341-339 Pygmalion Project

 I was encouraged and inspired by the uprightness with which she worked every day, and I was drawn to her.
 And I'm fascinated by her.

 I know that anyone who hears this will laugh at me.

 After all, I'm not in love with a human being.
 In fact, it's not even a living being.

 But the feeling of love is burning and unstoppable.
 I love her!

 She is the reason why I was able to run up to the top of the class from the bottom of the class in the past.
 Because of my passionate love for her!

 But she is a doll, and no matter how much I love her, she doesn't respond to me.
 No matter how poetically I chant my love songs, she doesn't respond.

 I know that.
 I know that, but somewhere inside of me, I feel lonely.

 But that's okay.
 I'm just happy to have her, the mute, next to me.

 Even if it's a doll, having the one I love next to me is enough to make my heart feel warm and welcoming like spring.

 I'm sitting side by side with my girlfriend, who I took out of the warehouse without permission, enjoying our private time together.

I'm sure it's a good idea.

 Something abruptly and unexpectedly appeared in the way.

 A majestic figure with a rich beard.

 He is the god Hades.

 He is the Lord God who created us demons.
 The One who rules the earth world out of the earth and sea heavens.

 The Lord God of Earth and Sea Heaven.
 There was a bowlful of fried rice in his hand.

'I detected some emotive vibes and followed them. I detected some emo vibes and followed them back.
Leave me alone.
"Robust with no respect for God.

 I'd run out of faith if I had to watch you regularly come to the saint for food.

I'm sorry for your single-mindedness, Hades. I'm sorry for your single-mindedness, but I'll let Hades bring you a blessing, and I'll make up for the lack of a soul that can't express itself.

 From the hand that held the Hades God's chopsticks, he released something that looked like shiny stardust.

 The stardust stretched out in countless numbers, trailing behind me, and eventually I arrived at my precious doll.
 My precious honey is surrounded by light?

Calling my doll "honey" is really quite a ploy.

 It's annoying, God.
 Anyway, my precious lover was enveloped by the light and disappeared from sight at all........

 However, when I saw her again, she was completely different from before.


 He speaks?

 That's the first thing that surprised me.
 My Idea, bathed in God's stardust, was completely different from a doll.
 It was like a living human being.

 Its skin was soft and warm, and its expression was rich.
 The doll's spherical joints were gone, and its body was the very definition of a living creature.
 And a beautiful woman who was so beautiful that you could swallow your breath.........
 .........big tits?

You can wear this as a set.

 The God of Hades released more stardust from the edge and turned into clothing as it inhabited her body!

'God! This!
"I've just recreated your beloved to a degree worthy of your company. "I just reworked your beloved's body just enough to make her worthy of your time. Show her a little kindness now and then, and Demeter Sephone will fall in love with you again.

 This god seems to have a lot of ulterior motives!
 But I'm glad!
 My honey is going to be a life that can speak and has the warmth of body heat.

 We're going to talk a lot and spend time together and more....

 ........we can do it!

"Master. You made me human. I wouldn't be human if it weren't for you. I love you too. Please keep me close to you for a long time.

 I'm going to marry her!
 A regular soldier in the Demon King's army would have enough money to support his wife and children!
 When we return to the Demon City, we'll formally take our vows before the gods and become husband and wife!

 Oh, God was right in front of me now!

"Hmmm..... But it seems unfair to give life to only one of them.

 And then Hades-sama waved his chopsticks again and sent the stardust flying into the air.

 The stardust scattered around the farm and disappeared from our view, but it seemed to surprise the people around the farm...?

I breathed life into all the dolls we have in the land to thank them for feeding us daily. I'm sure the saint will be very happy to see them all buzzing with activity.

 Hades-sama disappeared with a heartfelt 'I did a good thing' kind of look on his face.
 Did he return to the world of God?

 Anyway, I got the best girlfriend I ever had and I was at the height of my happiness.