337-335, the dream of the nine hundred eighties, breaks

 My name is Marriage.

 I am a genius magic researcher.

 I was born with a talent.
 It is a talent enough to overturn the conventional wisdom and initiate a new one.
 I was born to change the world.

 I need the patronage of the powers that be to prove my talent and spread it to the world.
 Since I was born into the demon tribe, I went to the Demon King, the most powerful person in the demon tribe, to show off my genius to the fullest.

''I don't need a dream story.''


 What a fool you are!
 Don't you know what a loss to the world it is to cast out my genius without understanding it!

 The world has been turned upside down.
 There must be something wrong with the world to make such an incompetent person a demon king.
 There must be something wrong with the world to not recognize me!

 No, this would be more of a revelation.

 I will smash the world that is wrong and make it right.
 That's what my genius is for.

 I realized how to use my talent.

 It was a momentous day in that sense.
 Let's destroy the world as it is now in order to create a world that recognizes me.

 With this genius of mine!

    * * * *

 It's been thirty years since I made that decision.
 My dream was not going to come true.

 I put my own magic theory into practice and gave birth to an automatic doll.
 It took me 30 years to complete it.
 I only had to make one.

 I'd have to say 'What? 'I wasn't a genius by any chance, was I? I feel like that.
 After all, it's been 30 years.
 I was able to believe in myself without reason because I was young. That youthfulness has been completely lost with the passage of time.

 In the original plan, I was supposed to complete this in just one year.
 Thirty years.....
 It was just a situation that brought my own incompetence into sharp relief.

 An automatic doll.

 It's true that this is a masterpiece in which all of my talents have been put into, but I can't change anything with this one doll alone.
 At the very least, it needs a large army of over ten thousand dolls. We can't change this world and we can't fight the Demon King's army.

 You're going to create those 10,000 bodies now?

 I can't.
 My lifespan will surely end before I can complete it.

 Does this mean that this is the limit of my talent?
 So, in the end, I was an ordinary person who couldn't change the world?

 No, if we give up and accept reality here, the thirty years we spent on making automatic dolls will be in vain!
 That's the only thing I won't admit, and I'll never admit it!

 Okay, if this happens, we'll make a new plan.

 If you don't think I have enough life left in me to accomplish this plan. Add some more years to your life span.
 How about abandoning my old, decaying body and replacing it with a new one?

 Fortunately, the new body has an atelectroscope.
 It's an automatic doll.
 I will transfer my memory and consciousness to the soulless automaton that my genius created.

 For a genius like me, that much is easy.

 Okay, the new body should be the strongest body anyway.
 Now that the first model is complete, we have all the data we need to develop an automatic doll.
 This is the basis for further improvement and optimization, and I will make the most powerful battle-type automaton in my new body!
 When it's completed, I will use its unparalleled fighting power to destroy the demon kingdom and create a new world that recognizes my talent!

    * * * *

 .... another forty years have passed since then.
 As expected, I'm a bit of a wreck.
 My back hurts all year round, and it's hard for me to walk. My teeth have fallen out.

 In spite of this, I am able to live alone in a laboratory deep in the mountains because my first automatic doll, which I completed forty years ago, is taking care of me.

 Thank you, you've really helped me.
 ...You prepared the food for me earlier, didn't you?
 The fact that this guy keeps repeating the same instructions over and over is the essence of his prototype. I told him that the plan to make 10,000 automatic dolls had been scrapped, but he spends his free time mass producing his own prototype...

 However, today will be the last time I'll be in this guy's care.
 Because after forty years of work, I've finally completed my own new body!
 A developmental automaton far more powerful than the first prototype! This is what my new body deserves!

 ...although it ended up taking me even longer to make it than the first one.
 Plus, I added too many new features, and I had to keep expanding it to make it consistent, and before I knew it, it was as big as a dragon...?
 ........Oh well, that's okay.
 Big is strong. I can see the future me, who has turned into a giant automatic doll, destroying the demon city in its entirety!

 All right!
 Now finally, the final step. Transferring my consciousness to a giant automaton!
 When that is accomplished, the giant automaton will see completion as this I-marriage itself.
 Sitting on this consciousness transfer pedestal....

 Start the transfer!
 Estimated time for completion of all data transfer........

 Eighty years later!

    * * *

 ........How did I not notice this before I started?
 The transfer time of personality data is too long.

 That's how large the data capacity of the intellect's memory, emotions, and consciousness is........
 As soon as the data transfer begins, my original body stops its life activities and can't even go back.
 The memory consciousness is stored in the transporter once, so it doesn't matter at all if my original body rots or dries up........
 Why does it take a moment to suck it out, but it takes decades to pour it into a new body?

 No, that's enough.
 It's all done.

 Because today, after eighty years, the process of transferring personality data has been completed.
 It was born.

 Giant automaton marriage 2!

 It took 30 years to create the prototype automaton. Forty years have passed since I created a developmental automaton in order to make it my own new body. Eighty years to transfer the personality data into that body!

 ...it's taken me over 150 years to finish it...

 But what time has passed is in the past!
 All that matters is now!

 Now is the time for everything to be ready and the vengeance on the demon kingdom to begin.
 I will destroy the old world and create a new one.

 That's why I was resurrected, I'm a giant god with mechanical devices!

 Now, let's crawl out from the lowest level of the lab where the Titan is housed!
 The lab is now useless, and I don't care if it collapses.


 There's a lot of wreckage, huh? And isn't that what's left of the automaton?
 Did that guy from the first machine continue to mass-produce it even after I started the personality data transfer?
 But why is it broken?

 Anyway, when we went out to the surface, we found that the situation was much different than we had expected.
 There are many people here.

 Demons, orc goblins and even humans?
 What tribe is that woman with wings on her back mixed in with them?
 I'm not sure.
 This variety of faces...?

 I don't know, but oh well.
 It was nothing short of unfortunate that you suddenly met me in full operation.

 As a prelude to the creation of a new world by this mechanical giant of a god, Marriage 2, we can all die!

 The arms on this giant automaton aircraft have the muscle power of four hundred orcs!
 One cleave, and the entire surface of the earth will be uprooted!
 Whether it's demons, humans, or anthropomorphic monsters like orcs and goblins right in front of you!
 You can take on a bunch of hundreds of people and expect nothing less!

 That winged woman is also a bit of a study, but it doesn't matter.
 It's a trivial matter in the face of my genius feats.

 I'm going to kill everything that's alive!


''Manakakanon simultaneous firing.
"Hellfire Spirit Breaking Slash and Blue Thunder Extreme Heavenly Light!
Saint Orc Fist!
"Eat my original recipe for flaming potion!
"Pea Power Lariat!

 A volley of something awesome came and I dared to be a bit of wood.


 The result is finally finished...?