321-319 The Great Demon King

 Today we have a new look........

 The Demon Lord came to visit.
 And with a family.

 His wife, Astares, and his second wife, Grashara, and their son, Gotia, and daughter, Marine.
 They had a son, Gotia, and a daughter, Marine, born to each of them.

 They said that they had just had their children born to each other, and I suppose it was because they wanted to let them meet each other.

 Despite the responsibility of being the Demon King, he takes time out of his busy schedule to visit me more often than before.

 Today, there are three children and three mothers.
 They are all gathered together and are having a good time.

 The two fathers were watching the peaceful scene from a distance.
 It was me and the demon king.

I'm sure Junior has already met his grandfather, right?

 What do you mean?

 My Junior's grandfather was........the Mermaid King?
 I did go to the bottom of the ocean to see him, though. You also visited the mermaid kingdom with me, didn't you?

Why are you doing this all of a sudden?
Oh, no...

 When I asked him back, the Demon King seemed to be in a hurry to mend his ways, and then he looked particularly sad.......

''Our Gotia and Marinated have yet to pass by the one who is my grandfather, so.......''

 The demon king's expression was more and more sad.

"Does that mean that neither Gotia-kun nor Marinette-chan got to meet their grandfather?
I'm sure that's true, but I've told you that it's none of my business. Forget it, saint, forget it...!

 That's not going to happen!
 Gotia, my first born, must be about a year old!
 He's learning to stand and walk a little, and he's starting to learn a few words.
 What kind of a grandfather would not come to see you until you're that old?

''Well, there's a lot of strings attached to the Demon King family. It's hard to be like the city people........ I'm going to miss Gotia and Marine, but I can only apologize for this father's unworthiness.......!
No, it's not!

 I heat up.

'What kind of grandfather doesn't come to see his grandchildren for any reason! What the hell is that thing?
Hey, Your Highness, please calm down!

 My unexpected indignation made the Demon King feel uncomfortable.
 I'm not very mature either. Let's take a deep breath and calm down.

''Thank you, Saint, for being angry for my children.

 I guess they can hear me now.
 Mr. Astares is coming over with his own son, Gotia.

However, this is a problem that is deeply related to the internal situation of the Demon Kingdom. Therefore, we can't force him to do so. If this child is going to stand on the back of the Devil's Country sooner or later, he must learn to endure from now on....

 She said that and soothed Gotia in her arms.
 Gotia, who is almost a year old, has increased his strength and mobility, and is now fidgeting with the idea of breaking out of his mother's arms and going on an adventure whenever the opportunity arises.

What the hell is this...? What are the circumstances under which a grandfather wouldn't see his grandchildren?

 I was still not convinced. He resentfully said.

"....Master Zedan, would you like to talk to him? Maybe the saint can give us some more good wisdom and...?
No, no, no, no! I can't keep bothering you, even though you've been a part of the saint's house many times! And moreover, this matter is my family. Don't bother your saintly lord with personal matters...!

 I don't mind.
 If it's the Demon King and I, we should talk to each other about our private matters.

Please, you have to talk to me too.

 The Demon King looked thoughtful for a moment....

''All right, I'd like to ask you something.''

 I said.
 That's me and the Demon King!

    * * *

"....the grandfather of Gotia and Marinette. That is my father, in fact...!

 It's common sense, yes.

"The Great Demon Lord Baal,

 It sounds like a big name again.

Is this Daimyo-king a greater than the Demon King or something like that...?
No, it's not like that.

 Astares, who was standing in line with him, added.

''The Great Demon King is a title of honor given to those who have served in the office of the Demon King. He is respected as one who has served his time well. He has no real power and has no say in politics.

 So it's like an honorary position that comes with a retired person?

''So, is there a rule that this Grand Demon Lord can't meet his grandson?
''No, that's not true. Even the Demon King family is one family. We prefer to be close to each other.

 So, you mean to say that this Grand Demon Lord doesn't want to meet his grandchildren of his own volition?
 Aren't you the meanest grandfather ever!

There are political reasons for that. It goes back to the time when Dad was the Demon King and I was still the Demon King's son.

 That's a bit of a past tense.

"My father was a very dynamic man, a prince. You know, in more ways than one.
What do you mean?
"He had many consorts. The regular queen alone had six. Ten in the entourage - I don't think he ever went, but it was close.


''Therefore, there were many children, and there were eight children who were the rightful heirs to the throne alone. One of them was me.
''Moreover, Zedan-sama is the youngest born among them, and his succession is terminal. The people around him thought it was unlikely that he would ever become the Demon King.

 Mr. Astares explained, and I said, 'What?' I'm puzzled.

''But this person in front of you right now is the Demon King, right?
''That's right. Zedan-sama's ascension to the throne was the result of a family drama. Zedan-sama's older brother, the Demon King's son with a higher level of succession......................how should I put it?

 So it was a boner.
 You don't have to tell everyone.

''In a near coup, Zedan-sama seized the real power and became the Demon King. His father Baal-sama was forced to retire at the same time, and he retired to his position as the Great Demon King.
You think it was an involuntary shift?

 Don't tell me that's why you can't get along with the current Demon Lord's family by bending over backwards?

"To Mr. Baal, such a change of regime would be a repudiation of his own administration. "To Lord Baal, such a change of regime would be tantamount to the negation of his own administration and the loss of everything he has achieved. That's why he can't get along with the current regime... and its symbol, Master Zedan.
I don't like it, though.

 The second queen, Grashara joined in the conversation.

It's true that the Demon Kingdom has improved since Zedan became the Demon King. When Lord Baal was the Demon King, I was only a grunt, but the reason I was selected and became the Fourth Heavenly King is because of Zedan!

 It doesn't matter where you're from or what faction you're from, you can rise and fall on merit alone.

'So. The more Zedan-sama's reign is recognized, the more the previous regime that was destroyed by that Zedan-sama was wrong. Master Baal has no choice but to distance himself from the current regime in order to protect the pride he once had as a Demon King.

 A loser's last stand.

 He stubbornly refuses to see his grandson's face after he was born.

 He retires to the throne of the Great Demon King and publicly acknowledges the existence of the Demon King Zedan, but privately refuses to engage in any kind of relationship and shows that he doesn't really approve of the current government.
 That's the best resistance of someone who has been relegated to a political loser and.

 The current Demon King........Zedan-san is very sincere and upfront about his responsibilities as Demon King.
 However, it caused a rift with his father and he lost his family ties.

 The Demon King, who has a strong sense of humanity, is suffering from the conflict.

 To the point that he left the explanation to Astares-san in the middle of the story and fell silent.


 As an unrelated person, I would say that Mr. Daima is just being silly and stubborn, but I'm sure he has something important to say that he can't get rid of with that.

 But that's also irrelevant to young children.
 Children should have the right to be loved by their parents as well as their grandfathers and grandmothers.
 In order to protect that right........

Let's do it..........

 The plan is to get Gotia-kun and Marine-chan to meet the Great Demon Lord.