329-327 Trouble of Milk Goat (Part 2)

"Oh my God!

 Previously on the synopsis.
 I was offered blue cheese, so I tried it.

 It's so good!

"What is this? What is this?

 It's a completely different cheese than the one I tasted in my previous world!

 It's soft and chunky and has a unique texture.
 It's as if you're chewing on rare meat or even fish sashimi.
 Raw texture! This is exactly what it looks like: raw cheese!


 Come to think of it, I remember overhearing it in the old world.
 They say there are two kinds of cheese, processed cheese and natural cheese.

 Most of the cheeses you find in supermarkets and convenience stores are processed cheese first.
 ........This is what they call natural cheese?

I didn't know cheese could be so delicious...?
'What a compliment! It was worth all the hard work I put into it!

 Panu was moved to tears.
 For Japanese people who originally love raw fish, raw eggs and raw oysters, wouldn't natural cheese be more suitable for them?

 I never thought I'd be able to come to another world and have such an amazing encounter!

Sorry to interrupt your excitement, saint, but you're about to be amazed!

 Saying that, Bacchus, the God of Drinking, offered him........
 It was a glass of wine.
 It gleamed red and ruby in color.

'What? Wasn't it water that you offered me? That's the God of Drinking, but...?
Just take it. It's good to have it with that cheese.

 I'm not going to let Platy hold Junior when he's breathing the stench of alcohol in the daytime.

 I mean, this guy has an agenda, too, and I'm sure he'd be okay with just one drink.

 As instructed, I took a bite of natural cheese first and then a sip of wine.......


 This is also delicious!
 It's not the same as drinking the wine alone or taking a bite of the cheese alone!
 The flavors of both sides complement each other, multiplying the effect many times over... ugh!

'Bacchus! It gives me credibility that you developed cheese in search of food to go with wine!
'Hahaha, yes it must be so. I love the combination of wine and cheese!

 I feel like I've been enlightened.

 I didn't know soft raw cheese could taste so good.
 But now that I've come to think of it, cheese that's melted and soft on a pizza or something is also really good.

 The softer the cheese, the better it tastes!

Then let's have a taste...!

 Bacchus and Gala Rufa, the developers of this fresh cheese, also tasted it.

...Oh, it's more tangy and salty than your average cheese.
I poured a lot of salt water on it while it was ripening. We poured a lot of salt water on it while it was ripening so that the mold wouldn't grow too much.

 Gala Rufa says.
 He was the one who planted the mold in the cheese.

'The flavours are strong thanks to the fungus that Gala Rufa synthesised.
'Yes! It's a super blue mold created specifically with medicinal magic! I'm going to ripen ten times faster!

 Isn't that too fast?
 Is this always the case on our farm?

 Gala Rufa, a germ-loving mermaid, was motivated to produce fermented foods when she first came to the farm, but she was indulged in working in the farm's medical office out of necessity.

 Recently, a group of mermaid students studying abroad have served in the infirmary in the form of an internship, giving Gala Rufa more time to work.
 He'll be immersed in his heartfelt love of bacterial research.

Fermentation and maturation is an essential part of my brewing process. I'm always asking for Gala Rufa's help too!
'I wish! "Let me and Master Bacchus make the best sake!
And some snacks to go with it!

 The god and the witch shake each other's hands tightly.

 I never imagined that the cooperation of these two would later lead to an astonishingly large event.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

What do you think, Your Holiness? Is this cheese acceptable to you all?

 Panu, the one who started this whole thing, peers at me anxiously.

The cheese itself tastes wonderfully good and I can't complain about it, can I?

 Do we really have to go that far to secure our position?

 Everyone on the farm will still need milk from the satyrs, and I don't think that will ever change.
 I want Panu to be able to spontaneously produce milk without worry, but I wonder if there's a good way to persuade him to do so...?


"Oh, there it is. Panu.

 My wife, Prathi, came trotting over. Holding Junior to her chest.

'....Hmm? What is this bizarre group of people? .......................naturally reeking of alcohol! Sir! I won't let Junior touch you while you're drunk!

 As expected, there's a junior contact ban!

'Wait! I haven't been drinking! I've only had one drink!
'I'll question you on that later... but for now, Panu, I need to ask you again...!

 Prathi asking for Panu?
 That's also unusual, what the hell is that?

'That one. Yes, sir...!

 Saying that, Panu rolled up his jacket, exposing the lush breasts within it to the raggedy breasts.......?

'Don't look at the master!

 I was the one who was blinded by Prathi.

 With my vision blocked, I could only guess at the signs, but it seems that Panu is giving our junior a boob job.

''Eh? Why?

 Isn't it primarily the mother's job to give her baby a boob?
 You mean Platy's?

'I'd like to give Junior a drink as long as I get mine, but sometimes he's not in good shape.......well, in that case, please do Panu a favor.......!

 I'm blinded by my eyes, but I think that's exactly what's happening right now, with our junior putting his mouth on Panu's tits and sucking on them as his appetite dictates.

"Satyrs can produce milk at any time of the day due to the characteristics of their species. It's the perfect substitute for a mother's milk supply when it becomes difficult to produce.

 Bacchus explains.

The milk of a satyr not only tastes good, but also has great power over those who drink it. It is the best drink for babies. When my father Zeus was a baby, he was raised on some kind of goat's milk.

 I hate to follow the evil god's upbringing, but...!

That's it!

 I was blindfolded and had an idea.

"I'm going to breastfeed my precious Junior. That's a job only satyrs are supposed to do!

 I mean, they're worth it!
 As long as I'm in this role, I need the satyrs to stay on the farm!

Well....! Drinking from your precious saint's son...! That's exactly what soy milk can't do, only our milk can!
That's right! So you guys can stay on the farm!

 And so it was a good story.

 The Panus were happy to be recognized for their existence, plus the farm had a new taste for blue cheese.
 That's a good thing!


 Panu had a new realization.

'If Junior-sama grows up and starts drinking something other than milk, then we won't have a reason for our existence again! ............Please, Master Prathi! Please give birth to a second child before that!
"What? What is it?!

 Prathi didn't seem to understand as she was cried out.

    * * * *

 By the way.
 It was feared that the market share of milk would fall due to the rise of soy milk.
 After that, there was no particular drop in production volume.

 After all, the women who drank the soy milk with high expectations of its efficacy drank as much as the milk that the satyrs with big breasts squeezed out, expecting it to have the same efficacy.

 ........like a spell of analogy?

 See, you don't have to worry about it, after all, everyone needs your milk and you're safe.