328-326 Trouble of Milk Goat (Part 1)

 Panu, a satyr, came to visit.

 She's a type of beastman who lives in our house, and her race, which is a combination of humans and goats, is called satyrs.
 Panu is a representative of the satyrs that live on the farm.

We're in a pinch.

 It was a bit of a crisis.

What's going on? Did the trolls block your path when you went to graze to get fat?
No, we have something much bigger and more evil than a troll standing in our way.

 My advanced otherworldly jokes were completely passed over.

'Also, I don't want to get fat! I'm not fat!

 I fell for it a bit.

'So who is this opponent that you say is more evil and formidable and irreconcilable than a troll?
Lady Lettuce Rate, sir!

 There aren't many people on this farm that are as cheap as he is, are there?

'Do you know the saint? Lady Lettuce Rate has recently developed a new drink.

 Well, technically, it was me.

Soy milk.

 I developed it in response to a desire to make beans more appealing to international students who had recently started living on the farm.
 Using beans as an ingredient.
 The main purpose of this product was to make tofu, but it was the soy milk that was created as a byproduct that became a big hit.

If you drink soy milk, your breasts will get bigger".

 Because of this rumor, soy milk has become very popular among girls who have problems with it.
 Lettuce Rate, who had become a spectacular soybean fanatic, could not stop laughing.

'Miss Lettuce Rate is now working with Holkosfon to produce a large amount of soy milk every day! And we're handing them out!
For free?

 Generous even though there is no monetary system on our farm........
 It's times like these that I'm unexpectedly reminded that lettuce rates are royalty.
 I'm sure they're just so happy to be encouraged and lifted up that they're out of sight of profitability or anything else.

''Thanks to that, we satyrs have been badly damaged!

 It's really a 'why?' But then it occurred to me right away.
 What these satyrs produce exclusively on our farm.


 Apparently, they're very good at producing milk, by race, and that's why they asked me to come to the farm. That's why they even asked us to come to their farm.
 From then on, Panu and the other satyrs have been contributing to our farm by diligently producing milk....

That's our position! It scares me!

 I'm beginning to understand what Panu is trying to say.
 In short, are you afraid that the soy milk produced by Lettuce Rate might replace the milk produced by Panu and his team as the farm's primary beverage?

'Milk and soy milk are both delicious, but isn't milk's standing kind of immovable?'

 It's delicious, culinary and nutritious.
 The position of milk in the food world is kind of sacred and inevitable.

Of course soy milk is very popular. "Of course soy milk is very popular, but it's mainly for young ladies with unique problems, right? It doesn't matter, especially since almost all of the men are still drinking the same milk as before...

 There's no need to panic, right?

'No! It is from such carelessness that the downfall begins!

 You're very conscious.
 Are you an astute manager who is always at the top of his game?

'If soy milk loses its popularity and we don't want milk anymore we won't be able to stay on the farm! Delicious farm food, a bed of fluff! I can't bear to not taste it again!

 That's the reason for the sense of urgency.

 And I'm starting to read something about how things are going to go from here.

 Because Panu wants some new product related to milk to counter the rising newcomers (soy milk rates)........
 ........you want me to develop it!

 I'm just developing all the time!

'We created a new product to compete with the newcomers, so we wanted to give the saints a look,'

 New product, I already had it ready.
 It's very nimble.

 This new product was created to compete with soy milk.

 Well, since it's what Panu offers, it's a dairy product.
 Panu and his team not only milk the products, but also process the squeezed milk to make various things.
 Like butter and cream.

 In their home village, they have become a brand for those products.

What we'd like to offer you is cheese!
'What? What's the reaction?

 Cheese, huh?

 Well, that's a typical dairy product.
 I know what you mean.
 Even where I'm from, the cheese counter was overflowing.

 It's just that...
 I've eaten cheese myself many times, but what do you call it?
 What a texture, like chewing on that soap....

'But Panu and the others have been making cheese since you came to the farm, haven't they?


'Yes! So I'm going to introduce you to a new type of cheese that's different from any cheese I've ever made before!
A new cheese?

 Panu has put a lot of effort into this.

Meet the people who helped us develop our new cheese!
Hey! They're all gone!

 There were two people who appeared on the scene.
 First is Gala Rufa, one of the mermaid team and called 'The Plague Witch'.
 And isn't it Bacchus, the half-human, half-god who controls the drink?

"What a chaotic mix!

 Panu, Gala Rufa and Bacchus.
 What kind of an accident could happen with a demonic combination like this?

And why would Bacchus be here?

 He focused on one of the two men he was introduced to.

'I don't think you're going to be useful for anything other than drinking?
'That's the line of one who does not know the depths of drink, saint. What do you want to know? It was I who taught the Satyrs how to make cheese.
What? Really?
It was hundreds of years ago.

 According to Bacchus, he met the Satyrs when he was looking for a fruit to go with his main wine, and the cheese was the result of their joint research.

Therefore, Master Bacchus is the creator of cheese! We've borrowed your wisdom to develop a new cheese!

 And Panu.

'And based on the ideas given to us by Master Bacchus, we have now enlisted the help of Gala Rufa.

 It's another abrupt combination.

Gala Rufa, the Plague Witch.

 What kind of alteration to the cheese with her help?

I poured mold on the cheese.

 It was. Gala Rufa is a rare, if not the only, germ researcher in the fantasy world.

 Indeed, I've heard of it.
 He said that even in the previous world, they use molds to age cheese.

'At Mr Panu's request. We have created a fungus that mellows the taste of cheese through pharmaceutical magic! Because mold and germs are like relatives!

 Gala Rufa says happily.
 He's quite happy that his research is required of him.

'Here's a new cheese made from Master Bacchus' idea and Mr. Gala Rufa's mold!

 Gasp, this is the cheese that was placed on the table on a plate.
 It's true that it looks like the very cheese I know....

There's something..., blue...

 Isn't that what this is?
 Isn't that blue mold?

 Mildew laced cheese?

 I've heard of that blue cheese, haven't I?
 You've never tasted blue cheese in your previous world, and you never thought you'd see it in another!

We've pulled together everything we have to offer and made it taste great! We would love to have the first tasting of the first one, Saints!

 Even if you say...?
 Even if I had been told beforehand that such foods existed, it would indeed be an act of courage to put the mold in my mouth as it was......?

 But I can't just say "No way" under Panu's expectant gaze.......?

"Yeh, it stays!

 I threw the blue cheese, cut into bite-sized pieces for easy eating, into my mouth.
 The momentum is there.

 And then..........?