331-329 International students vs farm No. 5

Miss Verena...?

 The younger students were looking at the appearance of the young female demon tribe.

Good day to you all, we've been entrusted with the task of beating you up. I'm Verena, the 'self-proclaimed incompetent'

 Do you still use those two names...?

 The students knew Verena well.
 Even if it was just her previous job, Assistant to the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, she would be well known to the children of the Demon Clan.
 Even if that wasn't the case, Verena was one of the teachers in the students' classes. She taught them the tactical theory of the Demon King's army, so they all know her.

 ........As a side note, Verena doesn't struggle so much for the meaning of her own existence these days, but she's still uncommonly happy when I give her a new job.

 When confronting Verena, the students of the Human Demon Mermaid are puzzled.

''Let me explain the selection criteria for your five opponents up front.

 Why five people, including the meaning of the number?

''I chose three of the five based on the criteria of being the strongest of each race. They are the strongest of the human race, the demon race, and the mermaid race.

 Of course, a further selection criterion of 'among the inhabitants of our farm' also overlaps.

''So Verena is the strongest of the demon race that lives in our home. So that's why I was called.''

 It's true that the Demon King and Astares are demons and our dearest friends, but they don't live on a farm, so they're off the hook.

"Verena-sensei is the strongest of the demon tribe...?

 After listening to the explanation, the students were half satisfied and half unconvinced.

Within the confines of the farm.

 I think that's a great look for young people who want to know the strength level of this farm?

Well... if three of them are like that, the other two...?
You have a pretty good idea, don't you?

 The students were in a wake-up call as I said, "Well, if you don't have any questions, let's get started.

'Come on, if there are no questions, we'll get started.
Hey! Wait a minute!

 The students crowded together as I tried to signal the start of the game.
 It's a strategy meeting.

It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what to expect. Do you think you can go?
'No matter how hard you scramble, if you're a teacher or Master Veerle, you'll never win, but you're Verena, right?'
Sure, you can't win one-on-one, but there are dozens of people in this group, so can't you push them away with brute force?
I think so. I think you can win by a dozen.
I think you're overestimating us, aren't you?

 We're having a serious discussion.

'How strong is Ms. Verena, anyway? Tell me, demonic group?
You used to be the second in command to the Four Heavenly Kings, Queen Astareth, so of course you're strong.
According to his reputation, Master Aeshma, who became the Fourth Heavenly King after Master Astareth, and Master Bati, the Demon Dog, are much more flamboyant.
You seem kind of plain, don't you, Verena-sama...

 Hey, can we go now?
 Have you tired of waiting, Miss Verena?

'Yes! I'll go, I'm fine, I can do it!
We'll show the saints that we can do it when we do it too!

 Okay, that's the spirit.

 Let's see, it's foreign exchange student versus farm representative, round one.
 Battle of Verena.


"Right hand to Hellfire Spirit Demolition....

 It was Verena who moved first.


 Explosions and thunderbolts shot out from Verena's right and left hands like machine guns.
 The young students ended up being blown away one way or another.

''Winner, Verena,''
''Wait a minute!''

 A relatively undamaged child among the stricken students shouted.

''What was that, what was that? I know, I know, Ole, both the Hellfire Spiritual Breaker and the Blue Lightning Extreme Heavenly Light are the most powerful magic used by the Four Heavenly Kings class as their deepest moves! How can you keep pontificating on that!

 It was a streaky tempo like a small punch, wasn't it?
 How is that part of you, Verena-san?

'It's not impossible if you build up the necessary magic, skip the chanting, and connect the path with the spirits well.
It's impossible! Those assumptions are impossible!

 Everyone seems to be in the mood to have their common sense destroyed by the superb magic operation that Verena has managed to pull off.

''Oh, he's doing it!

 Then, from the outside world, Batty, another demon girl from the farm, came in.
 Is she taking a break from her sewing work?

"I heard a terrible sound, so I came here and I knew it. Verena has really become stronger since she came here.

 The way you put it.

You don't think he was this strong in the first place?
Of course. If you'd made it this far when we first met, you wouldn't have been beaten unilaterally by Mr. Okubo and the others, would you?

 That's when you followed Mr. Astares into town.
 That's true, if you ask me.

You'll be able to find out the reason for your existence, because there was a time when Verena was looking for a reason for her existence left and right. It's a good thing that you're not the only one.
Verena was one of the most dedicated students I've ever had.

 The teacher on the bleachers gave her a compliment.

I was so absorbed in needlework that I didn't have much combat training, so now Verena is far more powerful than me. I think you may be stronger than the current Four Heavenly Kings, Verena.
'I don't think so, Master Belfegamilia is here.
You're right.

 and laughing cheerfully at each other.
 The battered students must have felt that this was a conversation above the clouds.

''How can you live on a farm and obtain a Four Heavenly Kings level ability...?
''How can that be...?''

 Students who thought they could win if they bagged it with a few dozen people, showing the difference in rank.

 Then Verena, in a leader-like tone, says

'Ladies and gentlemen, I almost lost myself in this land once. I was desperately searching for myself, and if I did everything I could, I would have gained strength...

 I'm not going to leave you to find yourself.

I want to encourage you to think about who you can be here. You can learn a lot from today's experience. If you learn from your teacher, you will soon become a wizard like me!
No, I don't think so.

 Verena, who acted like some kind of educator in front of the youngsters, felt like she was still lost.


 So the first game against Verena ended in a disastrous defeat for the students.

So, the second game...
""Wait a minute!"

 The students screamed in distress.

'You're leaving already? You're going next? After such a complete loss!
Didn't we say win or lose, we'll go to the 5th round? We've only just finished the first round, okay?
'I beg your pardon! We're all torn to pieces by Miss Verena's merciless attack! It's impossible for us to continue fighting, sir!

 That's a shameful thing to say.

But that's okay. That's why you asked the doctor to come here, isn't it?
Okay, here we go.

 When the teacher waves his wand, countless particles of green, peaceful light scatter.
 The light dances like snow as it falls and sticks to the bodies of the students who have been badly damaged.
 As soon as the green light bursts, the wounds on their bodies disappear and they return to a healthy state.

''Sensei's recovery magic will bring you back to life even if you die. Everyone, feel free to crush your balls.
Demons, huh?

 When we're ready, let's go for the second round this time.

As I explained before, the selection criteria for the opponents is based on the concept of the strongest person in each tribe's farm. Our next opponent will be the strongest human race on the farm.
''The strongest human race on the farm...?

 The students' tensions rose as they reacted to the previous statement.
 Who is the strongest human race on the farm, they wondered.

''Then please appear!''

 Lettuce Rate, former princess of the human nation...!