347-345   Immortal Earl

 My name is.........
 .........no, I forget.

 I forgot my name a long time ago. That's the trend of the No Life King, the existence beyond death.

 To us, the conquerors of death, the days when we were the living trapped in old age and perdition are a disgrace.
 So we throw them away.
 Including the names we were called when we were alive.

 Now that I am victorious over death, the mere mortals are afraid to call me 'The Count'.

 If I had to choose, that is what I am called as a transcendent.

 I have absorbed the dense mana of the dungeon, and yet I have been reborn as an immortal without losing my ego.
 The title that is given to such a transcendent being is the No Life King.

 That's right, I am the Count of the No-Life King.

 I am one of the most vicious beings in the world.

 I rule Country Castle, a half-cave, half-archetypal mixed-use dungeon.
 The No-Life King usually resides in cave dungeons, but that's not very elegant, so I've renovated it myself.

 Today, adventurers like rats invade this opulent and bizarre labyrinth.
 It's so shameful.
 Even though they know they will die if they enter, are they compelled to come in for the treasure?

 You think you can get away with it?

 Either way I will welcome these irreverent intruders.
 It's the perfect way to relieve boredom.
The game of 'hunting' is not complete without prey.

 Brave little thief. Adventurers and other intruders.
 These are the brave sneak thief, the adventurer, the intruder, the brave men who deserve to be the Count's prey.

Hunting is a noble sport.
 The hunt is a noble sport. They use all of their wits and physical strength to hunt down their prey and make them suffer as much as they can before they kill them.

 The brutality of this kind of battle is worthy of a strong man's taste.

 I love this game of hunting.
 I love the game of hunting, especially the game with the wily prey called adventurers.

 So, what kind of prey will the adventurer be today?
 It's good to be clever, it's good to be agile, it's good to be beautiful.
 In the end, whoever you are, you are destined to be hunted down and killed by me.

 I hope you will entertain me by running away unceremoniously.
 If you do your best to entertain me, I may make a piece of cloth and hang it in my study as a reward.
 That's what I call a reward.

 I hope I have a good catch for my collection.

 Come now.
 You poor, lowlife, doomed to die.

 This Count of the No-Life King, who transcends death, will tell you the absolute difference between you and me.
 I will not die, and you will surely die.
 That too hopeless difference in existence!

 Come on!
 I've been hit!

    * * * *

"...and thus...

 The No-Life King's teacher said.
 'The No-Life King is an extremely dangerous monster,' said the No-Life King's teacher, "while burying a No-Life King of his own kind and separate species with a single blow.

The No-Life King is an extremely dangerous monster. 'The No-Life King is an extremely dangerous monster, an irredeemable fool who has transcended death and has forgotten the value of life. He occasionally finds someone with a life to play with and kills them. A truly irredeemable fool.''

 Sorry I'm late, this is Hackai from Flamingo Oak.
 I've missed this feeling.

 I accompanied Prince Arowana on his warrior training trip, but since finishing that trip, I have been working with the other orcs on the saint's farm as before.

 Today, I accompanied him as an escort on a social tour that was the teacher's idea. It was just a precaution.

 But my fears were unfounded.
 The teacher, who was leading the field trip, slaughtered another No-Life King with a single blow.

"Whew! Nah, what is that?

 Ah, it wasn't slaughtered.
 It's a vicious immortal king that was able to eat the teacher's magic attack properly and not be killed by a suicide attack.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I'm sure you saw that. The No-Life King doesn't die and is unusually tough because he calls himself the Immortal King. Basically, there is no way for a living person to resist the No-Life King. Unless you have a holy sword or an extremely holy means of attack such as the angelic Manakanon,''

 The students who have come to visit are nodding their heads in admiration and taking notes.

 ...That's great, you guys.
 You guys are having a great experience now, aren't you?

All the No-Life Kings are scum and worse. This Count is a prime example. He chases people around, torments them, terrorizes them, and then kills them in despair, calling it hunting. He does this for a living, and it's his hobby.

 I'm going to rag on you in front of him.

'As such, the No Life King is fundamentally a bunch of personality twisted scum. No exceptions! You must never go near it. That is the golden rule for survival. Do you understand?

 That's a good answer.
 It's full of criticisms.

''Stop fooling around, you ruffian!

 The master of this dungeon, the No Life King, became furious.
 .........you do, don't you, after being called a complete mess like that.
 Moreover, it was on top of being barged into his own home....

"I wondered what the hell was going on here......... Why? Why is the No-Life King here? Why is there a No-Life King in here?
I want to teach this young man something useful. The No-Life King's folly and incompetence.

 The No-Life King and the No-Life King confront each other.
 The king, who should be alone by nature, has gathered in the same place.

I overheard a rumor in the wind. I heard from the rumors that in a corner of the old human country, there is a fool who has become immortal and is most arrogant. I thought this would be a good teaching tool. Of course, it's a bad example of what can and should not happen.
"Ho ho! How well you know me! To the transcendent who defeated even death?
So do I. So do I. But so what? What's to be proud of when you don't die?

 The doctor said quietly, "People die.

He said quietly, "People die. Every living being has an end, and that is death. That is the natural and natural way to die. We are simply going against the laws of nature.
Because a man dies, he gives birth to a new life. That continuous repetition is the true eternity. Anybody who strays from the cycle is ugly and miserable. I wanted these kids to see you, so they can see the ugliness of it. You can't be afraid of the No-Life King and yet be the No-Life King.'

 A no-life king is one who was a past person.
 One who was alive and became immortal by breaking the forbidden law. With that knowledge and power, would one of those young people have the potential to become a No-Life King?

"I wonder if teaching it is the best thing I can do for the d*mned.
"Wise words, don't be shrewd, you bastard!

 The other No-Life King is even more excited.

You are the lowly breed of the No-Life King, talking as if you know what you are talking about! Last seat! I'm supposed to be the high no-life king in comparison! I'll destroy you right here!''

 The Count's evil magic power rises.

"My ultimate original magic will destroy you with the Noblesse Hundred Bullets!

 The number of magic bullets are flying at the teacher all at once.
 If the teacher is hit by these bullets, not only the teacher, but also the students behind him or her will be blown away without a trace.

 But that wasn't the case.

 The horrendous swarm of magic bullets was dispelled with a single wave of the teacher's finger and disappeared like a haze.


 The count who released the magic power was most surprised.

''It's inexperienced magic control. I've been a lifeless king for a couple of hundred years and you think you can beat me in a magical battle?

 The doctor said.

'There is a difference in rank between you and the No Life King. You're a rookie a thousand years too young to take on me.'
"A thousand years......... You..........no, you........?''

 Perhaps sensing the difference in strength, the No Life King's Earl trembled as his bones clicked.

''I've heard of it...! A limited No-Life King who stands at the pinnacle of even the strongest and worst of the No-Life Kings...! "Three wise and one foolish"! Are you one of them?
"Now that I think of it, the doctor told me something like that.... It's not good that he's self-appointed.

 By the way.....

'It was Dr. D. who taught me about you, too. Do you have a lousy no-life king who could be a teaching tool? And ask him about the mana communication. I was introduced to you. You are a drunkard worthy of the title 'Doctor' for keeping detailed data on all the No-Life Kings except yourself.
"Doctor, doctor...! Even the Immortal High King surpasses the Immortal High King, the Immortal High King.......? The No-Life High King is right in front of me?
''But in person, he's even worse than I've heard. What do you think the students will be able to show them if they actually see this evil in person, even if they only overhear it?
"Wait! Please wait! I would have given you the best of both worlds if I had known you were such an important man! I'll do my best to entertain you from now on...!
It is not necessary. I am determined to destroy you.
"Never again do I have to play a foolish game of hunting. "Granting death to the immortals who have forgotten what it's like to be dead is the prerogative of the Immortal King.
"No! ("I don't want to die!")


 The brutal Earl, who had been killing adventurers as prey in the name of "hunting", was angered by his teacher and was permanently sealed away.
 Since then, the Country Castle has become a dungeon where adventurers have come to enjoy the throngs of adventurers without a master.