344-342 Silver Wolf Adventurer Class

 We now had an adventurer named Mr. Silver Wolf.

 But that man, the moment he saw the No Life King's teacher, he burst into bubbles and sat down.
 Most of the people who have faced the teacher in the past have also reacted in a fearful manner, but I think this person is the most intense in terms of reaction.

''Is it okay to do this...?''

 Everyone in the welcoming group thought that it was a good idea, but Alexander's follow-up helped to lift the reputation of the group.
 I see, so you can say it's a bizarre reaction because of my real-life experience.

''S-sorry, I had the trauma of being chased around by the Earl of No Life King in the past...!

 What a specific episode like that! And the way he shows it off is casual and on point!

"I was treated like a hero just for escaping the Count's 'hunt'...!

 He smiled sadly.

'Sir, isn't this a high point? I think you'd make a good instructor.
'Hmm, if that's the case, let's hold off for now. I'm not sure I'm qualified to teach my lovely students.

 Sensei, why are you so hard to judge?
 The teacher is now pretending to be the parents of the students!

    * * * *

 Thus, it was decided that Mr. Silverwolf would give a special lecture to the foreign students at our farm.

 He was recommended by Alexander-san and was said to be one of the top adventurers.

''By the way........?
''What is it?''
''No, you have a distinctive face...?''

 It may be rude to the first person I met, but I was still curious about Silver Wolf's face.

 It may have something to do with the name Silver Wolf.
 His face.
 It was the wolf itself.

 It wasn't a metaphor or anything, it was the face of the wolf itself.

'I'm a werewolf, you know.
Whoo! Wolf!


"You know, my saint, I told you before. That's what a few of us have in common.

 And the doctor.
 Yes, I do remember. We talked about this when the satyrs came in, didn't we?

 The satyr was a beastman who was a combination of a goat and a man.
 In the olden days, there was a spell that combined man and beast, forcing many people to combine with all kinds of animals.

 Nowadays, such inhumane magic has been eradicated, but the people who were combined with the beasts have passed their characteristics on to their descendants, who have established themselves as a clan of beastmen.

I'm a descendant of the werewolf, a combination of man and wolf. I've got a lot of time and energy to spare. I am convinced that I became an S-class adventurer because of my natural talent as a werewolf.
''I see........?''

 However, seeing Silver Wolf-san who became stubborn as soon as she mentioned her appearance, I guessed that there must have been some unpleasant events that occurred because of that.

 So it would be better not to mention it any further, but.......

 The wolf-shaped monster potheads said, 'Friends? New friends? There was no way to stop him from following behind.

''Beastmen will increase their physical abilities according to the synthesized beasts. Their aptitude for being adventurers will naturally increase.''

 Mr. Alexander, who was with me, added: "It's true.

'Indeed. Besides me, Golden Bat, Black Cat, Pinktonton....... Of the only five S-class adventurers, more than half of them are beastmen.

 It was four out of five.

''Adventurers are a profession that is always in danger. Unlike the Demon Kingdom, this is a human kingdom that has no concept of protecting its people. It is believed that the first adventurers are the warriors who stood up under their rule, saying 'the only way to protect yourself is to fight for yourself'.

 Eventually, like-minded individuals came together to form a mutual aid union, which became the foundation of the Adventurers' Guild.

The dungeon is the 'present danger' for the people of the human nation. If a dungeon is left unattended, monsters will flood in and harm the surrounding villages. The warrior guild for self-defense first entered the dungeon and focused on getting rid of the monsters.

 Such activities accumulated over a long period of time, and the system was perfected.
 Before long, some of them made such work their goal from the start, and gave it a name.

That's what an adventurer is.

 I needed someone to talk to me about that!
 I would love for you to speak in front of your students!

The Adventurer's Guild is an organization that was formed from a background that has nothing to do with the Human State. The Adventurer's Guild is an organization that was founded in a way that has nothing to do with humanity. However, we adventurers have remained independent and unbending in our quest for power. That is the pride of our adventurers.

 Mr. Silverwolf seemed to be getting back on track as he spoke.
 He wasn't the man he was supposed to be when he was freaked out by the doctor and sat down!

Now, if you would please share some of those connotations with my students...?
The knowledge and experience of an adventurer is an asset. It's not good for business if you show it to others. It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what to do.

 I think I'm getting back on track enough to say some troublesome things.

'Then let's get to the dungeon.
You don't learn how to be an adventurer from a book, but you learn it in the field, and you put it into your body. "The adventurer's mentality is not something you can learn at the desk, but something you learn in the field and put directly into your body. The nobles of the human nation who are unable to do this think they know it from knowledge alone and cannot casually enter a dungeon and come back. That has happened many times.

 It's not about knowledge, it's about experience!
 It's kind of genius!

'I understand! So let's get to the dungeon! Which one do you want?
Which one?

 Mr. Silverwolf tilted his head at my statement.
 I thought the gesture was like a dog seeing its own image in a mirror, but I'll keep that to myself.

''Oh, it means there are two dungeons we can go to from near our place.
"With an eagle.
It's my dungeon.

 The doctor and Veerle raised their hands in line.

'You mean extracurricular... You want the teacher's dungeon? You want the dungeon in Vire? I'd really like to get a professional's opinion on that...?
Huh? Wait? Can you give me a minute?

 Once again, Mr. Silverwolf has behaved in an unprofessional manner.
 In other words, a cowardly attitude.

'What do you mean? Um, you mean there's a dungeon with a no-life king over there doing the main thing?
'Oh, so it's called a teacher...? And what's the other one about? The girl? What does the "is" have to do with dungeons?
Veerle is a dragon, remember?

 I thought I knew that dragons could turn into humans since I've seen Alexander-san in wise old man mode.
 I'm surprisingly surprised.

''No, uh-uh? Even if you know you can transform, it doesn't mean you can see through it...? What? That means there's a dungeon with the Dragon Lord in it too?
There's one nearby.

 Mr. Silverwolf, he heaved and fell to his knees.
 Was it enough of a shock to make your body relax?

'Two dungeons with the Lord...? Undiscovered...?

 The teacher and Veerle are still in shock as they argue with Mr. Silver Wolf.

They'll make you come to my dungeon! This is my chance to show my greatness once again!
''No, I prefer my dungeon to ensure the safety of my students. I'll be watching them so I can respond to the unexpected. You're out of the loop, so you won't know what to expect.
"Aren't you being too protective of those guys?

 The teacher is torn between which one of them should be the site of the extracurricular class.

 It's true that the teacher is very kind to the students, or she is very protective of them.
 That's what I call a teacher.

It's a good idea to have a good time. What the hell is this place? How is it possible that there are two undiscovered master dungeons adjacent to each other?
Like I said, this is the farm of the saints.
"Saint's Farm? It's even better than they say!

 Next to Silver Wolf-san is shocked........

 Veerle transformed and took on dragon form.
 Apparently, it's going to be black and white in a fight.

 They fought something or other and the teacher won.