327-325 Soybean bottomless swamp

 I'm continuing my otherworldly tofu making challenge.

 Last time, I was able to progress to the point where I crushed the soybeans, boiled them up, and separated them into soy milk and okara.

 But I can't go beyond that yet.
 Once the soy milk is squeezed out and hardened, tofu should be ready to be made, but I couldn't figure out how to get the soy milk to harden, even though I searched my memory.

However, I couldn't find the recipe for the soy milk solidification process.

 I can try to find various ways to make it harden.
 Will it harden naturally over time? It didn't happen.
 Soy milk is still soy milk after a period of time. Otherwise, soy milk wouldn't be a drink.

 So what else could it be? Freeze?
 Yes, it's a straightforward means of solidification, but freezing it only ended up turning it into frozen soy milk, not tofu.

 The soy milk and okara that were produced in vain due to failure were devoured by the humble breast squad and the potheads, respectively.

 Extending the thought further, is there a special chemical that can be used to coagulate the soy milk...? I thought about it, and then a ping hit me.


 The distinctive sound of the name that came to my brain.....


 I've heard it's necessary for making tofu.

 I can't remember the details, but isn't nigari the coagulant that coagulates soy milk and turns it into tofu?

 It must be so.
 Then, let's get the nigari ready!


 How can you get something that you only know the name of?
 There's no such thing as an internet search in another world, so you can't just type in a name and say 'Here you go!

 I guess I need to be more wise here.
 .........The impression that "nigari" has something to do with the sea remains.
 It is probably made by processing seawater in some way.

 And speaking of the sea, I've got a powerful ally on my side!

    * * *

Well, do you think it's a good idea?

 My wife, Prathi, a mermaid whose home is the sea, is an expert in potions.
 It was easy to mix seawater and potions in my vague imagination and create bittern in another world.

 And I really could make it!

'Thank you, Platy! That's what I'm talking about! Genius! I love you!
'Yah, I think I'm going to swim in the sky when my husband flatters me so much! ........I love you too.

 After hugging my beloved wife with Junior in between, I quickly put Platy's otherworldly bittern into the soy milk.

 It hardened.

 Finally, what looked like tofu took shape in the other world!

 I cut the hardened soy milk into pieces and put them in a tofu-like shape on a plate.

What's this white stuff? It doesn't look like any food I've ever had, can you eat it?
Just relax.

 Looking down at the tofu prototypes with Prati, who was there from the moment they were completed in the production process.
 The first step is a taste test.

 Even if the tofu looks good on the outside, if it doesn't taste good, it's not good.
 In cooking, taste is the most important thing.

Let's have it as a cold tofu first.

 It's the easiest.
 Just dump shavings, chopped scallions, and grated ginger on top of just tofu and pour soy sauce over it....
 Take a bite with chopsticks and bring it to your mouth........


 Great success!
 Tofu has successfully recreated in another world!

Wow, that's a unique texture.

 Prathi took a bite and was amazed.

It's soft and fluffy and very easy to eat. If it's this soft, it's going to be a great first meal for Junior when he's weaned!

 Prathi is taking a mother's perspective by giving birth to Junior...!

There's no flavor in the toff itself, but that's why I enjoy pairing it with any other flavor! The bonito flakes and scallions and ginger I paired with it are delicious!

 It was well received.

'OK, let's see what's next for tofu, a versatile ingredient that can be combined with any food!

 Heat the water in a pot.
 Take the broth, dissolve the miso, and then botch the tofu cut up like a dice...!

Tofu miso soup.

 It's a classic tofu dish!
 Cold tofu at room temperature is good, but you can also taste the goodness of tofu warmed with miso soup.

This is.........?

 Prathi who saw the tofu miso soup, for some reason, has a pale expression.
 What's the matter?

"Sir.........I know........ After all, I'm the one who developed the miso...!


"Miso is....soybean soup, right? You put tofu made from soybeans in a soybean soup...? That means this soup is 100% soy!

 That's what you've noticed........

"After all this trouble, I'm only eating soybeans...? It's as if I've discovered a secret of the world that should not be known! Speaking of which, the soy sauce I just poured on the hiyakko is also made from soybeans?

 It's not good, Platy!
 Don't take it any further!

 We're trapped in a soybean trap!

    * * *

 Just like that, Prathi and I finished our tofu dishes with a good meal.

 I thought to myself, "Another addition to the farm will enrich my diet," but then I realized that I had forgotten something important.

 Oh, yeah.
 How did we come up with the idea of making tofu in the first place?

 Lettuce Rate and Holkosfone, who love beans, asked me to develop a bean product that would be popular with the young people. The reason was that he asked me to do so.
 Although I can't say for sure if the finished tofu will be a hit with the youngsters, it's done now, so let's go show it to them! And I looked everywhere........


 There's a lot of noise over there.
 I think I can hear the voice of the lettuce rate mixed in with the loud cheers.

 I went over to the direction of the voice to try it out.

"Do you like big tits?
"Do you want big tits?
""Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!"

 There was a lettuce rate.
 He was agitating in front of a large crowd of women.

'If only I could drink this soy milk! You're gonna have big tits! No more sighs from my boyfriend! The power of soy is great! Come on, let's drink some soy milk!

 It was a big crowd.
 Maidens dreaming of big tits were flocking to the soy milk poured into lettuce-rate mugs.

'Oh! Horcosfon!

 Beside him, Horcosfon was immersed in the process of making soy milk by mashing the soybeans he had boiled up.

''The soy milk that Master developed is a great success. It's gaining popularity as an elixir that will make your breasts bigger if you drink it.
''So it's not an elixir!

 Apparently, the request from Lettuce Rate and Horcosfon had been accomplished when they completed the soy milk.
 The bean power had an extraordinary effect on the troubled girls.

 Not only for the foreign students who were still in the process of being raised.

'Me too! Give me the elixir to make my boobs bigger too...!

 Like the cute girls on the elven team with cute breasts and stuff...!

'Whoa! With that, I can be as good as Astareth-sama!

 The demonic duo, on the other hand, have a thing for Verena.

''Everyone calm down! The doctor will try these dubious items first!

 Even Dr. Karp the Mermaid!

 Soy milk has become popular with young and old alike.
 The lettuce rate was truly delighted.

This is the power of beans! Someday I'm going to show the world the power of beans!

 Another new goal had been opened for Lettuce Rate.
 I was about to ask her if she was done with the reconstruction of the human nation, but she's good at losing sight of her goal and working hard, so I left it alone.

 Later, I had her try some tofu, which was also a hit.

    * * * *


'Master, soy milk is fishy.
Veerle! You were over here too!

 Veerle, the dragon, had joined the soy milk fiasco.
 I thought this was a rare occasion when you didn't show up to cook.

"Soy milk will make your tits bigger, and I'll give Junior some tits!

 You have such ambitions?