334-332 International Students vs Farm No. 5 Match 5

 Gobukichi-san was, in a word, a speed bakemono.
 He rode a horse with special functions and flew around in space at an unnoticeable speed.

 His scythe, made specially from sharpened mana metal, would cut off our heads like dry grass.

 The forest, which is heavily shielded, is a good foothold for them to fly around, and when they recoil from the tree trunks, they fly around in all directions.

''Whoa, whoa! Where is it?
''Freeze, everyone! We're going to put our backs to each other and eliminate the blind spots! Though I'm not fast enough to deal with that much!

''Gobukichi-san got off his horse! That man can move as fast as that horse on his own!
Then why do you need to ride a horse? Then why do you need to ride a horse? A fast-moving object is even more confusing when it's split into two!

 Moreover, the current speed is adjusted to the point where we can somehow catch it, and if we're serious, we can go so fast that we don't even know what's going on.
 We're being played.


 Gobukichi-san's strength was real, after all.
 The opponents we've clashed with in the past three matches, Verena-san's magic, Princess Lettuce Slate's monstrous strength, and Mistress Prathi's steadfastness, all mean nothing in front of Gobkichi-san's speed.

 Because you'll end up getting ahead of him faster than you can try to do anything.

 This is one of the strongest corners of the true farm........
 The power of the gobbler's goblin gobbler, Takehaya Susanoo.

''And one of the strongest on the farm........''

 Gov. Gov. Kichi stopped and emerged back from the super-accelerated world.
 Then he says.

'There's another one. There's no need to be too generous now, so let me introduce you to your fifth opponent.

 Deep in the forest, there was someone.
 I hadn't noticed it at all before, but in that moment, I suddenly recognized it because the other person released a sign that I had refused to breathe.
 It was as if they were going to explode.

''No way.........? There....?

 There it was.
 The other strongest.

 The orc's Mr. Okubo was there.

 He, too, rides his beloved horse, the Gigant Rock, and carries his favorite axe (for felling).
 His appearance is that of a champion.

''I'll tell you what!

 You're at the mercy of Gobukichi-san alone and now you're throwing Okubo-san into the fray, are you serious?
 That's not very considerate!

''I'm your last opponent. I'm the last opponent, and since you guys are too fast for Gobukichi's speed, I'm going to conclude that you've lost. I'm going to fight you, and I'm going to show you a different kind of strength than Gobukichi. For the sake of your posterity.

 Don't worry about it!
 The events have been so shocking that my comprehension can't keep up with them!
 I'm already full of it!

I present you with a different shade of defeat. "Emperise Pressure.

 At that moment, something like a tremendous spirit emanated from Mr. Okubo's body.

 .........No, wait.......?

 Is spirit something you can see?
 The qi emanating from Mr. Okubo's body was so thick that it was visible, it was as if the air was glowing.

 And it wasn't just visible.
 The trees growing in this forest were snapping and falling under the pressure of the Qi!

 A spirit with mass and offensive power!

"Okubo-dono, don't knock down the trees too haphazardly, okay?
I know. We're going to have to play fast and loose to minimize the damage.

 A champion of spirit?
 Just to be swallowed by that energy would be enough to crush us to death!

 Step by step.....
 Slowly but steadily, Okubo-san is approaching.

 With his enormous presence of mind.
 It was as if a wall was coming straight at him.

 A different quality from Gobukichi-san's, a power too powerful.
 If Gobukichi-san is the strongest of the 'motion', then Okubo-san is the strongest of the 'still'.

 If Gobukichi-san is the speed that no one can capture, then Okubo-san is the power that no one can resist.

 Caught between those two types of undeniably strongest, we could do nothing but cry.

    * * * *

Okay, that's it.

 The looming wall of chi stopped just as we were about to be right under our noses.
 Until then, we hadn't felt alive at all.

 The spirit of the rift-blade disappeared from Okubo-san, and the formless Gobukichi-san also returned from the super-accelerated world.

'Did I scare you a little too much? Now you have an idea of the farm's, general level of strength, as a realization.
I think your questions are answered and your experience has been better.

 The experience is so shocking I can't think straight........

 How strong is Saint-sama's farm, how strong is it fortified by your fighting ability!

''Well, though, strength doesn't really mean anything on a farm.
'A farm is a place to farm and be self-sufficient, you know. We don't need more troops than we have to defend ourselves.

 It was probably Okubo-san, who had the strongest power on earth, who said so casually.

That's the first thing I wanted to tell you in this simulation. We're not particularly proud of our strength, nor do we think we need it.
'There are more important things. We need to remember that very thing.

 Listening to Mr. Okubo and Mr. Gobukichi, I felt as if something heavy had been put in my stomach.

 Coming to the farm taught me a lot of things and I think I've grown stronger by leaps and bounds.
 In fact, I suppose that's true.

 But no matter how strong I became, an emptiness followed me because on this farm, there were people who were even stronger on top of being stronger.
 There are always a number of them.

 Under these circumstances, no matter how strong you get, you can't be conceited.
 But I think that's what's most important about being strong.

You'll finish your education here on this farm, and you'll go home to your countries.
'Then you will be able to use what you've learned here correctly, and the experiences of today will live on. We will use the power we have developed here to protect, not to oppress, the weak.

 Orcs and goblins teaching me a lesson...
 These two aren't just strong, they're also first class.
 Their personalities are also first-rate.

 I've never seen orcs and goblins like them!

Now that the fifth game is over, I'm sorry about the beating up. But I thought it would be a great asset for you guys to have.
Well, let's see if we can clear the tree that Lord Okubo brought down with his spirit.
Do you think Master Aileron would be pleased if we chopped it up into small pieces for firewood?
'Wouldn't it come back sooner if you grafted it onto a stump? Hyper fish manure is also added to the fertilizer...

 Attention to detail........?

 You two must be farmers from the ground up, to have so much power and yet not be negligent in your concern for nature!
 Not a warrior.

 That's the reason why a saint's farm is a farm...?

    * * * *

Yes, Mr. Lycheeus.

 Mr. Gobukichi called my name?

You were pretty good in the fight. You could always see me moving around.
''Oh, I see that you think so too, Gobukichi-dono. He showed his will to fight my 'emperor's pressure' to the end, and when it came to the end, he tried to cut me down. So I stopped him in a hurry.

 No, no, no........

 It's meaningless to be able to do that.

 Even if you could track Gobukichi-san's speed with your eyes, you can't deal with it if your movements don't actually catch up to him.
 Trying to counter Okubo-san's spirit is completely torn and just f*cking ballsy.

 Really, it's just empty...!

 And so I'm in awe.........

''Being able to humble yourself like that is proof of your talent. I'm sure you're going to be a good next generation bearer, Litheceus-kun.
I'll be the man of the new millennium.

 I accepted the endorsement I received from the two stiff-armed monsters, still not realizing it.

 Rather than the future, the difficulty of the present was more sobering to me than the future.