335-333 Looking back on the development of the farm

 That's me.

 All of a sudden, I'm going to take another look at the development of our farm.

 The farm started out with just me.
 We cleared a lot of empty land, expanded the fields, built a house, and built many different things.
 Basically, I don't have a plan, I just do what I think of, so there are many facilities and buildings scattered around the farm.

 It's chaotic.

 We don't want to regret or correct our disorder and lack of planning.
 I've had enough of the stifling thoughts of the rules and regulations in my previous world, so in this world, I'd like to do whatever I want to do with them.

 I want the people I live with on the farm to take it easy, so there is no obligation to give me permission to start something new.
 I want my friends on the farm to feel at ease, so they don't have to give me permission to start something new, because I think it's more fun.

 However, such chaotic development has created a lot of chaos on our farm, so it's time to take a look back and reconsider.

 Our farm, the building facilities were reaffirmed.

 The majority of the farm is made up of fields and rice paddies, but what is being built are mainly houses for the people living on the farm.

 In the center is the mansion where I, the owner of the farm, live.

 I built this house very early on, but I built it larger in anticipation of the future, so there's still plenty of room for more space.
 Me, Prathi, and Junior's family are the ones who stay up in bed.
 The other two are Bati Berena's demonesses. Early members such as the mermaid girl trio of Puffa, Lamprey, and Gala Rufa are also sleeping and waking up here.
 So do Letaslate and Horcosfon.

 The dressing room where Batty continues to make new clothes and the infirmary where Gala Rufa is packed is also located in the house.

 Veerle also travels back and forth between the dungeon he controls and the farm, depending on his mood, but when he's on the farm, he generally sleeps and wakes up in this mansion.
 Or rather, lately, he's been in the mansion for the most part.
 Isn't it time for that guy's dungeon, the tree spirits to really take over?

 In the back, very close to the mansion, there is an apartment complex where a team of monsters, including Orc Bogobukichi, sleep and wake up.
 I call it the 'Monster Tenement' because of the form of the residence, but it's really a tenement-style building, a long horizontal building divided into small sections, with orcs and goblins living in each room.

 It was the same for the leader, Okubo and Gob Kichi, who were also the same, and the simplicity of the world's highest level of power.

 Other workshops where the elves work are also located around the mansion.
 A pottery workshop, a glasswork workshop, and a leather workshop.
 There is also a separate lodging for the elves themselves to sleep and wake up in. At first, the elves refused to sleep under the roof as a matter of pride for the forest people, but as they lived there, they began to envy the fluffy beds and cute pajamas.

 After some struggle there, they accepted civilized sleeping.

 The lodgings were built by the girls themselves, prefabricated from wood that had been cut down.
 Even though it's a house, it has an outdoor feel to it, and I sometimes envy the girls who sleep in it.
 However, I would never say 'let me stay here' because it would mean something else if I asked them to, though.

 Furthermore, the Satyr's milk production plant, which Panu heads, and the brewery, which Bacchus runs with a group of priestesses, are a bit further away
 The facility was built at a time when the farm was quite developed.

 The satyrs' workplace produces not only milk, but also butter, cream, and cheese, making it a surprisingly large facility.

 The brewery also produces a wide variety of beer, wine, sake and spirits, so there are several large breweries.

 Each of us has our own living space in the facility where we work, so we sleep and wake up at the same time.

 Next is the space where the newcomer to our farm, the mankind, demons, and fishes live.
 The orcs built this space at a rapid pace.
 I'm glad to see that they are building maniacs due to their excessive carpentry work in the first place.

 They tried a new challenge and built a three-story building.

 The three tribes of foreign students are required to live together without discrimination, but the dormitory itself was built in two buildings.

 However, the dormitory itself was built in two buildings in order to divide the students by gender.

 Even if the barriers between races are removed, if the barriers between men and women are also removed, they may become closer than expected.
 We learned that from the case of Eringian and Lytheus.
 I didn't want to disturb the farm's morals, so I drew the line there.

 Currently, I don't think any mistakes will be made, as I've had Carp-sensei from Mermaid Witch Academia strictly enforced as a dormitory supervisor....
 I don't think it will happen more than necessary........


 Since this is a good time, I'll also share with you how the international students learn and live on a daily basis.

 The purpose of the study abroad program is to educate the students to become the next generation's supporters of various tribes while interacting with other tribes on the farm.

 So the young students basically take classes.
 It was too much trouble to build a school building, so I prepared only desks, chairs and blackboards for an open-air classroom.

 The instructors are mainly No Life King teachers, with Verena and Puffa as the main instructors.
 From time to time, special instructors such as the Demon King, Astares, and Prince Arowana would also stand on the podium to teach.
 Other than that, Dalkish, the former Lord of Humanity, will be lecturing on estate management. Shaks, the Chairman of the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce, teaches economics. Mr. Edward, the Dwarf king, will be teaching engineering and....

 It's an amazing elite curriculum, isn't it? I think so.

 Of course, since I live on a farm, I don't just learn about it, but I also get help with farm work as they say "those who don't work shouldn't eat," or I get to go into dungeons and hunt for them under the guise of combat training.

 If I didn't do that, I certainly wouldn't be able to support nearly fifty people in their prime eating years.

 But whatever the case may be........

 The number of people on our farm has increased considerably.

 Even if you add up the number of people who have appeared in our recollections so far, there must be two to three hundred people here.
 In addition to this, the earth spirits and the Huperion army including Porgy and the rest of the Huperion army, how many more people would there be if they were included?

 It's no exaggeration to say that this is a rather large village.

 The facilities I've recalled up to this point are also limited to 'inhabited things', as well as a brewery, a refrigerator, a hot spring, Holkosfon's Natto Laboratory, a canal for pouring living water into it, a dock for mooring the magic steamship Herkilke....
 There are countless other facilities, large and small.

 That's how our farm has grown and is appropriately sized........
 New problems have come up.........

    * * * *

'....we need more people...!

 That's what it was all about.
Someone might say, "Not again! This is a problem that is bound to happen regularly after all.

 In particular, the reason why we felt the shortage of labor this time was the massive influx of foreign students.

 It takes a lot of time and effort to provide them with housing and all the daily necessities they need. Of course, we also need food.
 We were beginning to worry that Okubo, Gobukichi and the others would not be able to produce and provide for them on their own.

It was a look back at the farm facilities to reaffirm those things....

 Now what?
 It's easy to hire more people, but our farm has grown to this point through repetition.

We need more people because we don't have enough.
2. increase the amount of farmland and housing to cover the increased population; 3.
(3) to increase the number of people because there are no more people to take care of the enlarged farmland, and (4) to increase farmland and housing to cover the increased population.
And then more farmland and housing are added to cover the increased population.

 This repetition of this spiral of population inflation is not something that we can just ignore without a plan.
 I've said it's fine to be disorderly and unplanned, but as expected, getting involved in the fundamentals of farm management is not...!

Uh, is there anything I can do to make the process more efficient without adding to the labor force?


 No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no....
 I knew I'd have to ask the Demon King or Prince Arowana to recruit manpower, or maybe I'll just go find another anthropomorphic monster in Sensei's dungeon.......?

''What, are you worried about manpower again?''

 The one who approached me was Puffa, the "Frozen Witch".
 She is one of the mermaid tribe living on the farm, and the fiancé of Arowana, the prince of the mermaid kingdom.

'Yeah, the fields are bigger and there's more to do, and I think we'd still like it if we had more people than we do now. I don't feel like increasing the population without a fight...!
You have a better idea, though?

 What did you say?

"I thought it would be a waste to leave that thing in there. If you want to reuse it on the farm, why not!

 I wasn't expecting you to have a brilliant idea.

 It's no wonder the future mermaid queen has a family history of dealing with population and labor problems.
 And what's your secret solution to the manpower problem?