324-322 Daimaou Farm Tour

 Initially, one of the ideas was the 'Summon the Underworld God Hades' strategy.

 What's above the king and what's above the king is God.
 So if he called the God of the Demon Race and asked him to give orders, even if he was the Great Demon King, he wouldn't be able to obey.
 It seemed to be very effective.

 However, no matter what the reason, coercion is not a good thing, and even for a god, it's rude to call out to him every single time.

 So I said 'it's only a last resort', so I started off by asking for Daima's conscience and carnal love, but my expectations were spectacularly disappointed.

 So I decided to call the God of Hades and ask him to preach to me.

''You're a bad demon king, aren't you?''

 The only existence that can ruin the Great Demon Lord, the Dark God.

''Eh? The Great Satan? I don't care which one. Your son is a really good Demon King and I gave him the title of 'best Demon King of all time' and now you've gone back just one generation. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? In the first place, isn't the Demon King an existence that cares for the entire demon race as if it were its own child? And yet, you can't even love your blood grandson, it's shameful. I love every demon living on earth as if they were my own children. And I've heard that? It says you have had six wives. What kind of a concept is it that you have when you're under the protection of Hades and your beloved wife? Aren't you ashamed of being a demon race by imitating Zeus, such as taking a woman in hand...?''

 He lectured me in earnest.
 Because of this, the great demon king was completely mentally beaten up and hurting.


 I knelt down in front of my son and his wife and their children.

'I'm sorry...! Please forgive me for treating you so coldly...!
Oh, come on, old man!

 Ming-kun's Demon King, instantly breaks his own knee as well.

''I think I understand my father-dono's delicate position! And yet you're forcing me to do something...!
It's all right. It's all my fault for being so stubborn. From now on, we're going to take care of each other as a family, and we're going to take care of each other...!

 Thus, the relationship between the Demon King and the Great Demon King was successfully restored.
 By God's compulsion.

Now, shall we finally see the elves' workshop?

 The Daimyo is strong!
 Even after all that mental beating, you still haven't lost your desire?

"He's as tough as a demon king, no doubt.

 I got an extra endorsement from the Hades God.

'Come on Zedan! You, the current Demon King, will also work together to improve the culture of the demon race!
Yes, Dad!

 Now that he's made his peace, he's gotten his demon king involved!
 The more powerful Daimaimaimaima is, the more impossible it is to stop him!

 It's nothing to worry about.
 Well, let me take you to our farm's craft site...


 Oh yes, I almost forgot.

'Thank you, God of Hades, for coming today. We have done our business, please leave promptly.
That's a bit harsh with God, isn't it?

 Yes, you're absolutely right.
 As expected, it would be extremely rude for you to go home like this, so I've decided to have you eat the feast I've prepared for you.

    * * * *

 Then we moved on with the Great Demon Lord leading us.
 Finally, we arrived. This is my farm, the workshop of the elves.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...!

 The Great Demon King exclaimed in admiration as soon as he saw it.
 In the workshop today, the elves are still painstakingly creating tools for daily use.

''The elves who never stay under the roof are so diligent...? It's an unbelievable sight...?
'What they're making now is a leather handbag! They were ordered by Mr. Shaks of the Pandemonium Trading Company.
Pandemonium and Company? They have a connection to this place? They didn't say a word about this place?

 That was the deal.
 That's the kind of promise a merchant has to keep to himself.

Anyway, this is a wonderful workshop! How much money would it take to buy every elf I work for?
Don't get involved in price negotiations right off the bat.

 Don't try to take everything with money and power.

 This forcefulness.
 This must be more typical and 'how' the Demon King's style.

 Zedan-san is too much of a personality as a Demon King.
 We must always remember to appreciate that.

''Will you consider it positively? We need them to raise the cultural standards of the demon race!

 Many of the elves' works are circulating in the Demon City, and I think they've already made a cultural contribution, but...''

If you insist, why don't you talk to them directly?
You sure? Then let's get right to it...!

 The great demon king spiritedly attacks the elves and recruits them.
 But the answer from the elves is the same for all of them: "We will only move to a place where the food is better than the farm.

We will only move to places where we can get better food than farms.

 He said.
 The Great Demon King was initially optimistic in his reply.

''What's that all about! No problem, the cooks in charge of this great demon king will serve you the best food every day!
'No.' 'Dismissed.' 'Out of the question.' 'The title alone shows that it's impossible.'

 The Great Demon King may have meant to offer the highest level of conditions, but to the elves living here, it didn't appeal to any of them.

 For your reference, I took Grand Demon King-san into the kitchen and treated him to some of my farm's food alongside the Hades God.......

''I can't win!

 He collapsed in front of the table.

''Not just the crafts, even the food is above the top-notch in this place...! Yummy, yummy........!

 It was the Great Demon King who was propped up on the table and munching on an assortment of sandwiches.

''Well, since it's just the elves' work site, do you want to take a look at the others?''
Is there anything else?

 Speaking of the creative department, in addition to the Elf Workshop, there is another specialty of our farm.

 Batty's clothing room.

 The number of residents has increased since the farm study abroad program started, so she's still very busy with her work.

''Hohoho? Is there a demon at work here?

 He's kind of proud to have found his own tribe.

 Gazing at the finished Batty products laid out haphazardly around...!

"...hmm? Isn't this some kind of farm-brand clothing? Right now it's the most popular in the Demon City!

 Have you noticed?
 You're right, you're a good-looking person.

"You mean to tell me that this little girl is a top-brand craftsman? Are you willing to work for me?

 So you wouldn't mind if I headhunted you immediately?

 Batty was scouted by the great demon king under heaven.
 He stopped the sound of his sewing machine drive often and turned to this VIP.

''If you ask me, 'Under you...'... I'm a veteran who originally served in the Demon King's army.
Oh, then, does that mean we're going back to where we belong...?
When I first joined the Demon King's Army, Baal-sama was still the Demon King, but his chain of command was appropriate. I'm not sure how many times I almost died because of my unplanned march. If Astares-sama hadn't found me and made me his second-in-command, I really would have died...
"After Zedan-sama became the Demon King, I experienced a calculated and reckless march, and it made me realize that 'the previous generation was really quite appropriate,' so I don't think I'm going to experience the same difficulties under the Great Demon King again...!
Um...! No, I'm sorry...!

 Batty is a beat-up ex-soldier who joined the army since she was a girl.
 His sense of smell to sniff out the bosses to follow was well trained.

    * * * *

 Thus, the great demon king who had failed to scout with everything.

 He was outdoors in the dark.

''It's a nice place to be.
On your left, old man.

 The Demon King is also lined up next to me, twilighted together.
 He's a disciplined person trying to endure his father's tragedy together.

'And at the same time, Zedan, I knew that your reign was better than mine...! I know firsthand. Zedan, I'll leave everything from here on out to you, including the way you're handling this place.

 Thus, the relationship between the Demon King and his son was completely restored.
 ........Is that right?

I'm on it! As Demon King of Zedan, I'm sure I can assuage your worst fears, Father!
Oh, son.

 At any rate, after this, we had a harmonious dinner with each other's families sitting around each other's tables at supper.