346-344 Dungeon Value

 Silver Wolf's adventurer's course is still going on.

 The S-class adventurer's wisdom and caution in surviving in dungeons was admirable, though.
 More than that, the S-class adventurer was more surprised.

 In the teacher's dungeon.

''What is this dungeon?

 And so on.

''There's mana metal ore again. It's only mined from the five-star cave dungeon! Even a piece of mana metal as small as the tip of your pinky finger can be brought back and you can live forever playing with it.

 Well, I remember Edward-san, the Dwarf King, was also surprised.
 The trouble with Edward-san is that he often dies from being too surprised.

Mine it for me, will you?

 The orcs are digging out the manna metal ore with a pickaxe under my direction.

"So carelessly!

 Silver Wolf was even more surprised by this series of actions.

The manna metal is something that comes up on its own, so I was told that I could dig it out as soon as I found it. That's what the teacher said.
"Manna metal gushes out of the ground all by itself? That's ridiculous, it's said to take hundreds of years to crystallize from the time it arises...?

 Once you dig it up, it's back to normal the next morning.

 Is that what I think it is?
 Does having a teacher affect you in any way?

While we're talking about this, the monster's back in town.
"Ugh! Everybody behind me! I'll teach you how to respond to a monster raid!

 And then, Silver Wolf, you put our students on your back.
 I thought it was nice to have something teacher-like here, but for some reason, that dignity was immediately blown away.


 Checking the figure of the monster coming towards you.

''That thing is ahhh!

 A lump of walrus-like flesh coming at you at breakneck speed, swimming across the ground.
 Long fangs like swords sprouted from its upper jaw.

''That is an extremely rare monster! Big task! Are they even in this dungeon?
Oh, my God.
"Killed in one fell swoop!

 As usual, my orcs are prompt in their work.
 The walrus-shaped monster's head was cracked open and it died in a jittery convulsion.

What the hell? What is this dungeon? Speaking of Big Tusk, it's that rare of a monster that you'll be lucky enough to meet once in your lifetime!
Wow, it's such a rare monster? But it's quite common in this area.

 And me.

'You go in once, you'll run into him at least once, and, you know, right now.

 I pointed.
 From that point, a group of giant walrus monsters were approaching us.

"A bunch of rare monsters yeah!
"Everyone prepare to intercept!

 Since there are so many of them, I also pull out my Evil Holy Sword Dry Schwartz and join the fight.

 For some reason, those walruses attack in groups.
 Was the first one just a precursor?

 As the orcs and I desperately tried to intercept it, before we knew it, the walrus monster's corpses had piled up into a pile and the crisis was over.

''Whew, finally a breath of fresh air...''
Big Tusk's corpses...? So many.........?

 A shivering Silver Wolf-san shuddered.

''But even if you defeat this monster, its use value is low... The meat is full of fat and hard to eat...?
"What are you saying? Big Tusk's tusks are as valuable as the treasures they hold! It can be turned into all sorts of tools, and more importantly, when ground into powder, it's an elixir that can cure all diseases! That's why I'm considered lucky to have encountered this guy!

 This monster, which I thought was seemingly worthless, has such a use?

'A first-rate adventurer, indeed! You have a lot of experience and have fought many different monsters, so you know a lot about features!

 What parts of the monster are used for what purpose?
 I think it's not only worthwhile for the students, but for us to learn as well.

Please teach us how to do it! The wisdom of an adventurer making the most of a monster!
No....! Before that, what is the anomaly of this dungeon where such rare monsters are popping up...?
Oh, there's another monster! How can I make use of that?
''Another fiercely rare monster aaaaahhhh?!''

 This is how the S-class adventurer's useful lessons progressed.

    * * * *

Then we reached the deepest part, the bottom of the room, the teacher.


 He received a round of applause from his teacher.

"You have reached the very depths of my being. I knew you guys could do it! It's stunning!
Sir! We did our best, sir!

 The students who were accompanying me ran up to the teacher.

 They were just following me and the orcs, though they didn't do anything in particular.

 And further to the side, Silver Wolf-san was squatting down as if he had run out of steam.

''........Um, are you okay? Are you that tired?
I'm so tired. But it wasn't the walking and fighting that made me tired...! Mental fatigue!

 Yes, sir.

"What the hell is this dungeon? A normal dungeon would be a big deal, with rare materials and rare monsters in hot water! Excellent! The dungeon itself is an excellent dungeon, like a mountain of treasure!
"It's so embarrassing...!

 The doctor blushed and was embarrassed.
 Even that mummy-like face has the ability to blush.

''What kind of rating will this dungeon get when it's officially registered as a guild.......? A 5-star rating of the highest grade........? No, even more than that, it will be certified as a 6-star...?

 Mr. Silver Wolf, he was mumbling something.

"A six-star dungeon........! The highest grade that surpassed the highest, which until now was unique only in Alexander-sama's dungeon. Originally, five stars was the pinnacle of the grade, but it was an exceptional grade because it was said to be extremely excellent, exceeding even that...! None other than Alexander-sama's 'Holy White Maiden Mountain' was an impossible grade, but finally, a second example...?
''No, I'm embarrassed...?

 The teacher was embarrassed again.

It's not a good idea.

 It's not a good idea to have a good time.

This is not educational at all!

 Suddenly I wondered what it was, and this is a challenge to the planning intent itself, which is to have students learn how to attack a dungeon?

Because it is! Everything about this dungeon is off the charts and insane! It's overflowing with rare materials and riddled with rare monsters!
''Oh, yes...?
'Common sense will be destroyed! Think of this as normal and go into a general dungeon! You're going to be disappointed in the drop-off! Disappointment! You can't learn the common sense of dungeons in this dungeon!
''Excuse me...?
''I'm really...?

 Even the teacher was apologizing with me.

 It's true that the best way to learn is to experience the average, right?
 I've only experienced the dungeons of Sensei and Veerle, so I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't realize they were so out of the ordinary and awesome...?

What should we do? What should we do? Should I report it to the guild? Did you know this dungeon existed? If I did that, it might seem like all hell would break loose...? But considering my duty as an adventurer........?

 Silver Wolf-san is conflicted with her head.

''Especially teacher! Your existence is the problem!

 Silver Wolf's excitement suddenly turned to the teacher.

You will be able to find out more about this by looking at the following information It's a good thing that I'm doing my best to help my students grow up, but...?
It's your kindness that's the problem!

 The teacher is shocked by this.

"You're really sweet. It's hard to believe that you're the No-Life King of Terror. So that's the problem. Other No-Life Kings are not as forgiving as you are! It's rather brutal! It's ruthless!
What if they think that your kindness is just a matter of time?
What happens if a student, so used to your kindness, decides to walk up to another No-Life King because he thinks it's just a matter of time? You'll die for sure! Because for humanity, being in the sight of the No-Life King is synonymous with death!

 That was an eye-opening point.
 It's true that the No-Life King is the world's worst. Their existence is a disaster.
 It's easy to forget that our closest teacher is so friendly and generous, but the No-Life King is essentially the most dangerous thing in the world.


 Before I knew it, Veerle was behind Silver Wolf-san.

I don't like it when you only praise your corpse. And don't forget there's a dungeon for this Veerle at the farm as well as for him!
'What? Um.........?
"You'll see my dungeon this time! And you're going to have to give me a higher rating than a corpse-mobile! Let's go, let's go!

 Saying that, he carried Silver Wolf and ran away.

"I.........I'm afraid I've forgotten about it......!

 On the other hand, the teacher was shocked.

The No-Life King is a dangerous and frightening thing. The encounter is the same as death. If you numb such basic senses, you're putting your students in danger of death...?

 Teacher, you are taking it too seriously.
 The teacher is too much of a teacher.

''This looks like we need to hurry up and set up a class.''
'It's a class to teach them the horrors of no-life-king. Maybe we should have another extracurricular lesson for that.'
Extracurricular? What is it?
"This is a class about observing the No-Life King, not the eagle.