340-338 Doll life

 Oh, I was so surprised.
 They suddenly came of age.

 No, it's a mystery whether or not there is a concept of 'coming of age' in the fantasy other world.

 Anyway, Marriage, the inventor of the automatic doll, and the first automatic doll he created.
 It seems that the reunion of these two people after a long period of time gave them a lot of satisfaction.

 They both have souls in their bodies (?). and ascended to heaven.

 The one in the sky is supposed to be the heavenly god world where those infamous gods of heaven live.
 Well, okay, details.

 In the first place, Marriage was originally supposed to have died about a hundred years ago, and she should have become that way earlier.

''Even in the next life, be a good boy...''

 I don't even know if there will be an afterlife.
 All I could do was watch them depart.

Do you think I should have said, "Good luck in the Underworld"?

    * * *

 Anyway, the inventions that the genius left behind, the automatic dolls, will be put to good use on our farm.

 The dolls that were brought to the farm were exactly 100 in number.
 There are still more than 9,000 dolls left in the wreckage in the back of the lab, but we only have enough to make 100 dolls work for us.

 The rest will either continue to be left out in the open, or the demon king will order his staff to retrieve them. For future research.

 That's how the newly joined........or rather, the hundreds of automated dolls that were deployed.
 They are contributing immensely to the efficiency of the work on our farm.

 After all, they (they?) is a doll.
 You don't need to live, so you don't need a place to sleep and you don't need food.

 The bare minimum, as long as you have space for maintenance and storage, you can get by.

 We're going to be short on staff → replenish the workforce → expand the fields and houses to support the increased workforce → we'll need more people to run the expanded workforce.

 And that's all thanks to automation with automated puppets! 
 Hail the automaton!
 Hurray for mechanization!

 The automatic dolls are mainly engaged in simple tasks.
 Checking the crops for diseases and insects, and watching for vermin and birds.
 Transporting supplies on the farm.
 They also manage the steamboat dock and the hot springs, among many other things.

 This is all due to the high quality of the automatic dolls that Marriage has worked so hard to make.

 Thanks to its magical sensory sensors, artificial intelligence, and posture control system, it can do some pretty complicated things on its own.
 Even in the previous world, the things that could only be entrusted to a human being can be left to a machine with no worries.

"Oh no...! That's great, Demon King! Isn't this a technological breakthrough!

 The demon king watched the work of the automaton together.
 I asked him resiliently.

 He also said that he appreciated the automaton that Marriage had made and wanted to incorporate it into his country's research.
 The samples from the farm would be a valuable example for the practical application of automatic dolls in the demon country.

 Someday, his dream of having the automated dolls created by Marriage working in villages and towns around the world could be realized.

'Oh, about that...!

 The demon king is trembling.
 It's hard to say.

"I'm talking about the improvement of the labor situation with the automatic puppets.......to tell the truth, I'd say it's been resolved........or is it enough......!
"We demon tribe have an uncanny monster...! Orcs and goblins and all that. Where we need more hands, they work for us, and we already have enough...

 That was it.
 In this world, there are beings called monsters that occur in dungeons, and furthermore, the relatively human-like forms of these monsters are said to be able to do what they say with magic.

''We used to send them to the front lines when we were at war with the human race, and they're still used for labor in many places. They are low in intelligence to begin with and can only perform simple tasks...!

 That's the same as the use of an automatic doll.

I'm sure the Demon King in Marriage's time also thought about that and rejected it. His proposal. Making automatic dolls to pay for it is usually enough for anthropomorphic monsters...!

 But then why? Didn't the demon king give an unreserved appraisal of Marriage, who had just come of age, and even invited her to the institute?

 You gave that much credit to a study that had no hope of working...?

 Oh, really?
 A good lie?
 You lied to me, Demon Lord, you lied to me about people!

Oh no. Um..........?

 Demon Lord, you blatantly looked away!
 I knew it! You're a good person, Mr. Devious.

 But why did you tell a lie that was so obvious? It's a good thing that he went to the Buddhist temple right away, but if not, what should I do to make him look good?

 Did you perhaps calculate it?

 The demon king could have predicted that Marriage would ascend to heaven without any desire to live in this world?

''Oh no..., I didn't think she could forcibly transfer her soul to such an inorganic object and settle down for so long...! At the very least, he wants you to leave for the underworld satisfied...!

 The Demon King is kind after all...!

No, but that doesn't mean that his research is really worthless! We can't use him as a direct labour force, but we're looking for other ways to use him in our research institutions...!

 It's okay.
 The follow-up is good.

 I know that the Demon King was sufficiently attentive as the Demon King.

 Whether or not the results of Marriage's research will be passed on to future generations is something we can look forward to in the future.......
 We who live in the present, let's focus on the present.

''It's all right! His work is paying off right here!

 On my farm!

 An anthropomorphic monster that has already occupied the role the automaton aimed for!
 That's one thing that puts us at a disadvantage on my farm.

 Orcs and goblins working on our farm will quickly evolve into higher beings without us even knowing it!
 Starting with Okubo and Gov. Gov. Yoshi, they are now valued farm buddies!
 I'm not going to be a tool!

 Most importantly, we can't afford to mass-produce any more entities that might upset the balance of the world!
 Those mutated orc goblins seriously have that much power!

'But! The automatons will be fine! They surely couldn't have evolved!

 They're just puppets and they're not alive!
 Just a few minutes ago, the first doll, along with its developer, did its best to look away from the phenomenon of the ascension of the first doll, which is proof of something with a soul...!
 The dolls must be the perfect simple labor force for our farm!

'You're so busy, sir...!

 Who stands behind me saying that?

 My wife! With Junior in your arms?

'Has that kind of optimism ever come true! I'm going to slap the reality into your feckless hopeful master! Whatever you keep on this farm is going to be special!

 Junior, who was being held by Prathi, was nodding his head just as he said, 'Nunda.

 Wait a minute?

 You can't do that every time, can you?
 Until now, it's been like a series of coincidences, how many miracles can you bear to have so many?

 And it's okay, because the automaton itself is something special in the eyes of the public!
 There's no room for further development.

 You can't enjoy your life if you're always wary of a dangerous future!
 It's okay.
 I'm fine!
 I'm telling you, those automatons are going to stay that way forever!

    * * *

 Automatic doll, it changed about a week after we started putting it on our farm.

"Let's get to work today!
We can hang out with the kids afterwards.
That's so funny!

 The automatic doll is talking like a high school girl!

 The form of the doll's appearance, which was just like a spherical jointed doll, has been smoothly changed to human-like!
 The hair is growing back and the face is soft and expressive.
 They look like human beings themselves!

 I mean, they're all cute girls!
 An automatic doll is turning into a cute girl!

 What happened to the automaton when I took my eyes off it for a second?