333-331 International Students vs Farm No. 5 Game No. 4

 My name is Lycheeus.
 I'm a human exchange student studying on a farm.

 From now on, I would like to proceed from the viewpoint of us foreign students.

    * * * *

 It's been a hell of a ride so far.

The fifth game between the farm representatives and us foreign students started with the idea of "getting to know the strength level of the farm in person.
 The first three rounds were over, and we lost all three matches.
 And it was a one-sided battle, with a near-total defeat.

 Verena, Princess Lettuce Rate, and Mistress Prathi, who took part in the battle, were all on a completely different level of strength, and overwhelmed the dozens of foreign students like me.
 Naturally, I was among them, and we were all overwhelmed by the spectacle.

 I thought I had gained strength by experiencing things I'd never experienced before when I came to the farm, but....
 I thought I had experienced many things I had never experienced before and had gained strength, but my confidence was shattered in an instant.
 Farm, too deep........!

 Like me, almost all the other international students were broken and dispirited.

'How did this happen...?
'It's because someone said something out of line...?
'Who's that? Who's the strongest person on the farm? And who was it that said that!

 There was already a search for the culprit who had said something that didn't need to be said and caused tongue trouble.

''Yes, yes, yes, it's too early to complain!

 Mistress Prathi took over for the saint who was babysitting, and Mistress Prathi was the hostess.

'Because the game isn't over yet. We've only won three of the five matches. The review meeting will be after everything is over.
"Are you going to do it again?

 Our hearts are already breaking to pieces.

Of course it is. In fact, this is just the beginning. This is just a warm-up exercise.
"Didn't we get dragged through the warm-up exercises? We?!

 One of the students exclaimed, but I couldn't help it.

They're waiting for you elsewhere. I wish you well at best.

 Absent-mindedly, Mistress Prathi sprinkled us with a potion.
 What is this!
 A forced transfer potion?
 The effects of the potion on our skin forced every single one of us to be transported to a different place.

    * * * *

 And we arrived.

 Hmmm, where am I?

A forest!

 There were many trees lined up around us, and the atmosphere was dense, with leaves blocking out the sunlight, a forest.
 You can find many people around, and it seems that we were all sent into the forest together.

''Forcing this many people to transition is also unorthodox, but...?

 Do only uncommon things exist on a farm?

And why are we in the forest...?

 The three matches that have been held so far have been held in the open plaza, which is perfect for a match.

 Everyone has a hint of it, but they are aware of it.

 That's why I'm nervous.

 Who will be our next opponent?
 We all have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

 It's funny when you think about it.
 The concept of the opponents that appeared in the three games so far.
 The human race, the demon race, the mermaid race, and the strongest of their respective farms have been selected.

 And yet, it was the fifth match.

 So what criteria were the other two selected by?
 Isn't that an entirely different standard?

 Yes, there was a statement that started all of this in the first place.
 Who was mentioned in that statement?

''I don't think it's going to happen because Mr. Okubo and Mr. Gobbledygooks are so close, but if they fight, who's stronger?''

 In other words, the rest of the two people waiting for you are...?

''There it is!

 The voice of one of the companions rose.
 It was a voice betrayed by fear and confusion.

 When I turned around to look at the direction of the voice, I saw him.
 There it was.

 A bright blue knight brandishing a scythe........!

''It's Gobukichi-san!

 One of the twin peaks that united the farm's monster army.
 It's the goblin Gobukichi-san.

 Astride his beloved horse, the Mimic Octopus, and carrying his beloved farm tool scythe, he looked completely like a death knight.

 After all, the fourth and fifth of the fifth game are those two.

''Run! There's no way I'm a match for Gobukichi-san!

 One of the students tried to run away with a scream, but....
 At that time, Gobukichi-san was behind him.

 With that scythe on the neck of his opponent.

It's for mowing the grass? It's a scythe!
The bigger one will cut more with one swing.

 That being said, I can't move a single finger.
 A student with a sickle on his face who looks like he's about to pee his pants.

 But when did Gov. Gov. Kichi approach his opponent?

 There was more than fifty paces between the point where Gov. Gov. Kichi first left us and the student who screamed.
 I couldn't see where he was closing that distance.

 Normally, I would have had to run or walk to close in on them, but they were moving in an instant without interrupting that process at all.
 It's as if they moved in an instant, like transfer magic.

''Then let's move on.''

 As soon as he said that, Gov. Gov. Yoshi's figure disappeared!
 ........and then another student was behind him!

 Are you really using transference magic?

Hmmm... at normal speed, you wouldn't know what would happen to you guys...

 Gobbledygookichi said with a dumbfounded look on his face.

'Then let's slow down a bit. I won't learn anything if you guys get kicked around without understanding anything.
You're students, so you need to learn to fight this war. Why you're completely useless to me. Don't just say, "I don't get it, and I lost.

 That's tough...?

First of all, look at the feet. On the feet of my horse, the Mimic Octopus.

 What is it with Mr. Gov't's riding legs?

 The horse that Mr. Gobukichi rides is small and built like a donkey, just like his master.
 There doesn't seem to be anything particularly unusual about him.......?


 Huh? What the hell?
 The leg of the horse you are riding started to bend somehow.
 And it's not halfway bent!
 And not content with just that, you're going to make more circles and more circles...?

I heard that this form is called spring-like. My horse, the Mimic Octopus, is a homomunculus horse created by Mermaid Zos Saira. The horse has the characteristics of a monster octopus, and it has the flexibility and instantaneous power of a horse that you wouldn't expect from a horse.

 Spring-like... what do you mean?
 With all four legs like that, Gov. Yoshi's horse, which accumulated instantaneous power.....................exploded at a certain moment.
 It leapt with tremendous force.
 It soared high above our heads.

This time he slowed down considerably. You are seeing clearly, aren't you?

 So what's so late?
 I'm having a hard time following it with my eyes!

 Since we are in a dense forest here, it doesn't take much altitude to jump up.
 This is the forest. If you jump too high, you'll plunge into the spreading branches and leaves.

 But that wasn't an inconvenience to Gov.
 Govkichi and his beloved horse jumped up, because when he jumped onto one of the tree trunks that lined up, he used the recoil to jump in front of the ground.
 At great speed.


 The students who were ahead of Gobukichi-san's dive scream in fear and surprise.
 But by that time, Gobukichi-san had landed softly and taken his back.

 With his beloved scythe at his throat.

'So here's what I'm going to say,'

 So that's how Gov. Gov. Kichi was crossing behind us, one after another.
 This time he was able to add or subtract, so we could somehow understand his speed, but if he was serious, we wouldn't even know what happened.
 It's just a super speed goblin!

"Now that we've got it figured out, it's time to get serious. I'll stop you in your tracks, so don't move too fast. My scythe is used to cut grass, so I don't want you to suck the blood of animals.

 With that, Gobukichi-san disappeared from our sight.
 In fact, he was just too fast for us to notice.

 But in reality, he just didn't catch our attention at the breakneck speed.
 We were overrun too many times, how many times have we been overrun?