345-343 Silver Wolf Adventurer's Class Practice Edition

 That's why I came to the teacher's dungeon.

Here, the S-class adventurer, Silver Wolf, will teach us the official adventurer's dungeon strategy. Everyone should not miss this opportunity to see everything without blinking and turn it into my flesh and blood.

 There are a total of about four to fifty students in total for the human, demon, mermaid, and fish race, but they said there were too many to enter the dungeon at once, so they would be divided into ten students each.
 It was Silverwolf who suggested that, and according to the professional, 'Entering a dungeon with a large number of people is suicide.

It doesn't matter how many people are in the dungeon, the dungeon will eventually win on a scale. A large number of people will only add unnecessary casualties if their movements are restricted.''

 He said, "I'm going to teach you chickens the secrets of dungeon diving.

'I'm going to teach you chickens the art of dungeon diving.

 He says.
'We don't think about winning dungeons,' he says.

'Dungeons, like nature, are not something mankind can challenge and control. Those who want to control the dungeon. You will pay for that arrogant idea with your life. Look, respect the dungeon. Enter the dungeon as a sneak thief to plunder away a fraction of the wealth it stores.

 I received connotations from the beginning.

 You are indeed a top class adventurer.
 Is it true that the closer you get to the top, the more humble you become, the stronger you really are?

''Then let's get into the dungeon right away! I want you to teach me more so...!

 As I was about to enter the dungeon, Silver Wolf grabbed me by the collar and pulled me into the dungeon.
 Thanks to this, my neck tightens up and I go 'eek! I'm like, 'Ugh!

"Who would be stupid enough to try to enter a dungeon all of a sudden? You're dead once now!
'What? ''Really?!''
''The cave dungeons can be filled with stagnant mana. Even if you inhale it, it can have a harmful effect on your body, and in the worst case, cause death. First time you find a dungeon, you need to be especially careful!

 As he said this, Silver Wolf produced a small box from his pocket and also took out a thin, short wooden stick from the small box.
 Only the head is red.

 As soon as I saw it, I realized that it was a match.
 I didn't know there were matches in this other world.

 I lit it with the expected action and threw the lit match into the cave.

'If that fire continues to burn without extinguishing, the air inside is fine for now. You won't lose consciousness and collapse in just one breath.''

 The fire of the match continued to burn on the floor of the cave dungeon and spontaneously extinguished by burning down the shaft wood, which was the main body and fuel of the match.

In that case, I would recommend this.

 In addition, Silver Wolf took something out of his pocket.
 It was a single flower in a pot so small it could fit in the palm of your hand.

This is the canary grass, an important item for adventurers. The color of the petals change in response to the slightest bit of dirt in the air. Watch this as you move through the dungeon, and be careful when the color changes. Moreover, this flower not only reacts to the poison in the air, but also to harmful magic.

 The students exclaimed in admiration, "Oh........
 It was truly an amazing feat of wisdom accumulated by adventurers.

Yes, it's brilliant. That's why it's worth inviting them.

 The teacher also applauded Mr. Silverwolf's famous lecture with generous praise.

''Then, saint-sama, all students. I will be waiting for you in the deepest part of the room as a rasshopper.''
See you at the deepest level.
"You are to arrive there as soon as possible...

 With everyone waving at me, I entered the dungeon first and staggered my way forward.
 To the dungeon that was originally my home base.

 Seeing the back off, Silver Wolf-san, after being silent for a while, said in a serious voice.

''One more thing........there's an ironclad rule that you must follow when entering a dungeon.
What is it?
"Do not enter the dungeon with the Lord! If you go in there, you will die!

 Dungeons lesson is over.

    * * *

 ........so we continue our extracurricular lessons with the excuse that 'the teacher is kind, so the only exception is the teacher's dungeon'.

 We entered the dungeon in earnest and proceeded inside.


"Progress is slow...!

 The dungeon attack led by Silver Wolf-san was truly a turtle's pace.

 He would check for enemy ambushes and traps in each section to ensure safety before proceeding.
 Each time I checked to see if there was a break in the retreating path as well, my progress was slowed down more and more.

''Um.........shouldn't we proceed a little more smoothly.......?''

 I'm accompanying the students as a visitor, and I'm in a hurry to interfere.

"At this pace, we don't know how many days it will take to get to the deepest part where the teacher is, and I need to be back by evening to prepare the food...?
''What do you mean! You can never go too far in a dungeon, no matter how much you try to keep yourself safe! You could be wiped out just by the slightest lack of caution!

 A professional adventurer among professionals, the skill of a master craftsman was infinitely redundant and unsophisticated.
 Well, actually, high skill is generally true.

The first time you enter a dungeon, you have to be even more cautious! We don't know what's ahead of us!

 For us, it's a dungeon we're used to walking through like a garden.
 Indeed, this is the first time he's broken in.

''My progress is rather faster than most adventurers. ''I'm progressing faster than most adventurers,'' he said, ''due to the warwolf's keen sense of smell, which allows him to explore his surroundings. Such as...!


''You smell like rotten mud........! There you are...!
Skinstone, a mimetic monster. Its skin resembles a rock, and it hides from the eyes of its prey by blending into the rocky terrain.

 Huh? Really?
 It doesn't look like there's a single fumigant, let alone a monster, in my eyes?
 It's true that inside the cave dungeon, the walls, floor and ceiling are rock-based, which would be great if such a monster could hide... but...

Let's check it out, Okuma.
Yes, sir.

 Just to be sure, the single orc who was accompanying me headed to the range where the monster in question might be lurking.

''Eh! What are you doing? Don't tell me you're going to use the monster as an abandoned pawn to see if it's in danger?
He's not an abandoned pawn.

 I wouldn't use our precious orcs for that.

 One of our farm orcs, Okuma, moves forward in a staccato fashion.
 And sure enough, as soon as he stepped on a certain point, he was attacked by numerous tentacles.
 The tentacles looked as if they had grown out of the floor, but in reality there was an octopus-like monster that looked like a rock and stuck to the floor.

 The octopus tentacles were tangled in Okuma's extremities and were all strangled-san....


 With one spirited shot, the rock octopus shattered and disappeared as a fine piece of meat.


 Silver Wolf exclaimed when he saw that.

''Skinstone is a four-star dangerous monster and yet? They can't win if they are caught, so they are supposed to fight from a distance!
"This rock octopus used to wander around in Sensei's dungeon a lot. It's always a spirited effort to blow them away, just like now.

 With that, Okuma stalks forward.
 New rock octopi attacked Okuma one after another, but each time he was blown away by the spirit of the attack.


 Silverwolf's professionalism is astonishing, as he keeps an eye out for traps and keeps a close eye on them.
 However, it was none of the business of my orcs who can crush all the traps that were set.


 I call out to the students on behalf of a neglectful Silver Wolf-san.

''Don't refer to Okuma's behavior right now, okay? That kind of thing would be impossible even for the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King Army class. Everyone should definitely take a cue from Mr. Silver Wolf's method.
''If I had that much power, I would be able to randomly crunch through it...!

 There was the sound of Mr. Silver Wolf's common sense as an adventurer being broken.

''My lord, my lord...''

 Okuma calls out.

'There's another monster out there!
"Whoa! That thing! A vicious monster with a 5-star rating of danger!

 And while Silver Wolf was surprised........


 The vicious monster with a five-star danger rating was shattered by one punch from Okuma.

''Whoa! There's a vicious monster! If it's found, Class A and above will be called out as a matter of urgency for a disaster-class monster! With a single blow!
I've seen him do it a lot.
I don't have to teach you anymore if he's around, right?

 Don't say that.

 Mr. Silverwolf's teachings will be a valuable resource for young people.
 ...should be?