326-324 Making tofu

 Show young people how good the beans are.

 The purpose of the lettuce rate has shifted to something like that.
 And the original purpose of 'Reviving the Human Nation' has been scrapped, case closed.

 So now we can focus on the beans.

Help me out, Ceja!
Help me out, Master.

 Yes, yes, yes.

 I was also asked to play a part in creating a bean movement on the farm.

 The foreign students who came to the farm were mostly teenagers, in line with the purpose of studying abroad. They are young people in their teens, with the purpose of studying abroad.

 It's only natural that they would be interested in meat and sugar-filled sweets and liquor, which are much easier to understand than beans.

 ........hmmm? Booze?
 Oh well.

 Can the beans rise to youthful stardom with such formidable competition on the other side?

This is going to take a lot of work...?

 The first thing that came to mind was to process the beans in some way.
 In both meat and sweets, the original ingredients are processed to the point where they can't be recreated, and the taste and appearance of the food are perfected, so wouldn't it be fair to say that the beans could be processed in the same way?

What does it take to make beans...?

 A tofu hamburger?
 It's like being on the same level as meat, but hamburgers are all about meat.
 A hamburger steak is a meat hamburger, and a tofu hamburger is a health-conscious hamburger, and a teenager who is only looking for calories is not going to like it.

Then what else...?

 Wait, we just found out the answer.


 Tofu, taking the hamburger from the tofu hamburger, is tofu.

 Tofu is one of the most popular processed soybean products.
 Miso and soy sauce have already been produced, but surprisingly, tofu was not yet made.
 The point is that the first two belong to the condiment category and tofu is the food itself.

 Honestly, do you think tofu is popular with young people? I'm not sure I'm strong enough to do that...
 Very well.

 At last, let's go to the other world farm and start making tofu.

Master, how about natto (fermented soybeans)?

 If we don't come to any more conclusions, we're going to be pushed to the Holkosfon natto idea.
 Let the planning begin!

    * * * *

Now I'm going to make some tofu.

 After a long, long preamble, we decided to make tofu.

 The ingredients for the tofu are soybeans.
 I think I got the recipe from TV and manga in the world I've been in before, so I think I'll be fine.

 Let's use the soybeans that Letus Rate has lovingly raised to make the best tofu we can.

 First, the soybeans are dumped into the water and left to stand.
 Let the beans absorb the water and then simmer.
 When it comes to a boil, mash the soybeans with the water.
 Then wrap the soybeans in a cloth and squeeze them, and separate the juice and the dregs.

 ........And is it good?
 It should be good so far.

"Oh...! The profound wisdom of the godd*mn Seljah is at work again!
I have no idea what we'll end up with...?

 Letaslate and Holkosfone, the people who started this whole thing, were marveling at it as they observed.

 It's a good thing that you're not the only one who can help with this, but it's not as if you can help with all of these first-timers.

 Now, we've come to the point where the mashed and boiled down soybeans are squeezed and separated into the juice and the dregs....

The squeezed juice is soybean milk. The squeezed juice is soybean milk, and the dregs are called okara.

 These are famous for being foods in their own right.
 Tofu is made from soy milk.
 I didn't need any more okara, so I was wondering what to do with it.


 Before I knew it, there was a potty at my feet.
 He's a dog-shaped monster and lives in my house.

'What is it? You want some karaoke?

 It was hard to get rid of it, so I'll give it to you as you wish.

 Porgy happily devoured the okara, and the smell of the okara attracted many of Porgy's dog-shaped monsters, who were also attracted by the smell, to come and devour it.
 Even Yoshamo and his friends come.

 Come to think of it, I've heard that okara was used as fodder for livestock in the previous world.
 The new menu for the animals on the farm will bring more people to the table.

So....can you make the tofu from this side of the soup?

 Lettuce Rate asks the question.
 She says the soup, which she describes as soup, is probably referring to the soy milk, the juice that comes from squeezing boiled soybeans.

'Yes, that's right, this soy milk is solidified, and you've got tofu.

 I'm sure it was.

'We can go on like this, you know? Soy milk is a nutritious and delicious drink. See, it's like milk, right?
Nutrition, hey, what's the harm in taking it?

 It's hard to imagine that food is good for your health in this world where nutrition is still underdeveloped.
 To the people of this world, food is something to be eaten only when one's stomach is full.
 And whether it tastes good or not.

Hmm, isoflavones are found in soy milk...?
What's that spell?

 Well, people in this world would think so.

 I've only heard a little bit about it myself, but it seems that the isoflavone nutrients in soybeans are very similar to female hormones, and once they're in the body, they have a similar function to female hormones, or something like that?

So, if you drink a lot of soy milk...

 If you take a lot of isoflavones.........

 It's the role of female hormones in shaping your feminine body.
 Your tits will be bigger and your ass will be rounder.

 That was the moment I said that.
 A huge army lined up around us.

"Hee-hee! What?!

 When did so many of them show up?
 We couldn't even detect their approach.

 A large number of people who seemed to surround us. A characteristic of this is the unusually high percentage of women.
 About 100 percent of the human fence is female. 100 percent. It wasn't just a high percentage, it was all women.

"I have a question for you, Sage...!
What is it?

 I was asked by one of the women forming the siege.
 Probably one of the foreign students.

''Really? I heard that that elixir has the ability to make your tits bigger...!

 and pointed to the freshly made soy milk.


 So I finally got it.
 This group of women appeared out of nowhere. Each one of them had small breasts as a common characteristic.

 Poor breasts.......or humble breasts group!

 Is it this regret and vindictiveness that has brought them here?

''Saints! I'm going to take a sip of that elixir!
If it'll give me big tits!
"I don't want my boyfriend to sigh every time he sees my breasts anymore!

 It's all coming over me with burning emotions!
 Do you guys really want big tits?

No, but no, this soy milk is a key ingredient in our plan to make tofu!

 We can't let it go to waste!

'Don't be so dull! That's our dream!
"I don't mind giving Saint Charming a squeeze when I get my big tits done!

 No, I don't want that!

 Beside them, Lettuce Rate and Holkosfone, with their suitably ample breasts, didn't move and just quietly watched from the sidelines.

They don't care about me........?

 I decided to quickly solidify the soy milk and make tofu.
 I was about to act on that decision, and then I thought to myself, "How do I get the soy milk to set?

How can I solidify the soy milk into tofu?

 I thought to myself, "How can I make soy milk and make tofu?
 We got to the point where we were able to make soy milk based on the knowledge we got from the TV, but after that, it was too vague to remember what happened.
 How can soy milk be solidified into tofu? Will it freeze up if I wait for it to happen normally?

 I don't know.

 I didn't think it would be a waste of time to leave them unsure.
 At any rate, I gave the soy milk to the girls of the humble breast corps as they wished.

 Otherworldly Tofu Making.
 To be continued.