339-337 recognized genius

 After I returned to the farm to take care of the marriage, Puffa and the others stayed behind to continue their work.
 They were working to recover and reuse the automatons that had been left exposed in a laboratory deep in the mountains.

 The automatic dolls were placed on the shoulders of the orc goblins that were returning one after another with shifting magic.
 They must have dug up the relatively undamaged ones from the pile of wreckage.

''Even after the death of the creator, Marriage, the remaining auto-dolls created their own same-type machines according to the blueprints and increased in number.......''
"Project for the mass production of 10,000 autopsies..., has he really been working on it?

 Its creator himself, now a giant doll with only a head, sits with me and watches the scene.

 Mariage's voice was like she was biting down on a bitter worm.

''But what do you plan to do with those crude dolls back home?''
"Repurposed for the workforce.

 Both of Marriage's eyes flickered at my immediate response.
 From time to time, it shows an automatic doll-like reaction.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about it. I'm sure it's quite a sight to behold to my inventions.......?

 You're happy that your research is drawing attention again, aren't you?

But you're just an amateur. Do you think you can use my research so easily?
'Even though the first machine was produced by proxy, those dolls were designed by me. The intricacies of their construction cannot be compared to water wheels and carriages. It would take a genius of my caliber to be able to maintain these dolls and move them around on command. There aren't many people in the world who can do that...!

 A man who wants to brag about it at every opportunity.

 Well, I know what he means.
 Automatic dolls have magic, which is the technology of this world, as their basic structure, but they also seem to have an engineering aspect to them, as they rely on shaped dolls.

 I'm sure the average person in this world will be unable to handle such a thing.

 I can understand why Marriage wants to be proud that no one else can handle it but her, but....

    * * * *

Fifty-two cars up.

 It's easy to forget these days, but I have the power of the 'supreme bearer' gifted by God.
 It is the ability to draw out the performance of the item in my hand beyond its limits.
 With this, I was able to touch and check my dolls to repair them.

 Recently, I've been blessed with companions and tools that allow me to do a lot more without having to rely on the supreme bearer.
 I'm both happy and sad.
 That's why it's good to be blessed with the opportunity to rely on the gift of the god Hephaistos for a long time.


 And seeing her own designs being readjusted one after another, Marriage exclaimed loudly.

''Why? The structure of an automatic doll that I spent my whole life inventing was analyzed so easily.
It was like assembling a plastic model...!

 I decided to have the automatons do some simple field work first.

 My work is to change the world...!

 It was a goggle-eyed complaining marriage, but it was still somewhat of a floating attitude.

''........Is it helping?''
"Does my automaton work?
Yeah. I'm sure you'll find that the doll does a very good job of it. It's a very good thing that you can make decisions on the simple things yourself.
'I know, I know! The magic decision-making device built into the head is the key to an automatic doll!

 As I thought, she couldn't help but be excited that her work was being evaluated by others for the first time, and that it was positive.

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what to do with it.
 What kind of a foothold have I made........

''The Saint's Hall.''

 They're already here.
 You're fast, Demon King, I just sent you a message just now....

You can't afford not to rush over when the saintly lord calls. I'm always in your debt and.......
"Demon king!

 Marriage reacted immediately to the great demon race that appeared.

"You're a demon king? That's just a normal, strong-looking guy...?
It's just like the Demon King Zedan of our time.

 The demon king is a dignified man who faces the present marriage of an absurdly large head-only doll, which could be called a bad taste object.
 His good thing is that he's serious at all times.

"That's........that's the self-moving doll that you made up?
''Ha, yes........?''

 The demon king carefully observed the automatic dolls working in the field.
 Then he said, ''I see.

''I see, it's a magnificent technology. The puppets move by themselves and cope with their own thoughts. If this technology were to spread, it would revolutionize the labor situation around the world.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa...?
''I've heard about your life. I regret that the then Demon King made a hasty decision, as his successor. We, as rulers, should have listened more seriously to the people below us.
"No! Your words alone have rewarded my one hundred and fifty years of hard work! I'm honored beyond measure...!

 As soon as he gave me a compliment, he flipped out.
 Cash, but well, I know the feeling.

'The current demon kingdom has an institution for researching and inventing new magic. Would you be willing to work there if you wanted to?
"My Demon Lord...! Oh, what a merciful word...! I have no talent, but I will do whatever I can to help the Demon King.

 In his own lifetime, he was neglected, and he was rewarded across generations.
 His efforts, which had never been acknowledged, were now recognized.

I'm home!
Oh, puffa.

 And Puffa, who had remained at the scene until the end, also returned with transition magic.
 In his hand, there was still the remnants of an automatic doll........

''Huh? Isn't this thing too broken?

 The standard for the automatic dolls to be recovered from the laboratory should have been the ones with relatively little damage among the broken ones.
 However, the last one that Puffa brought back was so miserable that it was no longer a total loss, no matter how much of my 'supreme bearer' it seemed impossible to repair.

'This wasn't brought back for reuse, you know.
So what was it for?
He's special. I smashed it a long time ago. Took me a while to find it.

 What is the meaning of this most battered automaton?

"Well, that's...?

 The answer was given by Marriage, of all people.

"The first unit... the first automatic doll that I created with my own hands...?
That's right, the first time you guys were bothered, this was the one that greeted you. When you were thought to be dead because of the personality transfer, you kept your mouth shut and continued to protect the lab all by yourself.

 When I asked him what caused it to be totally destroyed, he said that Sunggok Fong had gone out of fear.
 That gal angel.........?


 It was made by the hands of an unfortunate genius, spent most of his life with him, and continued to serve the corpse even after the death of his master.

 Is it ignorance and mockery due to the puppet?

 I felt as if a small amount of light remained in the eyes of the first doll, which had almost fallen apart.


 The marriage has disintegrated until it has become an automatic doll and then only a head.

 You were supposed to be the one to cook my meals...! You really listened to me........''
"It's beautiful outside but let's move to the city and we'll take our chances with the city....
'Well let's go home to our house. I've been accepted. I've been accepted. I've got nothing to be proud of. Now all you have to do is look after yourself...!
"Kaeri, let's go home.

 Something like a faint light poured down from the heavens.
 As if guided by that light, something like a vision emerged from the wreckage of two automatic dolls.
 One man with an uneven appearance and a brand new shiny doll.


 They stood side by side and ascended as if guided by a light from the heavens, and then disappeared out of sight as they disappeared over the horizon.

 At the same time, what should be called life force disappeared from the wreckage of the two automatons.
 They no longer moved forever. Everyone who was present truly felt that fact.

''........She's come to pass!''

 I was shocked to see a phenomenon that could only be interpreted as such, and I was in a state of shock.

I'm not going to be the only one. Can an automatic doll become a Buddha?
A doll has a soul?
So the alchemists didn't just transfer memories, they transferred souls as well?
And the first puppets, who were originally dolls, had souls?
And they ascended to heaven! Isn't the underworld underground?

 Even though they were subjected to a barrage of criticism, it didn't matter since they were no longer in this world.
 Everything is fine as long as you are satisfied with yourself.