander and Al-Gor have all lived so far with too much freedom.
 If freedom is something that can be earned through strength, then no creature is better suited to freedom than the strongest species of dragons.
 They would all enjoy their freedom no differently than they had before, I suppose.

 ........only one thing.
 The only thing that has changed is....


 Gaia, the God of Creation, who was actually watching the scene where this dragon riot was unfolding from start to finish.
 After finally swallowing the surume that had been making him gulp down his coochie, he said.

Yes, what is it?
"Aren't they nice?

 I say, and point to the creator god, Bloody Mary, who is still pinching Mr. Ardhaeg's sleeve.

 I reply.

'It's very bad, isn't it?'
"You feel the vibes of love, don't you?

 You came to the point of desperation and were saved by Mr. Ardhaeg and came cooing.
 Dragons have an unexpectedly classic way of starting a love affair, don't they?

The first time I gave you the dragon's way of being. I'm sure that when they are replaced, they end up starting with a single Geyser Dragon, right?
Yes, sir.

 I'm not sure.

'From there, you create a duplicate of yourself to multiply your numbers. Parthenogenetic reproduction, as it were.

 So all the dragons that are currently present are Al Gore's sons and daughters, and they are all brothers.

''But since I changed the setting and changed the way the dragons are, I wonder if a different breeding method will be applied to the dragons' prosperity in the future...''
"I saw the dragon couple and I thought...

 From parthenogenetic reproduction to reproduction with a spouse?

 Those two were the first couple of dragons?

I'm sure that the meaning of the Geyser Dragon will remain purely as the chief and representative of the dragon. It's a good trend for Ardhög to be the first person to have a family as the first gaiser dragon to have such a meaning.

 And you think you're going to create a new life with Mr. Bloody Mary?
 What are you gonna do, pop the hatchlings?

The ecosystem would collapse if the strongest species proliferated too much, so why don't we keep the birth rate low? Besides, since you're the wife of the Emperor Dragon, I'd like to give this one a special title as well...?''

 God of Creation.
 I suddenly get excited about making a setting.

 But how about a stronger sounding, gwynndragon?
I don't know...?
"After all, if you muddle it up, everything sounds strong!

 Queen Dragon Gwyndragon.
 I don't know if Marie will be called that in the future, but well, I'll let this be a harbinger of a new era of dragons.

    * * * *.

 Thus, Mr. Ardheg's coronation of Mr. Gaiser Dragon was successfully completed and dismissed.

 Alexander-san went back to his dungeon, and Ardhögg-san is now going to build his own dragon as a Geyser Dragon.

 Marie tried to accompany Mr. Ardhaeg, but he ended up going back to his dungeon.

 The viel that's there from the original, of course, stayed like this.


'You're not going back?'

 He was Al Gaul, the former Geyser Dragon.

'No, even if they tell me to go home, I'm no longer a Gaither Dragon, I don't have a dungeon of my own, and frankly, I have nowhere to go.
Is that why you're staying with us?
'Fine, we've got Veerle, and one more dragon. ........what? What is this?

 It's a hoe, though.
 Our motto is "Don't eat what you can't eat.

 If you want to live here too, you'll have to work hard in the fields.

 Exactly three days after he said that.
 Three days later, Mr. Al Gore disappeared from our farm.