332-330 International Students vs Farm No. 5 Game Part 2 Part 3

Lettuce rate....princess...?

 What's with the slapstick look on your face?
 Is it funny that lettuce rates are the strongest human race on the farm?

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to go easy on you. I don't want you to be surprised...!
'Good luck with that lettuce rate.'

 My friend Holkosfone was by my side, cheering me on.
 On top of that.........

''Is Letaslate-sama the next opponent?

 Lettuce Rate is the former princess of the destroyed human nation.
 That's how famous she is, and even some of the foreign students were aware of her identity....

''Yes, but what's the problem?''
No, no, no, no! Isn't the strongest of the human race the criteria for selection? What can I say, are you sure? That's the strongest one?

 Even so, it's only the strongest of all, narrowing down the range to 'living on the farm'.

 The only human tribe living on our farm is the priestesses who work for Bacchus, except for Lettuce Rate.
 Then there's the satyrs who are making milk, which seems to be strictly the human race side, but neither of them are in combat jobs.

''As a result, the strongest of the human race living on this lettuce rate farm.......!
It's just a process of elimination!

 The foreign students were like the extreme end of the beaten path.

 Even compared to Verena earlier, Lettuce Rate's appearance in this phase was probably too unexpected.
 It could be called out of place.

''Is it okay...? Are you sure you want to do this...?
I feel like I'm going to cry at the slightest poke...?
No matter how much we hate the royalty of the human nation...?
"Bullying the weak is an act unbecoming of a soldier in the Demon King's army!

 Both of these statements come from the point of recognizing Lettuce Slade as a shitty scumbag.......

''You're not coming? Then we'll go this way...

 The game had already begun.
 The lettuce rate rushed out. Only its speed exceeded even the gale.


 The students must have been surprised.
 The next thing you know, the lettuce rate was standing right in front of you.


 Lettuce Rate's unleashed fist. One of the students reflexively defended himself and grabbed his fist.
 But that was what Lettuce Rate had made him do.

'Let's have a power match, shall we?'
Huh? Woooooooooooooooooo!

 The student who grabbed Lettuce Rate's hand 'princess and skin contact' and exclaimed without being moved.
 I'm not going to be able to get it right. I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say. However, the reason why he doesn't fall to the ground is probably because the student is resisting with all his might and trying to push back with force.

 But Lettuce Rate's hand is not pushed back at all.

''What? What do you mean!
"You're losing power! To the princess!

 The other students watching around them are also confused.
 The student being pushed by Lettuce Rate seemed to be particularly large and proud of his strength, but he still wasn't able to resist at all.
 He had already put his hands together and put his strength into it, but he was completely unable to compete with one of Lettuce Rate's hands.

''What do you mean! I've never heard of a human kingdom princess being a macho bull!
If she's that strong, she should have been able to fight in the war against the Demon King's army!

 The youngsters are confused by the suddenness of Lettuce Rate's power.
 It's a good thing that Letasurate was right in the middle of it all. It's easy to get carried away by nature.

I'm not the first to be brilliant and strong. Strength is based on a foundation of unflagging effort...!

 Instead of being brilliant, I'm a muddy power type........

Yes, the reason I'm so powerful is because I ate a lot of beans!
The super power that comes from eating beans! Peas, peas, peanuts, peanuts! Plus, by eating Horkos-chan's fermented soybeans every day, I've gained super muscle strength!

 Lettuce Rate pressed his hand with even more force, and the other student finally couldn't support himself anymore and slumped to the ground in a shrimpy heap.

What an idiotic power...?

 To be feared, it's the bean power.
 It wasn't an exaggeration to say that Lettuce Rate, who had obtained the unrivaled monstrous power of the beans, was sufficiently the strongest human race on the farm.

''Anyone can become this powerful if they eat beans! "If you eat your peas!
'Can you believe it!'

 Lettuce Rate, having made the student fall into the ground by himself, now pulls him out of the ground by pulling him the other way.
 The person in question was already unconscious from the impact of being plunged into the ground, but Letasurate held the unconscious student's leg........


 I lifted it up.
 As if to raise it to the heavens, as if it were a stick or something.

'I'm still going!'

 Swinging down on the unconscious student, swinging it to the side, nimbly switching from right hand to left hand, and from left hand to right hand.
 In short, the human body itself is buzzing and swinging around.
 Just like a nunchuck........?
 Whirling the human body around while making a whirring sound...!
 The wind pressure was so great that it sent up a cloud of dust in the air.

Come on, you can come from anywhere.

 However, the students, frightened by the strange scene, flee in an avalanche.

 The second game.
 The farm side lettuce rate won.

'As long as you eat your beans, you'll be strong!
'Yes, lettuce rate.'

 It was a victory for Lettuce Rate and Holkosfone, two people with a love of beans.

    * * * *

What are you guys doing here? Two losses in a row is pathetic, isn't it?

 The international students were beaten up by Verena to Lettuce Rate and the rest of the students who were beaten up in succession.

'Now let's go to the third game,'
''Wait a minute, eh?!''

 The familiar phrase was repeated again from the students' side.

I'm done! Because I fully understand the strength and horror of the farm!
But since you've invited the strongest of the farmhands and the strongest of the farmhands, you'll need the strongest of the mermaids as well, won't you?

 Yes, the player of the third game is the strongest of the farm in the mermaid race.

 So, this is the one to go.

Yes, sir.
""Dear Prati..."

 Mainly mermaids, the Mermaid Witch Academia farm branch students screamed out.

'Did you think Puffa was going to come out of it? I wouldn't have minded if it was her, but I asked her to take over for me today.

 I take Junior in my arms.

It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to get away with it. It's a good opportunity for me to teach you guys a thing or two...

 Their opponents up until now had a pattern of rapidly increasing their power after coming to the farm.
 However, this time Prati was strong from the start.

''Study up a lot, what it means for me to be called the 'Crown Witch'.......!

 In terms of results, the third match was far more one-sided than before.

 Prati's pharmacy magic was tremendously strong, and in terms of the quality of strength, it was the strongest of the 'perfect' type of magic.

 Puffa-grade freezing potions.
 Lamp-Eye level explosive potions.
 He even used Gala Rufa's magical bacteria and Zos Saira's magical creatures to steadily and smoothly overrun them.

''An all-purpose type that can do anything, that's what's so terrifying about the 'Witch of the Crown'.

 Mr. Puffa, the commentator, comments.

He has no outstanding strengths and no weaknesses. It's a solidity that doesn't have any flaws, just the way the princes and lords fight.

 In order for a lower-ranked player to beat a higher-ranked player, they have to exploit gaps and weaknesses, so there is no enemy as desperate as Prati, who has no gaps or weaknesses, from the point of view of a lower-ranked player.

 Of course, there is no way the miraculous upset will happen, and Prati lays waste to the students to the end.