342-340 New Teacher

 I noticed that the automatons had turned into people.
 It seems to be the work of Hades, the god of the underworld.

It's like a thank you for always offering me an offering. You can't thank me enough.

 And by offerings, you mean that whole bowl of rice you usually feed him?

 What are you going to do? You took the advantage of not needing food or shelter, and now you need food and shelter when you turn human!

 You have the gall to turn every single one of us into a young maiden!
 We can't just leave her lying on the ground like this, can we?

 In the meantime, Okubo was busy building the quarters at a rapid pace, and under Batty's guidance, the former automatic doll maiden herself was busy tailoring her own clothes.

 ........I was thinking that this was going to happen.

 Come to think of it, I was told before with Okubo, Gobukichi and the others, 'Anthropomorphic monsters don't have emotions, so there's no need to treat them as human beings,' but now that I've lived with them, they've acquired emotions and they're great farm companions!

 History has repeated itself!

 I can't look at the orcs and goblins like they're tools now, and if they were to suddenly part ways, I'd be as sad as my gut being cut up!

 I'm sure that's what would happen to the automaton girls as well.

 ........I don't have an immediate idea of what to do, so I'll put the former automatons aside for the time being.

 Let's deal with the most pressing issues first.

    * * * *

 This is the story of the farm students.

 They are studying here so that they can be the future leaders of the country while promoting exchange with the human and demon kingdoms and mermaid kingdoms.

''What can you learn about state management on a farm? Some may argue that our farm is different from those out there, but that's okay.

 Our farm is different from those other places.
 We have many fine instructors who will be a great help to them in the future!

 A prime example of this would be the teacher of the No Life King.
 As the most powerful undead that transcends death, the teacher has wisdom knowledge that has lived for more than a thousand years, and he has a lot to learn, which is truly Everest-level.

 He himself seems to love teaching, so it's a win-win situation for the foreign students to learn the ultimate in magic, and the teacher can touch the young people.

 In addition, Verena and Puffa, two of the most talented teachers of the demonkind, mermaids and fishes, have taken up full-time positions.
 Demon King, Astares, and Prince Arowana also come to visit us from time to time and teach as part-time instructors.

 That's when it occurred to me recently that these instructors were well-balanced.
 Isn't the lineup of these instructors lacking in balance? And.

 What does that mean?
 Let's go over the members I just mentioned again.

 Let's count the teacher separately as a transcendent........

 Verena (demon race), Puffa (mermaid race), Demon King (demon race), Astares-san (demon race), and Prince Arowana (mermaid race).

 That's right.
 They're all demons and mermaids.

 There are three basic races in this world: demons, humans, and mermaids.
 And yet the teachers at my farm are extremely unbalanced in the composition of these three races.

 In short, there are no teachers of the human race at all! That's what I'm saying.

 If we don't do something about it, when our students graduate from the farm, they'll be prejudiced against us because they think we're too young to be good at it!

We must hurry up and get a teaching staff for our race!
The master is always getting hung up on details.

 I got a dumbfounded look from Prathi, who was raising the kids.

 But I'm not stopping.
 I'm doing this for the future of the students studying on the farm, and by extension, for the bright future of the entire world.

 I'm inviting a human instructor to the farm!

    * * * *

 So I tried to find someone from the human race who could teach the young people.

 The first person I thought of was one of my few friends of the human race, Mr. Dalkish, who is a lord of the old human kingdom.

 He spoke passionately about what it was like to be a lord in the old human country, but when it comes to the know-how and experiences of ruling, Demon King and Prince Arowana have more knowledge than me.

 He had some originality in his stories of hardships unique to the frontier lords, but there was not much to gain for the students.

 Instead, he told them about the hardships and problems he encountered during his marriage to the demon Varina, the first ever international marriage of a different race.

 The students listened intently to his story.

 By the way, congratulations to his wife, Varina, who is now pregnant after all the hard work she did the other day.


 Speaking of other acquaintances, the former princess of the human kingdom, Letasurate, who originally lived on our farm, is a very good friend of mine.
What do you think she's going to teach you? I was anxious to get him up to the podium to try it out.
 And sure enough, he didn't disappoint me by only talking about beans, and in a way, he didn't disappoint me.
 Since she used to be royalty, I asked her if she had anything to tell me about her experiences in that area, but she told me that when she was a working princess, she didn't do anything to help herself, not even eating or playing.
 Rather, it was the ultimate type of antagonism.

 However, due to Lettuce Rate's thorough bean-pressing, some of the students who got healthy by eating a lot of beans were able to crush rocks with goopan (no magic), so it seemed fruitful in that respect.

 But it was still weak.
 Isn't there a human instructor who can open a lecture that is more unique to the human race?

 I've run out of ideas within my circle of acquaintances, so I'm going to have to rely on someone else's messenger, a friend of a friend, to help me out.
 Let's all expand it.
 A circle of friends! Duh!

    * * * *

Then how about adventurers and such?

 The person who consulted with me was the strongest dragon, Alexander-san.

 I became acquainted with him through the dragon fiasco the other day, and because of that, he came to visit me on a regular basis.

 Dragons have always been the strongest race, but this Alexander is apparently the strongest among them all.
 Even if the second strongest dragon, Bloody Mary, the new Geyser Dragon, Ardheg, and Veerle, who has awakened to the vibration of love, were to join forces and attack him, they would still be able to win.

 Such is the case with Alexander-san, who also occasionally stands at the podium to let his students enjoy the wisdom of the dragons.
 I'm sure he's learning a lot.

 If it's a dragon, there's a Veerle in our farm, but that guy is too sentient to teach a class.

 ........So when I asked for further opinions from that Alexander-san, the word that came out was adventurer.

''Adventurers are a profession unique to the human race. I've heard that there are no similar professions in the Demon Kingdom or the Mermaid Kingdom.
What's going on?

 I guess it's an adventure.
 Traveling to slay a demon king?

'The first thing is to conquer the dungeon. There are adventurers lurking in my dungeon every day.

 Mr. Alexander has a dungeon in the territory of the former human nation, and he makes it his home.
 'It's common for dragons to be the masters of mountain dungeons,' he said.

I heard that under the rule of demons, mermaids and other humans, dungeons are sealed off by the military. Only the human nation is not like this and adventurers were born to be experts in dungeon control.
'You hear a lot about the Texans in human country...'
'The adventurers have accumulated unparalleled know-how after years of conquering dungeons,' he said. Show that off in the pulpit and it will help our young people grow.

 Alexander is unusually human-loving for a dragon.
 He was willing to talk to me.

''Then, let's pick up a talented adventurer from among the adventurers who have come to conquer my dungeon and negotiate with him.
Is everything okay? Won't they be pissed off at you for 'being a jerk'?
"I'm close to the guild of human adventurers, so that's not a problem. I have opened my dungeon to the adventurers, so much so that they give me gifts at the season's end.

 Common sense says that the dungeon where the Lord is located is inaccessible due to the maximum danger, so a dungeon where the Lord welcomes you would be precious.

 With those requirements, Alexander-san went back to his dungeon for a while.

    * * * *

 I came back later.

"There was an adventurer named Akesaka Momoko.
'You're the most active adventurer I've ever seen conquering my dungeon right now. I've climbed up to the fifth level on my first attack. I said to her, 'Would you like to be my instructor?' I tried to offer it to them, but they refused.


'I've been busy seeking out the saint's farm! I was told. But, well, after thinking about it, she's a summoned otherworlder, and let's not fall outside the requirements of being a human race instructor. So I approached another one there.
Are you the real deal?
'Hmm. A great one responded to the scouts! After all, he's one of the only five S-class adventurers in the world!

 Mr. Alexander was woozy as hell.
 Rare enough to excite even the strongest dragon?