330-328 Who is strong

 One time, a young kid who was coming to study abroad with us started asking me this question.

'I don't think it's going to happen because Mr. Okubo and Mr. Gobukichi are so close, but if they fight, who's stronger?'

 And to the people themselves.
 I was listening from the side and thought, 'What a stupid question,' but Okubo and Gobukichi, who were the ones who were questioned....

'It's not a big deal who's stronger.
'Yes, we are all working for the same purpose under our saints, my saints. Where is the need to worry about superiority or inferiority?

 The two of them were so mature that I was impressed myself.

 Yes, being strong is meaningless.
 It's something you only need when you're going through a hardship or when you need to beat up a jerk, not to compare and contrast in normal times, much less to look down on someone weaker than you.

 Good point! Me!

I don't get it!

 There was one student who wasn't satisfied with his current answer.
 It was the young demon race's Eringia.
 She is famous for rebounding even among the farm exchange students, where the human, demon, man, and fish races are all mixed together without discrimination.
 She's still pointy and sharp today.

"We're the Demon King's Army, and our job is to fight! For those of us who do, how strong is our main concern! I can't do that on a dime!
Don't you care about Mr. Theseus?
"Who made fun of you?

 This exchange of youthfulness.
 I was relieved to see the atmosphere of the school.

 I'm sorry to say this, but we are now in the middle of the farm class for foreign students.

 Today, we've invited Okubo and Gobukichi as special instructors.
 The question that popped up in that class was the one I asked earlier.

'.........well, I guess you could say it's an inevitable psychology.

 It was the No Life King teacher.
 He's in the classroom with me.

I'm sure they'll be wondering who and what is the strongest person at their age. It's because they are concerned with trivial things that they are young.

 These were the implied words of a teacher who has existed for over a thousand years.

''In particular, the Orcobo and Gob Kichi are the strongest species, having achieved several levels of mutation while being an orc and a goblin respectively. You can't help but be curious to see how strong they are.''

 That's right.
 Both Okubo and Gobkichi have been working on our farm for a long time now, but at first they were just orcs and goblins.
 ........should have been.

 And yet, as he worked for our farm, he unexpectedly became more powerful....

 Orcubo is.........
 In the final stage from Orcs to Warrior Orcs to Legatus Orcs.........
 Julius Caesar Oak to Julius Caesar Oak.

 Also Gov. Kichi..........
 In the final stage from Goblin to Spartan Goblin to Brave Goblin....
 They have evolved into Takehaya Susano'o Goblins.

 They had already overwhelmed the area around Astareth-san in the first stage of mutation.
 I don't really know how strong they have become through further mutations, either.

 And anyway, these young people who are concerned about ranking the strength of their mutations seem to be very interested in it.

I'm sure you're right, as far as I'm concerned, both Okubo and Gobukichi are as good as the world's two greatest disasters.

 What an outrageous view was salacious.
 The world's two greatest disasters. They were the two most vicious and powerful beings in this world, the Dragon and the No Life King.

 One of the foreign students asks fearfully.
 Sensei, who is the No Life King himself, smiles bitterly and says

That's right, I'm not going to be the strongest man in the world anymore," he says with a wry smile.
No, no, no...! No.

 Okubo and Gobukichi quickly followed up.
 They were very attentive people.

''I would never stand alongside you and confront a teacher to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude! The idea of us beating the teacher is a foolish dream!
'Respect for old people, gentle demons. I shall receive your favor.

 Okubo, Gov. Kichi's respect has fixed the position that the teacher is stronger than them.

 I wish all the foreign students would learn about this kind of strong but modest thing.......

What's that sense of grey...?
I don't know if I'll ever get it right. I want to make things clearer.
That's how adults always run from conclusions!

 The students' reputation was largely bad.

 They were young and could only talk about things in terms of '1' or '0' for everything. When does that mean they have grown up to be able to put a decimal point on it and come to a conclusion in between, or is it a compromise due to old age....

 I said.

'Let's take one opportunity here to put their doubts to rest. To make it clear enough that there is no doubt about who is strong and how strong they are.
"My lord is that...?

 The Orcubos look at me uneasily.
 Don't worry, it's not like I'm going to let you guys have a slugfest.

 It's all about satisfying the students, so they should be the ones in charge.

So, young people, I'm going to tell you...

 You'll face off against the strongest people on our farm in a real battle format.

    * * * *

 Suddenly, the class was changed to practical skills.
 In the open air, in the open area of the planned cultivation site, young people of the human race, demon race, mermaid race, and fish race have gathered.

''Today, we've prepared this opportunity for you to clear up any doubts you may have.

 I say to the crowd.

But it's hard to get a sense of strength from a casual observer. That's why we've decided to put you up against the best of the best on our farm, so you can experience firsthand how strong they are!

 The foreign students booed at his explanation of his intentions.

'Gee! No!
He's going to kill me! He's going to kill me!
''I'm not interested in who's stronger!

 As expected, they were all familiar with the basic level of the farm, and they were all trembling with a realistic fear of death.

 It's fun to argue about who's the strongest as someone else, but when you're thrown into the middle of it, it's a different story.
 That's probably how it felt.

''It's okay, it's okay, I'll have everyone take it easy enough not to kill you...''

 In fact, I think this kind of experience is very important for classes.
 By experiencing the world's strongest level firsthand, we want them to feel the vastness of the world, to broaden their insights, and to have a compassionate heart....

'Well, let me give you an overview.

 The battle will be between all the foreign students of the Human Demon Mermaid collectively and one representative elected from the farm.
 Hearing that, the international students were simultaneously relieved and confused.

''All versus one...?
''That's not fair, no matter how much you think it's unfair, or...? Aren't you taking us too seriously?

 So you think you can win if you all go at once?

 I handpicked the best of the best from the farms I worked on.

There are five representatives in all. That means you get to play five rounds.

 It's a mock game, so we'll play five times whether we win or lose.

''Also, just to remind you, the teacher and Veerle are not included in those five selections. And also Holkosfon.

 My compassion moved me that it was indeed too outrageous to hit that level.

''Ah, um........?''

 One of the students raises his hand timidly.
 What's the question?

Will the saints fight?
'No, I'm always the emcee and judge. It's the other five that fight.

 When I answered that, a sudden cheer broke out among the students.

''Yes! Good!
''If the Legendary Class doesn't show up, we might be able to survive somehow!
Maybe we can win one!

 I'm very optimistic.

 Then, let's get one of the five farm fighters to participate in this contest.

 The first one is a representative of the demon tribe living in the farm.

 He's a former member of the Demon King's Army and the Four Heavenly Kings.