323-321 Impressive meeting

 It's me.

 We all decided to first discuss the plan to have Gotia-kun and Marine-chan meet their grandfather.

 As a result of exchanging various information, it turned out that the big customer who was buying the artifacts of Elon and the others was, to my surprise, the great demon king.
 Realizing how small the world is, we wondered if we could make good use of it.

 After we all pondered, we all came up with a plan....

"Let's fish with our crafts.

 We agreed on this idea.

It seems that the Great Demon Lord likes arts and craftsmanship, and we have a lot of them on our farm. And we have a lot of artifacts like that on our farm.

 Pottery made by elves, leather goods made by elves, glassware made by elves, and so on.
 It's mostly elves that make them, but anyway, if you can lure them out to feed on those things, I'm sure the Great Demon Lord will come to the farm.

'That's where I'll bring Gotia-kun Marine-chan face to face! What do you think?
It's a good idea.

 I got approval from everyone and decided to go ahead with it as soon as possible.

 First of all, I prepared to write and send the invitation.
 I asked the Demon King to act as an intermediary, but he said that he would first make his intentions known, saying, 'I cannot do something like that to plot against my father,' before inviting me to join him.

 I thought he was a serious person, but that's his royal genius.

 Our talks went well, and we decided to pay a visit to our farm, and we all welcomed him with sincerity.

    * * * *

 Today is the day of your visit.

 We'll be waiting for the Great Demon Lord at the transition point.

 The only way to come from the Demon Kingdom to our farm is with transference magic, so this welcoming style was a promise.

 After the blurring of space caused by transference magic occurred in front of me, two strong-built demons appeared.

 One of them is the Demon King, which means the other aged one is the Great Demon King in question.


 Great Demon King Baal looked a lot like the Demon King, just because they were father and son.
 Of course, he was older than the Demon King, and he was already old enough to be in his old age, but his physique was strong and you could tell even from his clothes that his muscles were swelling all over.

 If this man were to get into a fight, he would beat a young man in his twenties without a second thought.

''Great Demon Lord Baal-sama was also known for his flamboyant playfulness, but he was also famous for being a martial demon king to match.

 Verena, who was standing next to me, explained.
 As expected of a demon girl, she was familiar with the affairs of her homeland.

''When he was an active demon king, he used to stand on the front lines of the Human Demon War, wielding the raging holy sword Ainrot and blowing away the human race army by the thousands. That's why it was hard for him to have an opinion even if he played with flair in his home country...''
I don't know if you're competent or incompetent...
"Competent but sometimes violently incompetent," was the general consensus. That seemed to be the general consensus. Or alternately competent and incompetent...

 You're a difficult person to judge.
 It's because of that kind of person that the Demon Lord is unable to dislike you, and he's probably struggling with the pain of trying to fix the relationship between you and him.

 Anyway, I'll do my best to be that kind of support for her.

Then let me take you to the main house first. This way........

 The Great Demon King only said 'Mm'.
 Is he a man of few words, or is he nervous?
 It's still difficult to pay off the barriers between our minds and open up to each other.

    * * * *.

 In the main house, both demon queens, Astares and Grashara, who had visited earlier, were waiting for me.
 The young children were naturally on their chests.

''Dat, Great Demon Lord! Good day to you, sir!
Thank you!

 As expected, he was showing full courtesy to his opponent, who should be called the father of the country in Alexandria.
 Grashara-san, who has been beaten up from a single soldier, is not used to being polite, so many things are at stake.


 The great demon king controlled them with his hand gestures.
 Finally, the demon prince Gotia-kun, the demoness Marine, and his grandfather met with each other.

I have heard about this place from Zedan. If it's a place that doesn't belong to any group and is not confirmed, it's as good as no place at all. There is no such thing as a formal meeting.
That's why I said yes. Don't forget that.

 In short, 'Don't get me wrong! This doesn't mean we're not making up for it! I guess that's the argument.
 Anyway, first of all, Astareth-san steps forward in front of the Great Demon King.

''I received a seed from Demon King Zedan-sama. It's for the Demon Prince Gotia.

 I take the one-year-old child from Astares' hand and hold it to my chest.

He's in the prime of life," he says. Frolicing like a fawn.

 The one-year-old Gotia is full of energy, just as he says he is, grabbing the Great Demon Lord's beard and other parts of his body and trying to pull them away as if it were a curiosity.

It's not a bad idea to have a mother who is the heir apparent to the Holy Sword Zexweis. The next generation of the Demon Lord's family will be safe.
Thank you, sir.

 Returning Gotia-kun, the next person to face him was the Second Demon Queen Grashara and her daughter, Marine.

"It was surprising that this Zedan guy had a second child, but.... He's a silly, serious guy. Was he of the family lineage that inherited the Grudge Sacred Sword...?
"Uh-uh! I'm a branch of a branch family, so I have very little to do with the main family...!
Zedan's skill is highly regarded for elevating such an unknown soldier to the position of the Fourth Heavenly King and still making a difference. To me, however, it's a shame.

 After a quick hug of Marinette, I returned her to Grashara.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say. You've done a perfect job of that, Zedan.
No, this is the work of Astares and Grashara through and through...!

 The Demon King said in awe.
 The Demon King was almost sobbing with tears of joy at the sight of his grandfather and grandchildren who had finally come face to face with him.

''Maybe it was the right decision to hand over the throne to you after all. You ended the seemingly never-ending war between man and demon, and you made friends with the mermaid kingdom. The world is at peace because of you.

 It's a good trend.

 The Great Demon King, who has been unable to be honest with me until now, recognizes the Demon King's achievements, and they're going to reconcile...?

''I think it would be better for me to leave all matters of the Demon Kingdom to you and completely withdraw from this old body. Do what you want with it. And that's why I'm going to........

 Great Demon Lord, run out.

''I'm going to tour this place as much as I want!

 I stop Daimao-san from kicking down the door and trying to escape, just in time to stop him.

''Wait! We've teamed up to bring you and your grandson face-to-face today! What kind of a thought is it that you have that you should leave your room without giving a d*mn?
That's what I thought, but I only wanted to see the site where they made those wonderful plates and statues of the god! Bring me to you!
I will! But first, you should love Gotia-kun and Marine-chan even more!

 I thought that if I dealt directly with my grandchildren, I would instantly become attached to them and become so obsessed with Gotia-kun and the others that I didn't care about anything else, but that wasn't the case.

 But that was not the case.
 You're only interested in what interests you!

''Shut up! I'm the Great Demon King, I'm a great man! Listen to me, and send me your entire workforce, all of it, to me! I'll provide you with a superb working environment!
Don't just raise your demands. You will not leave this room until you have doted on Gotia and the others for as long as you've been neglecting them!

I was able to intensely realize my assessment of the Great Demon King as 'competent and fiercely incompetent'.

 I'm not going to let him out of the room, and we had a fierce skirmish.
 Looking at them, I saw the Demon King's family all smiling bitterly.

 It's inevitable.
 This is the last resort.

Please, doctor, I'm asking you!

 I was greeted by the No Life King teacher who was waiting in the next room for me to see if this would happen....
 I asked him to summon a god as usual again.

 The one I called this time was the Absolute Lord of the Demon Race, the Underworld God Hades.

''Nooooooooooooooooo! The figure that looks exactly like the statue of the god in here could not be...?

 The Great Demon Lord was greatly horrified to see the God of Hades in front of him.
 The God stared at such a demon king as if he was avenging him.

''Listen........cheating, you're the worst!

 He began to lecture her in a pleading manner.